Ryanair moaned about RAF planes sharing same airport during Libyan bombing campaign

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been moaning and whinging like pathetic little wimps because of “disruption” apparently caused by RAF warplanes using an Italian airport during the Libyan bombing campaign.

That’s right. Lyingair didn’t like the fact that our beloved RAF were getting in the way of their lower than budget services that share the same airport in Trapani.

Trapani? Where the fuck is Trapani?

In the middle of nowhere is where. But hey! What do you expect from the scumbags at Ryanair? “Just get the 2 hour coach ride to your destination from the airfield, what’s the problem?” said a source at Lyingair.

Ryanair’s complaint about the RAF was passed to Italy’s government in Rome, which asked the Ministry of Defence to move its aircraft to alternative Italian military bases.

The RAF were apparently just hours away from moving 100′s of personnel, equipment and aircraft that would have cost the British tax payer tens of thousands of pounds but were saved when the end of operations was announced.

What an absolute disgrace Ryanair are. O’Leary should be ashamed of himself.

Last year, we reported that Ryanair were in discussions with the Ministry of Defence to buy a number of retired Harrier Jump Jets in order to take advantage of their vertical take off and landing ability thus negating the need for expensive runways and airports.


4 thoughts on “Ryanair moaned about RAF planes sharing same airport during Libyan bombing campaign

  1. Just came across your site – thanks! Nice to see someone telling it how it really is about this bunch of cowboys, and in language that I sincerely hope Ryanirs PRs really, really detest. A bit unique really aren’t they? Not only are the charges never quite what they appear in the ads (without a magnifying glass at least), but the boss regularly insults his customers. Unique even in rip-off Britain.

    Life’s too short; whatever it costs, I’ll always use someone else, not least because they usually fly to the advertised destination.


  2. Just found your site. Have you done a piece about the new card charges they are now imposing for prepaid cards? And the hoops you have to jump through by purchasing a Ryanair prepaid card?

  3. Trapani is the place were a ryanair wing hit other Boeing tail on the ground during the turnaround.

    Its also a half military half civilian airport, it was like that before being operated by ryanair

  4. To the author:- Give over with your sniveling whining. Its seems you are driven by anti-Irishness more than anything, does it pain you that an Irish company is doing so well and run by a thick Mick? Maybe you should go to Derry and ask the people of the Bogside’s opinion on the Beloved RAF and The Beloved Paras as well, then you your moaning days can end. Twat

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