RyanAir makes little girls cry!

We missed the check-in deadline (read the fine print “strictly 40 minutes before departure” – oh NOW I see it) by 3 MINUTES and the horrible “service clerk” informed us the flight was closed. In the meantime our fellow passengers were in the long security line, with 37 minutes left until the flight took off. The cruel staff ignored us, so my 4-year old daughter and I both stood in the middle of Weeze airport in tears.

Of course before that nightmare I spent numerous hours researching bus schedules and directions to and from these far out airports. And more hours trying to pack the lightest bag ever. (the real RA profit center: 12 Euro / kg for every kilo over). And I was an idiot to pay extra for bag check-in and priority boarding on top.

They have stolen my 245 euro this time. But we will NEVER EVER EVER EVER fly RyanAir again. They make me embarassed to be Irish.


16 thoughts on “RyanAir makes little girls cry!

  1. You missed the fucking check-in? How the fuck is that their fault? They call out on the PA thirty fucking times and you still managed to be late…I hope every airline does this to you as they have every right to – you were fucking late you douche.

  2. Check-in desks open 2 hours before departure, some even 5 hours before, and close 40 minutes before departure (obviously for many reasons), so yes when you arrive 37 minutes before departure its closed, you don’t take a plane as you would take a taxi…
    And it’s not written in “fine print”, it’s written normally in “Ryanair terms and conditions” that nobody reads… If I buy a ticket to fly at 1 euro, I would read them 10 times!!!
    I don’t agree with Ryanair’s policy at all, I just think that people could avoid being charged if they read conditions and respect their contract.

  3. It is plainly printed in the terms & conditions and you did go for Ryanair because it is much cheaper than alternative airlines. In saying that you would still have to be through check in 40 minutes before departure, no matter what. You must be Irish to leave things to the last minute, expect it all your own way and also get it on the cheap!!
    Thick, I would say so.

  4. I have just flown with Ryanair, the plane took off on time, landed early,perfect flight.

    What gets me are several things,
    1 – it is stated at the time of booking that the gates will close at 40 mins before departure
    2. It is stated the 15 kg baggage allowance and the excess baggage costs
    3. It is stated that the hand luggage is to be within certain size limits and weight limits.

    So whats you problem, cant read?, think these rules dont apply to you?
    Please fly with someone else and save us, the rest of Ryanairs passangers who can read any unnecessary delays due to people like you who cant be arsed to read the terms and conditions.

    Get a bus, or start your own airline so all the other morons can fly with you

  5. It’s your own stupid fould, rules are rules, u should read, as nobody reads anything and then ryanair is bad??? no ! Check in opens 2 hours before, and if you are late it’s not our problem, all airlines have strict regulations on that, closed is closed ! We not stole your money, you must be on time at the airport so dont use your little girl crying as excuse, mamma mia.

  6. I am flabbergasted at some of these replies, particularly the ones obviously by Ryanair stuff (by Mike). Whilsts it is true that rules apply to everyone and it’s your responsibility to ensure you are on time, surely EVERYONE has had an instance where things haven’t gone to plan through no fault of their own. Being 3 minutes late is not going to delay the plane, and to leave a woman with a small child stranded at the airport is just being…well, Ryanair. And to then log on to abuse this woman, just says it all about this airline and the scum they recruit to work there. Hopefully you will go bust soon and all of Ryanair stuff can go back to cleaning toilets (a job that no doubt paid more and stank less than working for this joke airline).

  7. To be fair, 40 minutes is more than generous and you would be hard pressed to find any other airline bowing to that request as well – whatever shortcomings Ryanair have (and there are plenty to pick from), their check-in closing times can’t be one of them – whether the people were standing in a security line or not, they at least had provided enough time for themselves and their luggage to be accounted for, for fuel calculations based on themselves and their luggage to be made and for passenger manifest lists to be drawn up so that other areas of pre-flight planning could be carried out and completed for an on-time departure – they have to draw a line somewhere, all airlines do, and as someone pointed out, this isn’t a taxi service – planes can’t go around with a full tank all day unsure of how many may or may not actually get on the plane. Regarding the airport location – I concede defeat that it probably is miles away, but then again, the hint is kind of in the name – Dusseldorf-Weeze.

    Next time, be on time and don’t try blame someone else!

  8. Anyone turning up after the stated check in time should be allowed to watch the plane take off. On my last two flights from La Rochelle and Grenoble, feb 2009. the plane was delayed by retarded passengers
    turning up ages after the cut off time. The clowns let them board!

    Anyone watching a Ryanair flight arriving in France will be amazed to see four yellow coated warriors charge up the front steps? Why four?

    Last year, sitting in my favourite row 1, a group of handicapped people tried to sit in the front row, dream on!
    Ryanair permit up to four bags as cabin baggage, this get on my wick.

  9. Horace Horwell, the prototype of a British anti-Irish racist. The typical
    ‘thick Irish’ prop up in his racist comment. One day he may be stuck on a train standing in the field or on a broken down coach on the way to the airport so that he misses the check in at Ryanair or any other airline; he would really deserve it. This Irish woman who missed the check in may have herself to blame, but that is no reason whatsoever to spout racist trash. There is, however, a big chance that she and her daughter were stuck because their transport broke down or was cancelled or delayed. That happens often enough, for instance on the Stansted Express and then many people miss the check in. In such cases nobody is really at fault, it is just very bad luck. The best thing to do is: always take as much time as possible to get to the airport.

  10. All those who spouted nasty comments here may one day be delayed on the way to the airport and miss the check in. Or they may make a mistake while booking and be punished for that by Ryanair. They would deserve it. The woman stated that she had studied the bus timetables to the airport and tried to pack as lightly as possible. Something went wrong and I think that she was a victim of bad luck. I live at Nijmegen, 50 km from Weeze, and would have to go there by coach. Such service exists between Nijmegen and Weeze but it is risky: cancelled – that means missing the check in – if there are not enough passengers and the fare is an expensive 16 euros each way. When I go to Schiphol from Nijmegen by train and use my special 40% reduction card I can travel to and from Schiphol for 21.60 euros, two single second class tickets, much cheaper than the bus to Weeze. The full fare would be 36 euros in total. I take at least 90 minutes extra. Weeze is no alternative for me. BTW, I reject Ryanairs’ mean terms and conditions and thus avoid that airline like the plague.

  11. I have used Ryanair for too many times and knows their terms and condtions, i am appalled at the unhelpful feedbacks and hurtful comments made on this site.

    I have just returned from my 5th travel to morroco this year with , airline Ryanair, no luggage, boarding pass in hand, present at desk nearly one hour before my flight departure.
    I was denied boarding the plane too and battled to get my flight as the closing time for booking was not over but was told that it wasand that was it.
    I was not alone until i met a gentlemen in the same situation.
    I think that his presence inflenced the staff , a call to the commander was made and eventually 10 minutes before boarding we were accepted on board but had to run for it, that was in Marrakech this tuesday gone.
    Future reference to everybody. be there on time 2 hours before departure but check your paperwork and the country you are visiting.
    Ryanair like all airlines and businesses are greedy, this is called BUSINESS
    that is all. We , the small people do not care much about small print, we care only about great holidays.

  12. Ryanair will at some point rip you off. Chav travellers bang on about cheap travel and hand luggage only but it will bite you at some point. Mick is a complete scam artist/rougue trader but gets away with it because stupid people use ryanair. Its really very simple, STOP using ryanair and travel with a decent airline, it usually works out cheaper and you don’t have the embarressment of being associated with Mick.

  13. It makes grown men cry aswell, although it always makes me laugh, when I see chavs battling to check-in a slightly over 15kg bag and argue their way past boarding gate staff trying to stiff them for a few exta quid for the extra hand bag. Don’t line Micks pockets, travel with a decent, usually cheaper airline.

  14. I cant believe all these nasty comments…One day, BA delayed their flight for me, the passengers had to wait 10 minutes and they did…I would not be amazed if all these nasty comments were sent by the same person, someone who works for Ryanair, what do you think?

  15. I have travelled with Ryanair several years now have missed several
    flights but not once received any airport taxes back, Recently travelled
    with AER LINGUS had to cancell one of our parties ticket through illness
    and to our complete surprise was refunded all taxes and handling fee which amounted to only loosing half of the cost of ticket. This was not even applied for. Why do Ryanair never refund anything people might say because the tickets are so cheap but the Aer Lingus tickets were only 4.99 one way and 9.99 back! Over the years my family have lost
    a fortune in not returning on booked flight due to family sickness and having to rebook and pay a fortune to return to England.

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