Ryanair forced to pay compensation to passengers, O’Leary abuses regulator in childish rant

Ryanair, the world’s most disgusting airline, has been ordered to pay a family 11,000 kronor ($1,600) in compensation after they were left on the ground in Gothenburg in April this year.

The family and several other passengers were waiting for their flight to London at Gothenburg City Airport, Ryanair’s normal port of call in Gothenburg. Due to bad weather, the plane instead landed nearly 40 kilometres away at Landvetter airport.

While officials at Gothenburg City Airport were willing to transport passengers to Landvetter to board the flight, Ryanair refused to cover the costs, according to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

The plane eventually departed for London from Landvetter, but without any passengers on board.

While Ryanair agreed to cover the 5,000 kronor cost of the family’s airfare, the airline refused to compensate them for football tickets and hotel bookings in London which went unused because of the missed flight.

According to ARN, the airline failed to do enough to avoid causing the family economic harm by not purchasing flights for them on another airline – a line of reasoning with which prat CEO O’Leary doesn’t agree.

“ARN are a bunch of idiots who refuse to follow EU regulations” said O’Leary.

“Ryanair are a bunch of idiots lead by a prat called O’Leary” replied an “I Hate Ryanair” spokesperson.


4 thoughts on “Ryanair forced to pay compensation to passengers, O’Leary abuses regulator in childish rant

  1. Just got back from my second 1p flight each way to Italy and Spain.

    I’m still a happy customer.

    I’ve now had about 12 flights with Ryanair all pretty much on time and pretty cheap – most expensive was Riga 50 pounds.

    Not sure what link led me to your site but I don’t agree with your approach. Those trying to get two oversize bags through at Girona yesterday might balk at paying 35 euro extra but it does say what the bag size limit is.

    Play by the rules and it’s a bargain.

  2. Well done Mr Altipueri. You are very clever indeed.

    I think you will find that the general consensus on this website is that everyone does indeed hate Ryanair for the rip-off tactics they employ.

    Yes, it’s possible to “play the game” and travel cheaply. But the fact remains you shouldn’t have to. Pricing should be transparent and fair, which it certainly is not.

  3. What does Mr Altipueri’s comment have to do with the article to which it is posted on? This article is about Ryanair having to pay compensation to a family who they left stranded – read the articles on this site and you will find out this is not the first time Ryanair have done this. The law concluded that in this case Ryanair did not “play by the rules” and this family’s cancelled holiday can hardly be construed as a “bargain”.

  4. aviation authorities who issue licences to operate are also to blame for cryanair passengers suffering abuse.Their license to operate should be withdrawn until they agree to adhere in full to the european charter for airline passengers

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