Ryanair – Flying close to the law?

They also seem to be flying pretty close to the law. I have noticed on several occasions that even when the price of a flight is given in euros, Ryanair deduct the amount from your debit/credit card in pounds sterling at a very unfavourable rate (1.32 as 1.393, the exchange rate elsewhere, on a recent occasion.) And since the Ryanair’currency converter’ [hidden away in the small print] never seems to work – deliberate one wonders?- you have no idea what you are eventually going to be billed for. I have recently reported this to Trading Standards who confirmed that this illegal and are followng it up. I urge others to do likewise or vote with their feet and not use Mr O’Leary’s polluting, unreliable and moneygrubbing airline.


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  1. Ryanair is a very dangerous airline. They have infringed air traffic control requirements over 18000 times alone this year as far as concerns horizontal and vertical separation of aircraft in the ongested airspace in and around London doing this so as to get their aircraft on the ground as soon as possible, turnaround as soon as possible and fly off again as soon as possible.

  2. Thank god I am not alone. Avoided flying with Crapair for 2 years until work booked me on a flight. Priority booking my arse – rugby scrum more like. Grumpy unhelpful cabin staff, no leg room, god awful yellow seats – flying mcdonalds and pass on the coffee – YUK- Walked the last 5 miles having deceded a virtual ladder in Dublin Airport or should I say when the plane landed near the airport – take my advise..fly BMI or Aer Lingus

  3. We have recently returned to Stansted from Seville. We were very careful on the way over there to keep within the ridiculously low 15kg baggage limit, but having bought a few gifts for friends, my partner found he was 1.5kg over on our return check-in. Having planned for this eventuality, he had packed part of his luggage in the front section of his luggage, which simply unzips from the main bag to form a separate bag suitable for carry-on hand luggage. However, as he began to unzip the bag, he was told to go to the end of the queue to avoid holding up other passengers. As the bag had been separated before these words were even out of the mouth of the check-in attendant, we protested that we hadn’t held anyone up. It had taken less than a minute to separate the bags and no repacking was involved. Despite this, and the fact that the other members in our party checking in together were all within the limit, we were forced to return to the end of the queue. The check-in attendant would not listen to reason and threatened us with airport security.

    It would appear that there was no way they would let us get away with cheating them of their excess baggage fee AND keeping our dignity! As a consequence, the priority boarding we had paid for was useless as it took so long to get through to board that most other passengers had already boarded.

    Once on the plane we were deafened by the almost continuous advertising, backed by a synthesised recording of Chopsticks which should be classed as torture.

    I must say, however, that the inflight staff were courteous and reasonably efficient, given the awful conditions they have to work in – my sympathy goes out to you!

    I will NEVER, EVER fly with these money-sucking scum again.

  4. They had us waiting for 4 hours in Baden sometime last year. When we asked one of the cabin crew if she had more details on when the plane would be fixed (there was a leak in the tank…) she replied: “I don’t know. I’m as bored as you and I don’t get paid to wait here”. Errrm, that was not the question.

    More recently, I was about to book a flight after comparing with Air France and BA and the ticket was cheaper by $60. However, what I did not know is that there is now a steep £24 fee to check in one piece of luggage, jumping to a horrendous $58 for 2 pieces of luggage.

    That is a sneaky practice that customers are not advised of prior to booking. For that reason, I decided NOT to book with Ryanair and choose to fly with a more reputable airline, although the ticket was indeed more expensive in the end. I refuse to give more money to incompetent companies like Ryanair that offer appalling service anyway.

  5. Having come back from Ireland on Sunday (eventually), I am currently in need of some psychological assistance and stress therapy. I was due to fly at 13h45 to Gatwick (60min flight), but actually landed at 22h15. Was there a grovveling apology? was there an offer of a complimentary drink? was there an offer of some food to keep my energy levels up during this trying time? – NO! THERE BLOOMING WASN’T.

    To make matters worse, myself and some fellow passengers missed our first flight due to an unannounced gate change and were left stranded in Dublin. When asking for assistance, we were informed that the failure to change to boards to display the new gate was the Airport Authority’s responsibility and nothing to do with Ryanair(Customer care? – part 1).

    When then I requested “how can you help me?” I was escorted to the arrivals hall and left to my own devices, being informed to make my way through security/passport control and go to Ryanair ticket office (Customer Care? – Part 2).

    After fighting through the Qs. I eventually get to speak to a Ryanair ticket ‘operative’. I explain in great detail my predicament and advising that I have two small children who I would like to get home to see. The next flight for Gatwock was due to leave at 15h45, but was delayed. I asked could I get a ticket for this flight and was abruptly told No!, “cause it’s less than an hour to flight time..chew.(gum).chew!”. OK..started to get a bit annoyed now. (Customer Care? – Part 3)

    “I can get yis on a flight at 18h55..chew (gum)..chew!”. Ok! Alright! you win, I’ll be too late to see my children, but just please get me home. – then the ‘kicker’!! – “that’ll be 227 euros please! chew(gum)chew!”

    …..WHAT!!! (Customer Care? – Part 4)

    Of course I buy the ticket, much to my shame and embarrassment that I didn’t have the ability to stand up and be counted in the ‘war against tyranny’.

    Back down the 3 mile hike to Ryanair’s landing/taking off spot (through the hefty security checks that we have become accustomed to these days).

    To cut an already long story short, after 4 more gate changes (I felt like a contestant on a BBC dancing competition) and a further 2hr 15min delay…we eventually touched down in Gatwick.

    Conclusion: I will make it my life’s work to ensure that none of my friends or family EVER use Mr O’Leary’s service again.

  6. What a great site!! I also hate ryan air – I recently had the unfortunate experience of flying with them from Dublin to Rome. Wel all you wanted was 5 minutes peace and they wouldn’t even given you that…. first of all came out the crappy food at extorinate prices, then came out the duty free, then scratchcards, then the travel cards, then we had the phone cards and then as if we hadn’t had enough cheap selling back came the food!! Have they forgotten that they are supposed to be an airline. With the constant selling and internal advertising stuck all over the inside of the plane – they are just so tacky.
    As for the comment on this site from a senior cabin crew member (apparently) – just what I expected. Thank goodness Ireland still has good old Aer Lingus !!!

  7. I find Ryanair completely and utterly repulsive, and feel like I am descending the circles of hell whenever I find myself dealing with them. Although I am being unfair to hell. It shocks me that someone could push a business model so lacking in moral scruples, and to see it become so successful.

    I have a number of issues with Ryanair. The first is the dog-eat-dog attitude that arises at boarding. In the past families with young children, the elderly and those needing special assistance were — rightly — given preference at boarding. It’s the least you would expect in a civilised society. I was stunned when I returned to the UK after a number of years overseas to see that this had gone out the window. Instead we have the farce of priority boarding and the small scale riot to get to the front of the queue. One could argue that we can make a decision as to how we queue, allow those with special needs (i.e. elderly, special assistance, families with young children) to be given priority, etc… but it is beyond me why Ryanair do not do this as policy. Actually, I think it’s clear why they not to do this as policy… which is related to the second issue.

    The utter contempt that they treat you with. You are a walking wallet. E20 charge to pay with visa? E30 to bring a bag? The ploy to advertise cheap fares when all of the extras are excessive is deeply cynical and you naturally feel fleeced. How long before they start charging for oxygen? A toll to climb the steps to the aircraft?

    The third issue concerns the lack of choice. I’d much prefer to take the bus/train and boat but in general that is not feasible (e.g. when I am traveling with my wife and young children). Ryanair are often the only option. We have lived in places where other carriers have flown the same route, but within months of Ryanair coming in, the other carrier stops flying the route. Even if the times were less convenient, and they flew less frequently, and they were more expensive, the other carrier would invariably be better than Ryanair. You felt like you had an option.

    Of course, you like to feel that have a choice, and that you don’t have to fly with them… but there are circumstances when you have to fly (when time is of the essence).
    Fortunately I don’t have to travel so much anymore and it’s normally possible to take the train when I have to, but recently I’ve flown with Ryanair again and I think that was the straw the broke the camel’s back. If we go and see granny and grandad now, we will take the ferry — it will be an adventure and fun, and I won’t feel dirty and in need of a shower.

  8. oh my word I am SO pleased this site exists. I am just back from flying with this dreadful airline Dublin to Brussels. I swore before we booked the flight that I actually wouldn’t fly ever ever again because of earlier terrible experiences, but we thought we;d give it another go. Oh man it was so hideous. I was flying alone with a 3 and 4 yr old. Why doesn’t ryanair just advertise itself as the airline that is for people with no baggage or children. I too was caught out on the 1 bag 15 kg thing, by 1.5 kg!!! I had to repack our bag with my 2 small children standing watching – humiliation!! I honestly wouldn’t mind if the staff just were not SO unpleasant and rude.

    And there are no sick bags!! and no seat pockets. My children made a right mess of the floor as no one came to get the rubbish and there was nowhere else for it to go. The staff on the way out were extremely rude, on the way back slightly better. I didn’t have priority boarding and had no idea what I would do if we didn’t all get a seat together – just allocate seats and they would instantly take away most of peoples’ complaints.

    I have flown flybe quite a bit to and from London and they were really excellent (most of the time) friendly, chatty, helpful, professional.

    I will never ever be flying with ryanair again. I am so glad you have set this blog up. I was going to if I couldn’t find something like it.
    Thank you – lets get publicising it!!!

  9. I hope you people are feeling better after writting this, but I can assure you: those things what you are saying does not matter! As the benefits of flying with Ryanair are beyond question and complains of people which cannot find themselfs in different situations (f.ex cannot check the weight of the luggage) are simply unnoticed.

    Thats psychology: a person wchich is happy with the service is going to tell just 2-4 people. Person wchich is unhappy will be telling everyone and even will create a web site.

    There are milions of happy Ryanair pasengers (content from various reasons: cheap flight, cloce to airport, amount of destinations).

  10. Hi Mr Krupex,

    Thanks for your posts.

    I don’t doubt that there are millions of happy customers. That’s not however the point of this website. This is really a forum for people to voice their displeasure as opposed to ranting about how amazing their £12 sandwich was and how they love paying to check in. You’ll find those posts at http://www.iloveryanairandamfuckingdeluded.com


    The IHR team.

  11. Is it LEGAL for RyanAir to deny me Online Check-In b/c I carry an American passport??
    They expect me to stand in line, pay a fee in another line, return to get boarding pass in original line, then apply for a refund on my fee (why refunded? because it is illegal, i must presume), by submitting paperwork to Dublin. Please write any ideas on this. I have a written complaint in to Spanish authorities, but what is address for EU commission that oversees RyanAir, please??

    I also have had about 5 terrible experiences with RyanAir, though they started out just generally substandard and annoying and each flight over the past year seems to have gotten progressively worse.
    2 days ago I ended up humiliated, furious and almost missed the flight, while my UK passport-holding husband and kids stood helplessly watching, the kids almost in tears with worry that I would be left behind. Then we were not allowed to sit in the 1st few rows despite öpen seating and the steward made a very nasty sarcastic comment to my husband when he couldn’t find our boarding passes (they confiscated them temporarily at the boarding gate).
    Anyway, I’ll never fly with them again, even if I have to pay a bit more (usually not that much more, really) to be treated as a human and a paying customer, and not as a piece of annoying trash (as at RyanAir)!

  12. I am a non-EU national living and working in the UK; my spouse, an Italian, lives in Berlin. I commute a lot and Ryanair alas is the only real option. Ryanair have taken to forcing EU-nationals to check in at the airport, thus incurring charges that EU-nationals can avoid by checking in online and printing out their boarding passes.

    It used to be the case that passengers were told, unofficially, to choose the online check-in option and then check in at the airport, where the charges were waived. Ryanair now–ever looking for a way to make another pound no matter how underhandedly—are now enforcing the charge for non-EU nationals. If you object, you are asked to write Ryanair for a refund. They no doubt assume correctly that most people will think that that is more trouble than it is worth. The charges are not large, but when one flies a lot, they add up.

    In short: it can never be as cheap for a non-EU national to fly Ryanair as for an EU-national. This is DISCRIMINATION, and is, I suspect, illegal under EU law. (Even granted that I can apply for a refund, and supposing that my time is worthless, the stamp still costs something!)
    But really it’s the ugly principle of the thing, not the money, that really makes me angry. In any situation in which I have a choice, I will avoid Ryanair. No matter how politely I have pointed out that this practice is unfair, Ryanair’s staff have simply been rude and hostile.

  13. I really don’t know what you are all complaining about. I often fly with ryanair and find their website both easy to use and fair. Its obvious to me where the charges are and that you need to untick all the extras that you dont want!

    Next the staff are always courteous and professional, and always willing to help. If you are too stupid to realise that its not their job to actually arrange your trip then thats your problem.

    I have no problem with the credit card charges and my non-eu partner does not mind paying the extra £20 each way for checking in. Why should she.

    I actually like the aircraft decor and the food is quite good and the coffee better than starbucks. The music on the plane can actually be soothing.

    Finally if there are any problems, delays, lost luggage etc Iv always found the process to get things resolved is quite stress fee and user friendly with the Ryanair staff running their little socks off on my behalf.

    All of the above is bullshit, if you hadnt already caught the sarcasm. I hate ryanair with the part of my black little heart that I have reserved for Josef Fitzl and Pol Pot. Mr O Learly must really be congratulated for inventing a way of totally ripping off evryone he can in any way he can and not be in prison. The man is disgusting.

    I only fly with ryanair when my employer books the flight and thats only if there is no alternative. I pray for their demise (the recession MUST have some good news in it!) and that something very unpleasant occur to Mr O Leary like a drug smuggling charge, or bribery, or secret footage of him visiting a Thai Ladyboy in Limerick with Max Mosely. Something deeply embarrasssing and hopefully criminal, he is after all a crook.

  14. Flown with Ryanair many times to this point with no real complaints.

    Got caught out today!

    After booking and paying for the flight we went to the online check in page (required since May the 21st) filled in our details passport numbers etc. but when we tried to check in my 10 year old daughter we realised that she needed a passport even though this was an internal flight and previously a passport was not required.

    I must admit I had skimmed through their terms and conditions as I had read them a number of times before and did not notice the new requirement blah,blah,blah I thought!

    On noticing my error I tried to contact them to explain what I had done and to see how this could be sorted out. I ended up on the customer (so called) help line where Emily (she would not give her full name) explained that I hadn’t a leg to stand on! I asked to speak with her supervisor over thirty times but was point blank refused. I explained that we had just forked out £164.00 and was on the verge of losing our hard earnt cash and was told there was nothing that could be done because of there no refunds policy and should have read this properly!!

    My wife took over at this point as I was seriously starting to loose my cool and asked a further 10 times to speak to a supervisor to see what could be done. Emily eventually hung up on us!! The help line is charged at an excessive £1 per minute and we were pleading for about 10.
    The cheek!!

    I am self employed and would not dream of talking or dealing with my customers this way. I’d be out of business in a week.

    The flight is later on this week and the only option left open to us was to contact the Passport Office to get an urgent fast track passport for my daughter at a cost of nearly double the usual price plus I loose a days pay as we have to hang aound in Peterborough (over an hours drive away) waiting for most of the day for it to be issued.

    The very nice lady at the passport office said that many people have been caught out like us and they have been very busy as a result.

    I wonder how many people out there have not known, thought of, or had the time and money to go to the passport office and have lost their money to Ryanair in this way? Seems like a nice little earner to me!

    Don’t trust these people. Ok it was my mistake but their attitude towards me and my situation was disgusting.

    Please be aware of this new policy.

    I really don’t see why a child should have to have a passport to travel within her own country, unless they see children as potential terrorists!

  15. I hate Lyingair’s guts. I thought it was only me, but i’m so happy to find so many others feeling the same way about these thieving bastards. I flew from uk to einhoven and found my fairly new, expensive suitcase in shreds. It looked like someone has shot through it with a shotgun since all layers got ripped through from the front. It also had severe friction burns on its edges which probably means it had been dropped at speed while being transported.

    Anyway, this was on a sunday and i had a busy week after this and only managed to get a claim in on the following monday (8th day after the incident). Mind you it was nearly impossible to get hold of them but eventually they had told me that i can forget it because all claims should be made within 7 days. this 7 day period included 2 sundays which no decent organisation would count or at least not both.

    i absolutely despise them for their policies and money grabbing whore attitudes but unfortunately the majority of customers who hate lyingair still fly with them because at the end of the day these bastards are the most competitively priced in the market. And although O’leary is an absolute shit-face, he knows one thing. Customers are highly price conscious and they will choose the cheapest fare most of the times no matter how bad the service is. This theory is perfectly reinforced by the fact that Lyingair now flies more passengers a year than British Airways. Utter disgrace.

  16. krupex, you arsehole, you really are. Please give details of the “millions” of satisfied Lyingair customers you boast about. If you really can’t see what makes people mad about the shittest airline on earth, I think Silvio Berlusconi might have a job for you.

    Lyingair has fucked us all, now watch, we are going to fuck you back, doesn’t matter how long it takes, we will never cease in our endeavor to bring lyingair down.

  17. Me!! We have just been caught out this week about the change to their passport requirements which changed on 1st October after we had phoned customer services and asked if my daughter could fly with her driving licence whereby we were told yes. Booked the flights and they then changed it after we had booked it and will not provide a refund. My daughter is a student forked out to go to a concert, booked hotel and flights and has lost £433. Ryanair are not interested. We couldnt fasttrack a passport as she has never had one only on mine as a child.

    Im afraid this is my first purchase with Ryanair and my last! They didnt tell us about the change until after we had booked and paid and then I noticed the change on the advisory travel arrangement email.

  18. I’ve just had my first experience of Ryanairs legendary customer service.

    Flew with them from Birmingham to Spain & purchased priority boarding as I was flying with my parents & my young children. Flight out was no problem, exactly what we expected.

    Return flight from Alicante was a different matter; no priority boarding & one member of staff. The hostess on the plane admitted they have real problems with Alicante as they refuse to operate the priority boarding scheme.

    I wrote to Ryanair requesting a refund for the non existent boarding scheme and have just received a reply. The news is I can not have a refund as ‘additional services are non refundable’.

    How quite bizarre!

  19. Mdy: did you go to the small claims court, I am very confident you’d have gotten your money back, a contract is formed at the time of booking, they can’t change the terms thereafter.

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