Ryanair in tie-up with online scammers Webloyalty

Ryanair, Europe’s largest rip-off airline, has announced a partnership with Webloyalty, a supposed provider of online savings, discount and protection programmes, which claim to provide Ryanair UK passengers with discounts of up to 20% at over 700 top online retailers as well as best price guarantees, automatic extended warranty protection, and a £10 cash back cheque from Webloyalty every month in which they purchase a Ryanair flight, all for just £10 per month. Read the full press release from Ryanair news.

Consumers beware!
In February of this year, Debenhams, Asda, Thomas Cook, HMV and B&Q severed or suspended their ties with Webloyalty, after the scheme prompted a wave of complaints.

It is believed that hundreds of objections were made by angry shoppers, unaware they had been signed up to pay £10 a month in membership fees to the company’s Shoppers Discounts & Rewards programme.

A spokesman for B&Q said: “We’ve removed the website Shopper Discounts & Rewards from our affiliate network with immediate effect. We’re grateful that this matter has been brought to our attention and would like to apologise to any customer who has been inconvenienced through using this site.”

A spokesman for Debenhams said: “We would never want to be associated with such a scheme and we will review our relationship with Incentive Networks [a wholly owned subsidiary of Webloyalty] as a result of this.”

Webloyalty recruits members by placing pop-up ads offering customers £15 off future purchases on a range of websites. The small print states that by applying for the discount and entering personal details, shoppers agree to a subscription.

“It’s misleading, but it’s not illegal,” said Graham Charlton from digital publisher Econsultancy. “Generally, people scan information and don’t necessarily read the terms and conditions.”

In January, Webloyalty agreed an out-of-court settlement in the US as it faced legal action against its loyalty scheme Reservations Rewards.

A spokesman declined to comment on how many of its members had been refunded because of confusion over its sign-up policy.

We recommend you all steer well clear of yet another scam that Ryanair are trying to push on their customers. No doubt Ryanair are taking a kick back from Webloyalty for any sign-ups.


2 thoughts on “Ryanair in tie-up with online scammers Webloyalty

  1. Hi there, stupidly I signed up for this, I thought it was a genuine offer from Ryanair where I would get £30 off my next flight. Only after signing up for the free 30 day trial and giving my bank details I realised that it was an advertiser offer. The advertiser did say they would send me an email so I could cancel freely during the 30 trial although I did not receive an email. I was wondering if you know how I can cancel before the 30 days are up? I have about 10 days left before they charge me £10. I would be very grateful of any advice you have to offer.
    Kind Regards

  2. Cathy Ann:
    They know it’s a scam, but are so keen to appear squeaky clean they’ll happily cancel to the tiny minority that notice the payment on their credit card. Phone 08082341539

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