Ryanair forced to pay €45,000 in compensation to ex-employee injured while at work

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been ordered to shell out €45,000 to an ex-employee who injured his back while he was manoeuvring aircraft stairs at Dublin Airport.

Mr Damien Warcaba (25), from Poland and a former baggage handler, took action against Ryanair following the accident in July, 2008. Ryanair have always denied the claims. Typical.

While he was moving the stairs, he felt something go in his back and was taken in an ambulance to Beaumont Hospital.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton, giving judgment, said that during training, Mr Warcaba was told at least two people had to effect the manoeuvre of aircraft stairs.

However, other staff members believed the reality on the ground was different.

Mr Justice Charleton said he was satisfied that nothing in the Ryanair rostering records indicated there was an abundance of or even sufficient workers to effect the task.

He would have years of discomfort, said the judge.

Just as we would recommend not flying with this shoddy airline, we would also recommend not working for them either.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair forced to pay €45,000 in compensation to ex-employee injured while at work

  1. By Jubiter! -are Ryanair really going to order 6 787’s for planned new routes to Gulf states! Don’t really care about the rip-off lottery, the cabin boy in a miss-fitting uniform, the food orders written on the side of the sick-bag or the dodgy landings if the old harp can get me into Dubbers -punctually- and at a saving, I couldn’t give a monkeys!

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