Ryanair plane crashes off runway in Prestwick

A Ryanair aircraft has gone off the end of a runway at Prestwick Airport in the west of Scotland.

Emergency services are on the way to the scene. Strathclyde Fire and Rescue have confirmed they have sent three appliances to the incident.

It is understood the aircraft had been coming in to land when it overshot the runway. An eyewitness said it had come to rest partially on the grass.

Police said there were not believed to be any injuries.


18 thoughts on “Ryanair plane crashes off runway in Prestwick

  1. Aircraft has slid off the runway exit point at very slow speed in ice. All passengers safe and well, no requirement for any ‘emergency’ appliances.

    Taxying a little too fast in icy conditions i expect.

  2. Hi Dave,

    No “emergency appliances”??

    Take a look at the pictures and video all over the news. You will clearly see fire trucks and firemen who I’m pretty certain are part of the emergency services?


  3. Hi Ralph,

    Post event, we agree there was no requirement.

    However, an aircraft skidding onto grass is an event that the emergency services must attend until they have established that everything and everyone is OK.

    Ryanair press release:
    After a normal landing was completed and while taxiing from the runway the aircraft encountered ice and slid just off the runway onto the grass verge.  Passengers disembarked normally and were bussed to the terminal.  Ryanair engineers are at the aircraft, which appears to have suffered no damage and they are working with Glasgow (Prestwick) to return the aircraft to the stand area so that the runway can be reopened with minimum delay.  Ryanair apologises for any disruption suffered by passengers as a result of this incident.


  4. At many airports fire engines have to be present whenever an aircraft is being refuelled. Just because emergency services were in attendance does not mean this was some sort of major emegency crash, disaster etc. They turn out to everything, just to be on the safe side.

    It seems that this jet simply slid off the taxiway at low speed and no-one was hurt. Taxiways are pretty trecherous in these icy conditions and anyone who has tried driving on icy roads in the last few days will understand that. It looks like the aircraft is completely undamaged but just needs to be dragged back onto the tarmac after sinking into the soft grass. I was flying yesterday and after completing four safe flights a got off the aircraft, went down the steps, and promptly slipped on ice and landed on my ar$e in an embarrassed heap!

  5. Hello Ryanair pilot,

    We appreciate your comments and completely agree.

    Thankfully this was not a more serious incident and there are no injuries. Everyone gets to have a merry Christmas.


  6. Meh, the press release said that “a normal landing was completed and while taxiing from the runway the aircraft encountered ice and slid just off the runway onto the grass verge”.

    What a load of twaddle. The pictures clearly show that the aircraft nosewheel and mainwheels are firmly embedded in plenty of muck. If it was a taxy-related incident, you’d expect to see just the nosewheel in the earth and also expect to see the taxiway -somewhere- in the same photo.

    If this was a taxy incident, it was the Ryanair Super-taxi™ technique… i.e. >60kts. My guess (I stress it’s just my guess) is either a genuine overrun, or the pilots trying to avoid an overrun by exiting the r/w at too fast a speed.

    (FWIW, I operate 737′s for a living)

  7. They also charge £5 to slide down the emrgency shutes, extra £5 if wearing life vest. This is an “optional” extra as you still have the option to jump out the aircraft.

  8. @StickMonkey

    Thanks for your comment. On closer inspection of the photos, we were thinking the same thing. There is no sight of the taxi way and the nose wheel is well and truly dug in. Look at the length of the skid marks in the mud too.

    Ryanair were very quick to come out with a statement on what happened, keen to try to keep it low profile.

    We’d be keen to know more about speed limits for taxi? You mention <60kts, surely that’s way too fast?!?

    Ryanair incidents all seem to be related to being in a rush. Its only a matter of time before something nasty happens and people are killed.

  9. I did think when the plane landed that the pilot appeared to be in control, but the plane was taxiing very fast, for the condition of the runway. It should also be noted that a arlingus flight left Dublin @ 6:30am and was refused to land at Edinburgh and diverted to prestwick and landed SAFELY 15 minuets before the ryanair flight slid of the runway.

  10. Hi Pedro,

    What about the Air Berlin flight? Can you explain your point please?

    This is a Ryanair related website. We have no axe to grind with Air Berlin.

    Go away.


  11. There will be a report published by the AAIB in the near future into exactly what happened to this aircraft. All armchair pilots and those who claim to be a professional pilot ought to know better than to offer pointless comments on what happened… how the hell do you know that the antiskid system didnt fail or the engines remained at high idle or whatever?? . have you ever heard of the term ‘by the grace of god go I’???

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