Ryanair fined 3 million euros by Italian aviation authority for failing in passenger care

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been fined 3 million euros (£2.5m) for failing to help passengers after cancelling their flights during the volcanic ash crisis.

The Italian civil aviation authority said that it knew of 178 cases where passengers did not receive mandatory assistance, such as food, between 17 and 22 April. This is quite despicable behaviour.

Ryanair are in typical fashion denying the allegations and claim they are “complete rubbish”.

“Ryanair fully complies with EU [Regulation] 261 and has been complimented by the EU,” the spokeswoman said.

Italy’s air agency, Enac, accused Ryanair of failing to provide passengers at Rome’s Ciampino airport with drinks, foods and accommodation as required by European law.

Enac found that most other airlines had managed to meet their obligations despite the difficult circumstances. Ryanair obviously think they are above the law.

Under EU Regulation 261, if a flight is cancelled, those flying with European carriers into or out of the EU have the right to a refund or to be re-routed.

If passengers chose the latter, they have the right to care – such as accommodation and meals – while they wait.


2 thoughts on “Ryanair fined 3 million euros by Italian aviation authority for failing in passenger care

  1. we just flew with ryan air and it was the most un organised operation i have ever seen! it was like you where at a kids party playing musical chairs! as they do not allocate you seats on the air craft so every one was pushing and shoving trying to get a seat . Also they made 5 destinations cue in the same line! which was madness, people all confused and kids and the old folks very upset as it was hot and they where on there feet for hours! with only 3 check in desks open! you constantly where hurrassed all the way with the cabin staff trying to sell you everything under the bloody sun! the food and drinks where very expensive! 2 bottles of small j20 and 2 galaxy bars small 8 euros!

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