Ryanair misleading passengers yet again with dodgy calculations of customer service levels

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Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are a bunch of lying ‘bastardos’ who talk up their customer service statistics to give us the impression they are providing satisfaction.

According to the last set of published data available on the Ryanair website at http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/ryanair-no-1-customer-service-stats-july-2010, the laughable excuse for an airline are feeding us the following pile of horse manure:

  • 78% of over 46,000 Ryanair flights arrived on time
  • Less than 1 complaint per 1,000 passengers was received
  • Less than 1 mislaid bag claim per 1,000 passengers was received

We have the following comments on the above misleading statements:

  • 22% of over 46,000 Ryanair flights arrived LATE! That’s 10,120 late arrivals, almost a quarter of all Ryanair flights!
  • Only 1 complaint per 1000 passengers likely had a fax machine available in order to submit the complaint. 999 passengers per 1000 likely didn’t have a fax machine
  • Only 1 passenger per 1000 passengers probably checked in a bag because Ryanair make it so bloody expensive to do so. That would actually result in a 100% bag loss rate

Compared to the same month last year, Ryanair’s performance has actually gotten much worse!

  • On-time flights have fallen from 85% to 78%
  • Ryanair’s passenger complaint numbers show an increase from 0.67 in 2009 to 0.73 this year

What a joke Ryanair are. Fly with a proper airline and avoid these scumbags!

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7 thoughts on “Ryanair misleading passengers yet again with dodgy calculations of customer service levels

  1. I know why the bastards are late, it’s all the baggage checking at the gate, the 3 to 4 times weighing of the same case at different scales which always gives a different result, and then you have to check the bloody thing in for 35 quid and only 0,5 kg too much? wtf?? what difference does it make if on top or on bottom? just money-making-hidden-charges again! I hate them!

  2. Have just found your site after reading case on news items. Great, wonderful, bring it on, please dear God allow Michael O’Leary to be put on one of their crap planes and send it off to nowhere with the toilets locked and seats removed. My son and his mates had booked well in advance a ‘stag’ weekend in Prague which was cancelled at the last minute (no reason given). They were offered a refund or could be given a flight on the Monday. Duh, the day they were supposed to come home. Checked with BA and flights turned out to be cheaper so quess who we fly with now? Absolutely loathed in Ireland and one of the biggest shisters (con-merchants) that ever breathed. I would chance a hot air balloon rather than get on one of his planes! Then again, with all the add-ons I probably couldn’t afford the fare!

  3. I have never heard of this site until they took you to court. They gave you millions of punds worth of free publicity! I bet you get more hits now than you ever would have without the court case. Lol. You rock. Keep fighting the good fight!

    – Sol

  4. You are not alone on this fight against Ryanair bastards, I reckon a high percentage of users of this crappy business, feel abused and raped by its unfair practices. Donating money seems a great idea to me to fight these thieves, after being ripped off of more than 150 quid in only one flight I have the will to commit 3 times more to let the world know about this dishonest bunch of pathetic loosers, who hide themselves under a curtain of a smiling plane.

    If I cancel a flight with Ryanair, will the airline refund my departure tax fee part of the fare?
    I believe they should refund the departure tax as this is a government charge which the airline should not be entitled to keep if I have not departed on a flight.
    Please pursue this query.

  6. Nobody has to choose this airline… I would never do so! I prefer Lufthansa (or similar airlines). Booking by time means 99 Euro return fare inclusice service, punctuality, security within whole Europe. And your trip does not start and end somewhere in the outback…

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