Ryanair in massive crash…of website booking system

The online booking and check-in system for Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, has been down for over an hour today.

Passengers hoping to check-in 5 hours before their flight today will now likely have now been stung for not checking in online and will have to pay when they arrive at the airport.

With regards to the booking system going down for what Ryanair call “essential system maintenance”, we have crudely calculated that this website crash will be costing the airline a size-able sum of cash.

Take August this year for example. 7.6 million passengers flown. That’s just over 250,000 passenger bookings per day, equating to around 10,500 per hour. Taking £50 as an estimate of revenue per passenger, this would mean Ryanair have lost over £500,000 in bookings since 12.30pm today.

What a joke Lyingair are. Having to shut down their booking system when they want to make a tiny edit to the website such as adding the fabricated passenger testimonials. We recommend going and having a read of those, they are incredibly funny and oh so obviously written by someone at Lyingair.



11 thoughts on “Ryanair in massive crash…of website booking system

  1. I have been trying for 5 hours to checkin for my flight tomorrow. I bet when I turn up at the airport they will try and charge me for a boarding pass, thats spineless!

  2. I booked a return flight with ryanair recently. After going through the whole booking process i got the error message saying your booking may not have gone through but to check your e-mail. Waited 24 hours for the confirmation e-mail but never came through,took it the booking never went through.Before booking i tried relogging my credit card number and e-mail address on the page where you can check your booking. It wouldn’t let me go any further so i took it the booking never went through so re-booked the flight. When my credit card statement came through I had been charged €72 twice. I tried contacting ryanair and also wrote to them twice along with my c/card statement stating if they check their system they will see the same name, address etc twice…no joy. They are so annoying but i wont forget!!Jimmy

  3. I have been trying for 5 hours to checkin for my flight tomorrow. I bet when I turn up at the airport they will try and charge me for a boarding pass, thats spineless!

  4. Most of the cabin crew on the Ryanair flights I use these days are foreign (ie non-UK) and while their English on a one to one basis is pretty good, it is dire trying to understand them over the PA system, particularly when they speak far too quickly and loudly. When they advertise goods for sale on board, for example, I haven’t got a clue what they are trying to sell because I can’t understand what they are saying. Mr O’Leary must be losing thousands because of this. More worrying though – I shudder to think what would happen if there was an emergency on board – I (and many others, no doubt) wouldn’t be able to understand any important instructions. I think that’s why the pre-flight safety brief is now made using a recorded voice because before it was a joke.

  5. The worst airlines ever!!!
    Had exactly the same problem as Jimmy :/ but my fight cost £274 ( taken twice) plus I almost bought a flight with someone else as I thought it never got booked in the first place. They cancelled one flight for me and refunded some money back- however not the full the amount (they must have calculated some cancellation fees :@)
    What’s more, it’s absolutely impossible to get through to them… the lines are busy and after waiting 3 or so minutes in the queue they disconnect you saying they are too busy to answer your calll!!! For a person working full time- the only option left for me now is to write in- and I shall be writing a vicious complaint and if I don’t get any satisfaction I will be writing to the regulator!!

  6. BOARDING PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My girlfriend recently flew to Poland. I knew she would need a boarding pass, So got one off the Ryanair online site. I thought to be sure, I would print 2. One for outbound and one for return. I could not see anywere that stated clearly that you needed to print another seperatly for the return flight. On arrival at Kracow airport check in, my girlfriend presented her second boarding pass which I had printed only to be told that this was not valid and she had to pay another £40.00 SHAME ON YOU RYANAIR, YOU DESERVE TO GO BANKRUPT. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY. MR RYANAIR C.E.O.

  7. Tried countles times to book but get following error

    [5022:NoTermsOfUseAcceptanceFoundException] Please indicate that you have read and accept the Terms of Use and click on Search for Flights button.

    Yes I have ticked the box.

    1. I have being getting the same for the las week. Not only that captcha thing is annoying, now this signal
      [5022:NoTermsOfUseAcceptanceFoundException] Please indicate that you have read and accept the Terms of Use and click on Search for Flights button.


  8. have been trying to book flights for the last two weeks with still no luck. tried ringing and got a very unhelpfull lady who was bordering on rude insisting the problem is my pc/browser/software or my credit card and would not accept otherwise.
    3 Different Laptops
    2 Different Desktops
    2 Different operating systems
    4 different web browsers
    3 different locations
    2 different credit cards.

    I am a electronics/software technician so I know what I am doing and even got someone else who books tickets all the time to try but still get the same error while trying to pay stating that
    “there has been a system error”
    Out of everything I/we have tried there is only 1 common denominator.
    Can anyone figure out what that might be….

  9. I’ve been trying for a week to book luton/dublin for a 101year birthday party. NO INFORMATION as to WHY it is impossible to get onto the ryanair website. Will somebody (anybody!) tell me what is going on? Or even when I might be able to safely book my trip

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