Ryanair now attain just 25% on time arrivals

Last week we took a random look at the arrivals board at Stansted and were amazed to see that Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, were attaining only 38% on time arrivals.

Naturally, we thought we would revisit this and see if that was just a bad day or whether perhaps Ryanair are making a habit out of being late.

Today, using the same scientific methodology of screen grabbing the flights showing on the board and highlighting the late ones, we can reveal that Ryanair have gotten EVEN WORSE!

That’s right folks, of the 8 Ryanair flights showing on the arrivals board, 6 of them are late landing or expected late, a staggering on time arrival rate of just 25%!

See you next week for another test!


2 thoughts on “Ryanair now attain just 25% on time arrivals

  1. I am afraid as much as I hate Ryanair, your data is unfair as delayed flights will always be at the top of the list because of their earlier scheduled arrival times.

  2. Hi a normal flight from Rome to Milan will take no more then 50 minutes and all the other airlines state the exact time of the trip.
    These Irish monsters put on your tiket that the flight will take 1,20 h this is so stupid and then they play you that stupid song saying you are on time.And italians clapp theur hands

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