Ryanair make absurd claims about customer service

Ryanair, Europe’s largest rip-off airline, have today (30 June) made the absurd claim that their “Customer Service” is better than BA’s. What an absolute joke!

What Ryanair have done is take a report into on-time flights, cancelations and baggage performance and somehow linked this to customer service, whereas it is in fact an operational topic and nothing to do with customer service at all.

The publication of punctuality, flight cancelation and baggage performance statistics by the Association of European Airlines (AEA), for November ‘08 – March ‘09, does confirm that Ryanair has the best on time performance, the fewest cancelations and the least lost bags.

Ryanair confirmed that less than one bag (0.67) per 1,000 passengers was misplaced by Ryanair between November and March while AEA statistics confirmed that 17% of British Airways’ flights were delayed, 97.9% were completed and BA lost sixteen bags per 1,000 passengers, more than 20 times the number of bags lost by Ryanair.

BA carry at least 20 times the number of bags than Ryanair do due to Ryanair’s extra charges for checked in luggage. So is this result really anything to shout about? We don’t think so.

Ryanair also operate out of grass strips 100km away from where you thought you were going, which obviously helps with delays in departures when compared to BA who fly you to the city they say they are taking you to.

Don’t believe the drivel that gets pumped out from the Ryanair PR department. Fly BA.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair make absurd claims about customer service

  1. Ryanair claims amongst others that it is a bus service on wings, but it claims also that it is the Number One Airline for Customer Service. Here are two examples of customer service I experienced with Eurolines/ National Express on the route London-Dublin:
    The coach from London to Holyhead broke down on the motorway. The company sent taxis that brought us to Holyhead. In the meantime the booking for the crossing had been changed by the company from Irish ferries to Stena Lines. We made it for the HSS-crossing. We did not have to pay anything, but we gave the taxi driver a good tip.
    Returning to London on a Bank Holiday Sunday. The motorway were clogged and the driver had to use other roads. We made it to Victoria Coach Station, but the check in for the coaches to the Continent was in fact closed. Yet, we were allowed to check in and board the onward coaches. THAT was customer service indeed in two cases.
    Image, I had used a fictitious RyanCoach, CEO M. O’ Leary. In the first case we would have been left to rot on the side of the motorway, or we would have had to pay for the taxis and the crossing. In the second case, we would have been denied boarding the onward coaches and have been forced to buy new tickets.

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