Ryanair have passenger arrested for refusing to pay for disgusting sandwich on board flight

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had a passenger arrested upon arrival at his destination for complaining and refusing to pay for a disgusting sandwich, report VG Nett.

Henry Wolf, 52, was on a flight from Germany to Rygge (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) when he decided to live life on the edge and buy some of the Ryanair in flight food, if one can call it that. He decided to buy the “Freshly Made Premium Sandwich” for 4.50 euros from the airline’s “menu”.

“I thought I’d be a little crazy and buy the one that was described as “freshly made” instead of the one that was described as “normal” for three euros.” said Mr Wolf.

“When I got the sandwich it was so different from that in the menu and was as soft as rubber when I took a bite. I believe it was inedible”, he added.

Mr Wolf called over a stewardess and said that he wanted to return the food and that he would not pay for it. He explained that he would pay for the beer he had ordered and that perhaps he could swap the sandwich for a chocolate muffin.

The stewardess replied that she would report him to the police. We can only imagine that this would be for theft?!?
On arrival, 3 police officers were waiting and arrested him, taking him away for interrogation!

“When the police heard why they had been called they laughed their heads off” said Mr Wolf.

“I’ve traveled a lot, but never experienced anything like it. I think Ryanair overreacted, and that was pretty stupid to contact the police for a sandwich” he said.

Police at Rygge confirmed the somewhat unusual event.


11 thoughts on “Ryanair have passenger arrested for refusing to pay for disgusting sandwich on board flight

  1. Hi,

    Have flown with Ryanair in total close to 10 times … customer is not King for them,
    but this sure was waaay overdone from their part … as long as you expect
    only a seat and to get safely to your destination, you are fine with them and
    save a lot of money on average …

    all the best and more pleasant travel expriences in the future

    Hannu Penttinen
    Helsinki, Finland

  2. O’Leary is simply another thick Irish Paddy,’ who thinks the world owes him a living. Having been insulted by Ryanair’s emplpyees one time too many, I switched my business air travel to Aer Lingus.

  3. I have refused to buy any anything, drink, foof etc on Ryanair flights since they have become so stringent about 1 bag. When they offer items for sale, I say my bag is in the overhead locker and I couldnt be bothered retrieving it. If all passengers did this, perhaps they would relent on this silly ONE item only rule. And its not only women who should use this excuse, men should too. Their revenus would drop considerably and maybe they would soften their stance.

  4. The police may laugh about this, but it’s us as taxpayers who are paying for the police’s wasted time on this – Ryanair should be charged with wasting police time and fined for it.

  5. I think this gentleman was totally entitled to refuse to pay for something not fit for purpose, as a food retailer of 30 years experience I cannot believe he was arrested. However, I would agree with Hannu expect nothing more than a cheap flight and you will not disappointed. 25 years ago a ticket to Ireland cost my mum £175 return from east midlands to dublin to go at the last minute as her mum had died, so all in all what Ryanair have done is open up the world of travel to every person as it is now affordable, £175 in 1985 was two weeks take home pay for me and i had a well paid job as a manager! Lesson to all of us don’t eat the food!

  6. Beware of ryanair voucher discounts they pass your details on to shoppers discounts and then your suddenley signed up to pay 10.00 a month.would rather pay a bit more for flights than use a company that allow this.Will never fly with them again as when returning we were also charged for my daughters hand baggage as they said it was too big when we said it was ok on the outward flight and she had used it numerous times before they threatened to get security and the bag would go to the police station if we didn`t pay 35.00. So on top of that charge and now 4months of payments taken out of my bank not been worth using them

  7. Read for another event with ‘stolen’ sandwiches page 172 and 173 in S. Creaton, Ryanair – how a Small Irish Airline Conquered Europe. And find out there how sanctimonious Ryanair is.

  8. I hope Mr Wolf got his own back by reporting Ryanair to Trading Standards for the wholly inaccurate description of the sandwich.

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