Ryanair in passenger mutiny drama

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, left passengers on a plane, locking the toilet doors and turning out the lights earlier this week.

The flight, which departed Morocco for France, was forced to land at Liege Airport in Belgium when heavy fog created poor visibility. Along with the Ryanair flight, three other planes were forced to divert to Liege. Of the four planes, the three other flights’ passengers opted for free bus tickets and continued on their journey to France, 350kms away.

More than 100 angry Ryanair passengers staged a sit-in in the aircraft cabin, refusing to get off.

Media outlets interviewed passengers, who said that the aircraft left Morocco three hours later than scheduled and then landed abruptly in Belgium without warning. One passenger said that no one had informed travellers that the jet would be landing.

Reda Yahiyaoui, a businessman who was travelling with his wife, a two-month-old baby and a three-year-old, said passengers had been left with no water and the toilets in the plane were locked.

“The pilot left and he even left the cockpit door open,” he said.


10 thoughts on “Ryanair in passenger mutiny drama

  1. And why passangers from other airlines could take bus to their destination and Ryanair passangers could not? They refused to leave the plane. Why crew should stay with them? If I was with my two little kids there I would take them on the bus and get home as soon as I could.

  2. I am afraid Ryan Air have lost the plot as far as I am concerned. They provide poor service and we have decided never to travel on their aircraft again. The owner should go back to Eire and stay for ever!!!

  3. We had the opposite of a sit-in occur in Gothenburg, Sweden today. A Ryanair plane at Göteborg City Airport scheduled for Trapani, Italy held its passengers captive for five hours when it couldn’t depart due to weather. In addition to being refused of leaving aircraft, passengers were refused food or water during these hours.

    Unfortunately I only got sources in Swedish, e.g:

  4. Those Ryannair passengers should have figured out how to start the engines and get the aircraft moving! All hell would have broken out on the airport and Ryannair would have been in deep shit!!! Serves them right! LOL!!!

  5. PamAm years ago did the same thing. We were scheduled for departure from Frankfurt to JFK. As we taxied out, we stopped for a while. Pilot then said we are waiting in line for refueling. What? Refueling while passengers are on board? Then made an announcement, since we took so long, we have re-que and wait. Followed then by “we’re taxiing back to the hangar for mechanical difficulties. OK. We view from the windows mechanics going under the plane. A time later, some mechanics come down the aisle to the rear. At that point, sitting for an hour or so, they fling open the doors to let in some air. Passengers asked if we could deplane while being fixed. Answer: NO. So we sat, and sat. Hostess flung peanut bags at us as she walked down the aisle. Now all is fixed, we think and then they announce a delay and waiting for passengers from a flight from Moscow. Everyone groans now. Let’s go. Well there were no additional passengers and we finally took off. We were in the smoking section for that time – so when the sign went off for “no smoking, it seems the whole plane was up in smoke, I had to throw a blanket over my head, my eyes were tearing up from the dense cigarette smoke. We landed six hours behind schedule, so glad to be home. Our outboard flt from JFK was almost as bad, at least we sat in the terminal for six hours able to walk around.

  6. We were flying to Faro, Portugal from London 23 June 2011. The flight departed over an hour later that scheduled and 15 mins before landing the pilot announced we were actually landing in Malaga, Spain for the reasons he did not know. He said: ‘We won’t be able to land in Faro tonight, we do not know why,’ adding that coaches have been arranged for us outside the terminal. The weather was perfect, over 30 degrees, so the diversion wasn’t due to the weather, but clearly was due to the fact that we were so late departing through Ryanair’s fault and the airline chose not to pay penalties at Faro, or simply it was too late in the night to land at Faro airport. There were no coaches whatsoever outside, no Ryanair reps and no help from anyone. So, we were dropped off in a different country with no means of getting to our destination, and no alternative arrangement. Finally, one of the passengers from the plane found the coaches upstairs (who would have thought?). Coaches had no sign on them to say where they were going, the drivers didn’t speak any English, there was no one from Ryanair to help us. After about an hour and a half we departed to what was hopefully going to be Faro. Who knows how many people from the plane were left behind. This coach journey was 7 hours hours, there was no airconditioning on the coach, no water or drinks were offered to us. About 6.5 hours later we arrived in Faro. It was a hell of a journey on an uncomfortable coach with a rigid seat. A day of holiday was wasted, so was the hotel bill for the first day of the holiday. I’d booked a 2.5 hour flight not 4 hours on the plane followed by 7 hours by coach arriving to the destination in the morning instead of the evening the previous day. Ryanair need to be shut down, this is such a disgrace. Can’t believe they can do this to people and get away. I flew with them once before, they were 2 hours late then. Will never use them again.

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