Ryanair on-time arrivals are a load of bullshit

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are famed for banging on about how fabulously on-time they are, playing that most irritating of fanfares after landing, but just how on-time are they…really?

We’ve run this test a few times before to find that Ryanair are full of shit when it comes to on-time arrivals.

Our testing methodology is very complex and scientific. It involves us looking at the Stansted arrivals board and taking a snapshot of the most recent arrivals. Er…and that’s about it.

So what did we see today? The picture is quite clear, Ryanair are more often than not late arriving even cancelling one of the flights in the small sample that we used.

Why not try a real airline for your next flight? You’ll get the added benefit of arriving at an airport that is at the place you are trying to get to instead of being stranded in a cow dung filled field 150km away.