Ryanair increases bag fees by 50%

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, is to increase the fees it charges to check in bags and sporting equipment from 1 October by a staggering 50%!

The airline is to increase the fee for checking in a bag to £15 from £10 now if booked in advance online and to £30 from £20 now if you pay at the airport.

At the same time, the fee for sports equipment will rise by £10 to £40 if booked on the internet and £50 if paid at the airport. The additional charges will make Ryanair less attractive for skiers and snowboarders, who often travel with a suitcase, boot bag and skis or a board.

I Hate Ryanair spokesman Dave Smith said: “Ryanair will no doubt claim that these fees are avoidable by all passengers who choose to travel with carry on luggage only, but around 30% of passengers do take checked-in baggage and will be stung by yet another rip-off charge.”


3 thoughts on “Ryanair increases bag fees by 50%

  1. Just go the Ryanair site and click the button Ski Routes. They are boasting there as usual about their low ski fares and no fuel surcharges. Of course, there is nothing on that page about what you will have to pay when you want to take your skis on the plane. Another booby trap for unwary customers, waiting to go off!

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