Ryanair – late, late, late!!!

Ryanair, the world’s worst airline have amazed us YET AGAIN with their shoddy on-time arrival. Just look at the image to see all Ryanair flights either having landed late or due to arrive late in red versus the Ryanair flights landed on time or due to land on time in green.

We just don’t understand how they get away with making such claims regarding punctuality. They simply cannot be true. A picture tells a thousand words…or uncovers a thousand lies in Ryanair’s case.


9 thoughts on “Ryanair – late, late, late!!!

  1. I bloody hate Ryanair.

    I made the mistake of buying some of their £1 flights a couple of years back. I didn’t bother buying the priority pass and having a small child, we avoided the mad crush to be first on the plane. Imagine my shock when we found out there were no reserved seats and no two seats left next to each other.

    The flight crew seemed to think it was okay to seat a three year-old six rows away from either of its parents and wouldn’t even consider asking another passengar to move so that a parent and child could sit together. None of the chav passengers looked like they were about to volunteer either. Eventually an old lady moved so that our boy could sit next to his mother. I didn’t see either of them for the duration of the flight.

    That experience speaks volumes about Ryanair and its passengers.

    Most hated airline indeed!

  2. To be fair to them – if you use the standard airline attitude that anything under 15 minutes delay is ‘on time’ then you could remove a lot of the red from that image!

    Still, spending any longer than necessary on one of the bright yellow flying buckets is painful!

  3. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your comment.

    You use the word “standard”. However, Ryanair are anything but.

    Ryanair include a huge “safety margin” in their published flight times. When their flights depart on time, this tends to result in the flight arriving “early”.

    We just took a look at the same BAA arrivals board for Stansted and have picked one flight that demonstrates this.

    Flight FR035 from Oslo to Stansted. Scheduled to land at 10:40. Landed at 10:07. That’s a whopping 33 minutes early.

    On a flight scheduled to take 2 hours?

    So our point is this; if a Ryanair flight is listed by BAA as being late, by just 5 minutes, we can be sure that this is a delay, on a 2 hour flight, of over half an hour.


  4. Sorry Dug? You’re complaining… errr didn’t you just get a flight for £1? You do realise how much of a bargain that is don’t you?

  5. £1 yea ok stanstead to tenerife is the same distance which ever airline you fly with in my experience the more you take the less it costs oh no not in ryan airs case its the more we can rip you off the more we will

  6. i work with them… i just dont understand if everyone hates them why we keep geting loads of passengers on our flights… something is really not right here

  7. Dug, your complain is really unsound. I just got angry reading it. Next time you can avoid this rush and problems with the seating buying your ticket from BAA for £100-£150 or more.

    Considering what you pay, my personal opinion is that RyanAir is really very good airline and way to travel.

    Regarding delays.. I did not check this statistically, but I my intuition is that most of the time their flights are on time. Being late is bad also for the airline company because they may need to pay for staying longer in the airport or departing late. So RyanAir and any other airline does not have interest in being late or delayed.

    As displayed in the image. Such delays can happen in bad weather conditions or a delay of a single flight may cause chained delays of others. What I want to say is that the image does not mean absolutely anything but just throwing mud on RyanAir.

    1. Hi Ferad,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Why on earth are you getting angry over someone expressing their views? The poor chap you are slating had a very similar experience to us when travelling with children on Ryanair. The airline cannot seat a child alone, so what is your problem here? Can you explain how this is an unsound complaint?

      Regarding the delays, we have run our very technical and methodical testing a number of times now and have seen the same results. Ryanair are not as “on-time” as they lead you to believe. Coupled with the fact that they publish longer flying times than what the flight will actually take to get to it’s destination, this demonstrates that they are indeed very late, a lot of the time.

      For your information, single flight delays do not have a knock on effect on other routes at the same time of day. Not quite sure how you have come up with that one?

      We love “throwing mud on Ryanair” and hey you know what? It sticks!!

  8. Com[plaining about a flight landing 2 minutes late is a bit sad really. Maybe you should find something more productive to do with your life.
    As Jim said earlier, any flight landing within 15 minutes of its scheduled landing time is considered to be on time. This is industry standard. All airlines pad their schedules to allow for minor delays.
    And no, I am not a Ryanair employee.

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