Ryanair on-time arrivals are a load of bullshit

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are famed for banging on about how fabulously on-time they are, playing that most irritating of fanfares after landing, but just how on-time are they…really?

We’ve run this test a few times before to find that Ryanair are full of shit when it comes to on-time arrivals.

Our testing methodology is very complex and scientific. It involves us looking at the Stansted arrivals board and taking a snapshot of the most recent arrivals. Er…and that’s about it.

So what did we see today? The picture is quite clear, Ryanair are more often than not late arriving even cancelling one of the flights in the small sample that we used.

Why not try a real airline for your next flight? You’ll get the added benefit of arriving at an airport that is at the place you are trying to get to instead of being stranded in a cow dung filled field 150km away.


17 thoughts on “Ryanair on-time arrivals are a load of bullshit

  1. Use Ryanair a lot because I need to travel often and their shedules are the nearest to my requirements. However, I don’t fly with them for any other reason; whenever an alternative is available and the difference is only about twenty-five euro or less, I’ll pay extra to fly with anyone else. I don’t care if it costs me more, I’m sick, weary and tired of hearing that stupid bugle blowing whenever a Ryanair plane touches down ‘on time’. ‘On time’ to Ryanair means whenever the wheels hit the tarmac within their sheduled times, even if (as I have found usual with them) they’ve taken off fifteen or twenty minutes late. And it doesn’t matter to them if it takes another fifteen minutes to taxi to the terminal, ten more to get the passangers disembarked and another twenty to get out of the airport because O’Leary is doing the usual end of the pier show, they still have the cheek to call this ‘on time’

  2. It didn’t look much better in Frankfurt, er sorry, Hahn, today.


    10 out of 22 flights landing this afternoon are considered “On-time”, although that includes anything up to 15 minutes late.

    9 out of 22 flights were more than 45 minutes late, the latest arrived 141 minutes after schedule. Just look at the number of “Time Adjustments” on the flight log: (http://bit.ly/8Yoeoi)

  3. I use Ryanair about 10 times a year over the last 10 years, and my experience varies from those above. In about a third of cases Ryanair took off and landed early, in some cases 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

    This is particularly welcome when returning home late at night. When delays were experienced, there was always a credible explanation offered, last weekend it was the French strikes.

    I have only had one cancellation in that time, entire airport closed due to snow, and Ryanair met expectations….a refund within 3 days.

    I agree that we can do without the bugle.

  4. Have to say that 23rd Sept wasn’t the fairest example. There was a strike by airt traffic control in France. That flight from Porto would certainly have been affected.

    Generally I would say that Ryanair are better than the main airlines in terms of on-time arrivals because they use these tiddly airports that aren’t subject to the delays that Europe’s busiest airport experiences. I don’t see Ryanair being any better than EasyJet, GermanWings, AirBerlin or any of the other airlines that use Stansted, Luton or Gatwick.

  5. Spoke too soon! Currently stuck in Bristol airport waiting for a Ryanair flight that is delayed by at least one hour due to the late arrival of the aircraft from Ireland.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I am flying to Ireland I would never use these lying bastards.

  6. We have been shafted by Ryanair once too often and will NOT be using them again. The 23rd Sept was a nightmare for us and whilst I agree the French air traffic strike caused the problem Ryanairs treatment of passengers was a disgrace.

    We live in France and the first we knew of the cancellation of our Carcassonne flight on the 23rd was late on the 21st. This left us no option but to get on the Rodez flight the following day. All well and good you might say except that Ryanair, knowing that their Carcassonne flight was cancelled and expecting passengers to book the Rodez flight, then put up it’s fare three times!

    We were fairly lucky as we acted quickly but one woman paid a huge penalty to get back to the UK. Even so we ended up paying about €150 more than the flight from Carcassonne and when Ryaniar paid back our cancelled flight costs they paid us in Euros even though we had paid in pounds so another loss to us and a gain for them!

    Just to rub salt in the wound, although we checked our bag before loading coming back through Stanstead, surprise, surprise, we were one kilo overweight according to Ryanairs scales. Pay £20 or do not pass go!

    One passenger said they had to pay £35 per bag to be loaded in the hold so a wopping £75 fine for them. Perhaps there is some truth in the recent press reports about Ryanairs luggage scales weighing bags in their favour.

    It makes travelling cheaply a mockery and we will not be playing silly b****rs with them again. The only thing missing was the cattle prods but I suppose you have to pay extra for them…..

    It’s Easyjet or drive back for us in future.

  7. i used it once last year to fly to a german airport, weeze its called it was slightly delayed but from waht i could tell it speeded up during the flight to make the arrival on time


  9. A friend of mine made a very clever comment on Ryanair’s “best on-time record” propaganda.
    She says that it’s easy to plan ahead to be on time: Ryanair would know how long a certain flying route would take to be covered, they add 10-15 minutes and they advertise the arrival time in relation to the departure time! How to be 10-15 minutes early…
    I can see that the company is also often late, so maybe the above-mentioned strategy is not true or doesn’t always work, but I thought this theory was funny and wanted to share it with you.

  10. the only reason they are on time is because they advertise that a flght time is for example 2 hours when really it should be 1hr and 40 mins.
    it is easy to be on time when you set yourselves so an easy target.

  11. A lot of bitter people on here, you do realise that ALL airlines have almost the exact same problems as Ryanair, late flights etc, Im sure if you started a website saying ihatebritishairways.org you’d get the same stupid complaints.

    They fly millions of passengers a year how could every single one of them be happy? It’s just not gonna happen. I’ve flown with Ryanair every time i’ve gone anywhere in Europe and never had a delayed flight been early most times to tell the truth.

    As for the hidden charges I’ve never had any, do you know why i’ve never had any hidden charges? Because I read the small print, hidden charges to some are known charges to others if you haven’t got the patience to read through stuff when booking something online then you simply should not buy it simple as.

  12. The only reason thir on time performance looks so good is probably because it’s based on reschedulling. In other words when a flight is delayed they change the scheduled time of the flight to the later delayed time and then it no longer counts as a delay for recording purposes.

  13. They simply add 20% of journey time to the schedule so they are always on-time. Don’t fly with Ryanair is the best thing we can do for a better life :)

  14. Recently arrived at Stansted 2 hours before departure but faced enormous queues which went at a snails pace. When arrivng at check-in desk, told that flight had closed.
    Their queue management is the worst in aviation history, they are understaffed in terms of numbers and intelligence, and all of their flights leave around the same time so it is total mayhem.
    Upon writing to them, they insist it was our fault for not arriving on-time – 2 hours!
    The on-line baggage check-in is simpy a waste of time and if anything makes the check-in procedure even slower.

  15. Well the more you people fly with them the stronger they get.Fly with other airlines and pass them the message or quit whinging….

  16. Some 40 – 50 flights with Ryanair in baggage and NEVER got this annoyng emails, with other companies love to send with info that flight time are changed. I do notcare about minutes late, what I care is to donot get flights whitch are hours late when it affects getting to next flight or booked train tickets and stil now it never happened

  17. just come back with ryan air from faro we were delayed for 25 hours and were given 5 euros voucher bearing in mind a small bottle of coke was 3.30 euros we had been delayed 5 hours when we got this . For the rest of the day all staff from the airport tried to avoid us telling us hourly it would be another hour .Our flight was 10am We were abandoned until 7.30pm when we were told it may be tomorrow morning they did nt offer any help. there was no ryan air representitive available no accomodation or transport offered and they told us to spent our own money and we might get it back . An easy jet flight was cancelled and they were given coaches and accomodation Ryan air were terrible bad bad practice !

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