RyanAir makes little girls cry!

We missed the check-in deadline (read the fine print “strictly 40 minutes before departure” – oh NOW I see it) by 3 MINUTES and the horrible “service clerk” informed us the flight was closed. In the meantime our fellow passengers were in the long security line, with 37 minutes left until the flight took off. The cruel staff ignored us, so my 4-year old daughter and I both stood in the middle of Weeze airport in tears.

Of course before that nightmare I spent numerous hours researching bus schedules and directions to and from these far out airports. And more hours trying to pack the lightest bag ever. (the real RA profit center: 12 Euro / kg for every kilo over). And I was an idiot to pay extra for bag check-in and priority boarding on top.

They have stolen my 245 euro this time. But we will NEVER EVER EVER EVER fly RyanAir again. They make me embarassed to be Irish.