Ryanair love to rip off and mistreat their customers

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are very good at ripping their customers off given the opportunity. It come’s as no surprise that we get sent all sorts of stories detailing these acts of robbery.

The following is from a passenger called “Marie” who travelled from London to Nimes…


I am an experienced traveller, fly several times a year, although haven’t taken a Ryanair flight for a couple of years as I’m currently working in New Zealand.

So I’m by no means a naive traveller, know all about most of the stupid rules, rip-off strategies, although I have to say they have got worse recently.

I was back home in the UK over Xmas and New Year. I have family near Nimes in France so I wanted to pay a short visit there too. I turned up at Luton airport on Dec 28th, in plenty of time for my flight. One very slow person checking in bags for the whole flight (despite £5 charge for supposed online check-in and threat of £40 charge if boarding pass not printed off before arrival at the airport). Horrendous queues through security due to events on the transatlantic Delta flight on Xmas day, not all security lanes open.

Me and 10 others finally arrived at the gate at 11am (flight was due to leave at 11). Plane was still sitting on the tarmac 50 metres from the terminal door, doors open, steps still down, going nowhere. But Ryanair staff said nope, we couldn’t get on the plane, Ryanair rules, once they close the gate no more passengers allowed on (like robots…computer says no?!).

No consideration for the security situation in the airport at the time, despite 10 people practically begging to be allowed to just take the 30 second walk out onto the plane. They actually left our checked in bags on the plane and sent them to Nimes. After the events of Lockerbie I’m sure unaccompanied luggage in the hold is illegal. And after all that supposed enhanced slow security.

All they could do to ‘help’ was charge another £100 for a flight out of Stansted at 8pm to Marseile (or wait 2 days for the next flight to Nimes). I duly paid this, plus paid for transportation to Stansted.

I checked when I booked the ticket that I wouldn’t have to pay the 40 pounds fee for a new boarding pass, but was assured that at Stansted there are kiosks where check-in and printing of boarding passes can be done for free.

At Stansted, the automated check-in kiosk I used didn’t work and didn’t print out my boarding pass; when I asked for help I was told sorry can’t help, but that I could get a new boarding pass re-issued at the ticket desk at a cost of £40; which I didn’t do BTW.

After shouting at the man, even though I ‘m very calm and tolerant (that’s what Ryanair does to a person), I paid £4 at an internet point to print, couldn’t be bothered queuing again and having to argue with another of these robots!!

I’m speechless at what these ‘people’ try to get away with!! I finally got to where I needed to be 9 hours late and feeling very robbed and mistreated. Ryanair staff and defenders on here can go on about how low prices mean we shouldn’t expect the service, but I paid over 300 pounds for my return ticket as it was Christmas, more than the BA flight from Gatwick to Marseille. But I wanted the ‘convenience’ of flying from and to airports nearer to where i needed to go, routes which Ryanair monopolize. I actually ended up paying around 450 pounds to get to France, I could have gone to New York on a decent airline for that!

I will NEVER fly with Ryanair again, and I really mean it. Cheating, thieving, uncaring company, deserve to be prosecuted and hung out to dry.


6 thoughts on “Ryanair love to rip off and mistreat their customers

  1. I love your web site, at least people would realise that flying with RainAir is a danger for the their families. Last Year Ryan Air decided to leave me and my family in Palma airport. We had not enough time to arrive to the gate since they call the gate number. Obviously they did not took any blame and I had to pay for new tickets with Easyjet to come back from our holidays. The worst of the worst is that they took all our cases. With all the security you have to go through the airport and everything else and they allow to flight the plane with 4 cases and not passengers. Nice, very Nice. That is the type of security that Ryan Air, that is way I decided not flight never again with Ryan Air. I was using them for many years several times a year, but no more.

  2. If the bags were indeed flown to Nimes without these passengers on board then this lady should lodge a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority, department of transport and the Bedfordshire Police since Ryanair seem to have violated all know anti terrorist provisions purely to earn themselves another £1,000+ in air fares. No other airline refuses to let this many passengers board this close to the departure time and all other airlines operating out of the UK would comply with the CAA’s rules by offloading the passenger bags (as they are required to do) before the flight departs. Because it is a requirement to offload the bags then preventing these passengers from boarding could not possibly have saved any time (quite the opposite in fact) for the aircraft in terms of its departure on time if the law about not carrying bags of passengers who have not boarded the flight had been complied with.

    This lady needs to email her story to a number of different journalists who have done stories before about Ryanair on the main UK national newspapers. If what she reports is true then Ryanair should suffer a big fine and Police and CAA investigation for this utterly shocking behaviour in putting the lives of passengers at risk in the name of profit. If it had been me I would immediately have demanded to see the airport manager as soon as I had been prevented from boarding and reported Ryanair for illegally violating longstanding anti terrorist provisions in terms of knowlingly letting her bag and the bags of 10 other passengers fly to Nimes when they weren’t on the plane.

    I really hope she still follows through on this by writing to the relevant Minister at the Department of Transport, the Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority and to Bedfordshire Police (who presumably control taking action against any deliberate breach of anti terrorism rules at the airport).

    The thieving bastards at Ryanair stopped me from checking in for a flight to Palermo at Stansted several years ago because they had shut the check in before the advertised 40 minutes before departure window. As there was no other flight to Palermo that day and it was only a 3 day trip I had to cancel the whole thing. It was cheaper to do that than pay huge amounts of petrol to go home and back (90 miles away) and then take only a 2 day trip instead of 3 days (fortunately I hadn’t pre-booked any acommodation as I was renting a car the other end and I also hadn’t pre-paid for the car rental as it was a pay on arrival arrangement). This decision was made easier still by Ryanair demanding 40 quid to put me on the next day’s flight. Fortunately it was a cheapy ticket that was only 16 quid return.

    I have never flown on Ryanair since and I make a point of keeping off both their airline and Easyjet and rate most of the major charter operators in the UK (especially Thomson) as offering a far better service to customers than either of these scumbag customer exploitation operations.

  3. I have to fly between the London and Derry/Dublin most months and sadly for me I often have little choice but to fly with Ryanair.
    They have recently changed their rules about the fees they charge for people people paying with credit/debits cards.
    The booking fee is £5/€5 per person per flight. After the rule change the only way to avoid paying for this fee is if you pay with a Prepaid Credit Card.
    I’ve got one of these Prepaid Card from these people http://www.prepaidfinancialservices.com which cost a tenner and has saved a grand total of £40 in fees since Christmas.
    I wish this made me feel better about all the money I have given Michael O Leary and his thieving souless automatons in the past few years but any fiver in my pocket and not his is a good thing.

  4. I wish more people posted stories like this and potential Ryanair passengers read them before booking. It was great to see the airline get a kicking in the press and by the Government this week for refusing to compensate stranded passengers. I think this was a big own goal by Mr O’Deary right before the summer travel peak.

  5. The exact same thing happened to me!! I had literally just arrived at the check-in gate to find that they had closed, and I when i went to the information desk at Pisa.. they first time, they let me check-in at another counter.. but the next time (fair enough It shoudnt have happend more than once, but its not always easy to reach the front within that time due to slow people as u are aware) I was served by a horrible woman who made me pay the £35 charge. I was then told to run to the gate etc.. I had arrived at the gate, and ended up standing there for 2 hours because the flight had been delayed. They had to call in another aircraft to carry the passengers back to london stanstead!! which means that cabin luggage were still to be put in.. thus my cabin luggage could have been accepted, and i woundn’t have had to pay.. fair enough perhaps ryanair were not aware of the delay when the made me pay.. but after, when i treid to stress my point to customer services over the phone, and via letters, they refused to acknowledge that it was their problem and they refused to offer me a refund! … I clearly hadn’t learnt my lesson after that.. 2 months later ( i am a regular travler) I booked a morning flight to pisa. I had arrived with pleny of time to check in go through security etc, but the lines were long and very very slow moving, I didnt think to jump the line as it seemed I was not they only one waiting to board that flight, so it made sense to me that Ryanair would recognise that they have hired really slow people to work at the check in desk. Nontheless, when I arrived at the front, I was informed that I could not board the flight. (I arrived at 6 and the flight was to leave at 6.30) I was defferred to the ticket informaton and sales area where they told me that the next flight was in 4 hours and I would have to pay £100. They had completely ignored the situation and how unfair it was. I had no choice as I was in a complete rush and desperate to just get there, I had paid that fine. I even tried to speak to customer service about it, but yet again they failed to acknowledge it as their problem! It’s ridiculous, what kind of customer service ignores the customer!!! :S They claim to be a low cost airline but they make you pay ridiculous fees and charges that sure make up for it! Choose Easyjet! hassle-free and better customer service!!

  6. We made the mistake of not printing the boarding passes for the return journey, but did print the outgoing ones (pages 5 of 5) so presumed that was correct. Er no, got to the gate and told it would be 60 euros each, thats 300 euros for the 5 of us, what a total rip off to print 5 pieces of paper, will never fly with them again, and will tell everyone I know the same !

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