Ryanair jet narrowly avoids mid-air smash

A Boeing 737-800 operated by Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, had a very near miss with a glider whilst on approach to land at Bremen in Germany.

The aircraft, registration EI-EKJ and performing flight FR3665 from Italy to Bremen in Germany, was on approach to runway 27 when the crew saw a glider in very close proximity to it.

The Ryanair jet was able to continue the approach and it landed safely about 5 minutes later.

Germany’s Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) reported that the separation between the Ryanair Boeing 737-800 and the glider was reduced to 0.36nm laterally. The minimum vertical separation was estimated at 200 feet by the Ryanair crew.


5 thoughts on “Ryanair jet narrowly avoids mid-air smash

  1. Details of the report released from the BFU state that the 33 year old 1st Officer was in hold of a commercial pilots licence (CPL(A)), issued in Ireland and had the total flying experience of…
    … WAIT FOR IT….. YES A TOTAL of 169 Hours.
    Well that makes the idea of flying Ryanair even less inviting.
    I guess they got to start somewhere haven’t they.

  2. English translation of the BFU Investigation Report of another previous Ryanair near mid air smash that took place this year near Frankfurt:
    (Keep in mind that the gliders were probably fitted with transponders and also the fact that Gliders have right of way over powered craft)

    See Pages 18 – 22 of the bulletin.


    Two events which show me that Ryanair really does have a major safety issue here on its plate.

  3. English translation of an NZZ online article concerning another BFU Investigation Report of yet another Ryanair near mid air smash that took place near Zurich, Switzerland this time:-


    Isn’t it about time that people in higher positions started asking the right people the right questions?

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