Ryanair make humiliating u-turn over passenger compensation but damage has already been done

Ryanair, the World’s most HATED airline, have been forced into an embarrassing and humiliating retreat over claims that they would not pay compensation to passengers stranded by the Icelandic volcano.

Michael O’Leary had stated that the current EU legislation, in place to protect consumers from exactly this kind of scenario, was “unfair”. Boo f’ing hoo Mick!

Ryanair have, over the years, become masters at the small print rules that so often catch people out resulting in “unfair” and quite disproportionate charges. Now the chickens have come home to roost and guess who is moaning?!

Today, however, the BBC are reporting that “Ryanair has backed down over a decision to limit the expenses payments paid to stranded passengers for food and accommodation” and that “the carrier says it will now pay all ‘reasonable expenses’ to passengers“.

Under EU regulations, if a flight is cancelled, those flying with European carriers into or out of the EU have the right to a refund or to be re-routed.

If passengers chose the latter, they have the right to care – such as accommodation and meals – while they wait. For some passengers, this means sending the receipts for hotels and meals into the airline for reimbursement.

This u-turn is hugely damaging to whatever little good reputation Ryanair had left. We suspect that a large number of their die-hard supporters have now seen just how mean Ryanair can be and will be looking make the switch away.

Damage limitation exercise Mick? The damage has been done. May this be the beginning of the end for you and your shoddy airline.

So people, get your claims in pronto and give Ryanair a taste of their own medicine.

If you are having issues getting in touch with these filth bags, we’ve found a great resource that might just help that includes telephone numbers and tips on how to get your call answered quickly while on hold.

The website, “Ryanair Campaign” also lists email addresses that you may find useful, here are some of them:

The full list of contact details plus a whole load of information on just how nasty Ryanair can be is at http://www.ryanaircampaign.org


12 thoughts on “Ryanair make humiliating u-turn over passenger compensation but damage has already been done

  1. It is with deep joy that we watch Michael O’Leary of Ryanair wriggle like a stuck pig.

    Having stiffed thousands of customers out of millions of pounds through the enforcement of ridiculous Ts & Cs (which they change whenever they wish). I was charged £105 for having a bag that they said weighed 21 kilos – when the same suitcase had been checked in 2 hours earlier (connecting flight) as weighing 18.5 kilos. No amount of pleading to use other scales or requests for mercy did any good.

    The response was pay up or you don’t fly – and your ticket is cancelled!

    All of this bad news is given to you with a smug “you should read the Ts & Cs” smle.

    Well Mr O’leary, how does it feel?

    Surely you knew the rules to operate an airline in the EU?

    Surely you read the small print?

    Did you say you are having to pay out disproportionately for something that wasn’t your fault?

    Well tough s**t you scamming paddy! I hope it costs you millions.

  2. You just know the twat is going to try and use this for publicity but this time it’s very bad publicity. When will travellers learn to stop flying with Mick and his 2 bit airline.

  3. I hope this is the beginning of the end for this Irish Leprechaun, its damage limitation time.
    His PR machine must be working overtime to recover from his cockup statement,he will never pay out its only going to end in tears for his loyal customers

  4. Dont you just love it when the most hated man in Europe gets his comeuppance!!! Here’s to the death of the Irish Flying Bus Company and all that it stands for…..if I was Irish, I would be embarrassed having such a vile little man ruining the reputation of the most friendly nation on earth….

  5. When I travelled on the 13th April from Birmingham Ryanair are getting so bad,A lady was putting a cardboard box over every every article of luggage as we went through the queue.We were not even allowed to carry a small bottle of water in a tiny carrier bag.If this stupid paddy thinks he can take the EU to court good luck,but these are the rules of the EU to run an airline and I think I would abide by them if I wanted to provide good customer service as it is now the damage is done and I hope this twit goes bust,will serve him right.no way will I use them again anyway.

  6. The great thing about sites like this is that all the truth about this vile man will stay on the internet for a very long time. I don’t really think that Mick would read or visit such sites(although I’m sure that family and friends? would) but his kids certainly will when older. What a shitty thought knowing that your own kids will read about how much you are hated and what a complete tosser you are. Yes they will probably grow up as spoilt hated bastards but its a nice thought knowing that even his own kids will know the truth.

  7. As far as I am concerned Micks’ cattle transport company is the shame of Ireland. An expression like ‘scamming paddy’ is offensive, as it gives the impression that all Irish people are scammers and crooks. The vast majority of Irish people are lovely human beings. Maybe the time of the harvest of what this airline has been sowing through the years is at hand and we will see Irelands’shame fly too close to the sun and crash!

  8. what a lovely man O’Leary is. I heard he’s going to take out some toilets to put some seats in and charge you for the privelage of powdering your nose,he must be hard up, bless him.
    So my family and i were one of the unfotunates to be stuck out there in Spain,what’s worse is that we flew with Ryanair, but what are people doing to try to get compo from him? Any thoughts travellers?

  9. The claims are going in. He cannot argue with EU law. As another person who was stuck out in Spain for 4 days & he thought it was funny to stick 2 fingers upto he will get his come uppance. I met many people who once they knew about the u turn where starting to collect receipts – I don’t condone it but I can sympathise.

    There are numersous other forums around where people are talking to each other to ensure that he does not get away with it.

    As many other people have said – He took a calculated business risk not to take out insurance to cover the possibility. I take out holiday insurance every year for me and my family. Still yet to have a claim

  10. We arrived back to liverpool airport, 8 days later than we were due to arrive . The day after we arrived back( 26th April ) i put a claim in for £500 for a hotel i booked on our credit card(room only for 3 people) and £300 for food etc, Guess what??? still not recieved anything, i have phoned 3 times now and each time have been told, “your cheque should be with you shortly” ……. we all know the classic biggest lie in the world, I will never set foot on a Ryan air flight ever again, even if it costs me double,to fly another Airline,Mr o’leary is one arrogant, piss taker with no respect for the people who have kept him in business for so long. i hope this catches up with him and gives him one massive kick in the arse…

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