Ryanair have passenger arrested for refusing to pay for disgusting sandwich on board flight

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had a passenger arrested upon arrival at his destination for complaining and refusing to pay for a disgusting sandwich, report VG Nett.

Henry Wolf, 52, was on a flight from Germany to Rygge (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) when he decided to live life on the edge and buy some of the Ryanair in flight food, if one can call it that. He decided to buy the “Freshly Made Premium Sandwich” for 4.50 euros from the airline’s “menu”.

“I thought I’d be a little crazy and buy the one that was described as “freshly made” instead of the one that was described as “normal” for three euros.” said Mr Wolf.

“When I got the sandwich it was so different from that in the menu and was as soft as rubber when I took a bite. I believe it was inedible”, he added.

Mr Wolf called over a stewardess and said that he wanted to return the food and that he would not pay for it. He explained that he would pay for the beer he had ordered and that perhaps he could swap the sandwich for a chocolate muffin.

The stewardess replied that she would report him to the police. We can only imagine that this would be for theft?!?
On arrival, 3 police officers were waiting and arrested him, taking him away for interrogation!

“When the police heard why they had been called they laughed their heads off” said Mr Wolf.

“I’ve traveled a lot, but never experienced anything like it. I think Ryanair overreacted, and that was pretty stupid to contact the police for a sandwich” he said.

Police at Rygge confirmed the somewhat unusual event.