Ryanair demonstration on how to publicly humiliate passengers

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are well known for their draconian behaviour when it comes to carry on luggage restrictions.

However, this often results in creative ideas by passengers intent on getting round any extra charges.

A group of young ladies were recently filmed as they were forced to unpack as much of their luggage as possible, putting on many layers of clothing just so that their bags fit in the carry-on luggage “sizing” contraption.

Whilst the video is hilarious, it does also highlight just how ridiculous Ryanair’s rules are. The same total weight is still boarding the aircraft proving that this is simply a way of generating extra revenue based on the fact that many passengers will simply cough up the cash to avoid the humiliation.


24 thoughts on “Ryanair demonstration on how to publicly humiliate passengers

  1. Hi, I so agree with this! I was flying on ryanair last week and they made me pay extra 35 euro because the wheels of my carier bag woudnt fit in that yellow form that your bag is supposed to fit in. Also the woman who made us pay had really bad manners and didn’t treat us the way we deserved to be treated as we were the passangers and we payed for the fly. Before we also payed for the priority seats. It was around 30 euro and it was wasted because we went on the plane nearly last because of that carier bag. I was very disapointed and decided that i wont fly on ryanair ever again.

  2. as much as I understand the rage against ryanair, I must say that I find it only fair they check baggage size. I have spent a lot of time on flights (not ryanair, that’ll never happen), and it’s annoying having to fight for space in the overhead compartment because other passengers will take all their belongings in as hand luggage.

  3. I dont know who humilitated this girls more. Lady from the airport who was doing her job or these guys filming them and shouting around! If they packed heir luggage according restrictions they wouldnt be `humilitated`! Wake up people. Just do it the way airlines want you to do it!

  4. Whilst loving this site I feel as though it has handed O´Leary a good excuse to ridicule it and state it is not acting for the general flying public, but only in self interest.
    This carry on size is common to nearly all, if not all short haul carriers. and has been around longer than RyanAir.
    The reason is so that all passengers can stow things safely near to their seats.
    Many folk wanting to avoid paying for hold bags have taken to boarding with sea chest size carry on which prevents others from being able to stow carry on safely.
    Please, please do not go on about this which O´Leary can get around and harm this site.
    Only go for things which he alone does thus not giving him any excuses etc. etc.

    1. This was not about size restrictions but silly weight limits. Size limit is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. For example if such bag is filled fully with water it would weight 44 kg. They(Ryanair) choose a limit of 10kg which actually is not a average weight of baggage. Typically by simply putting clothes and accessories in such bag it already weights 9-12kg, even if not .

      So it is yet again another hidden fee from Ryanair as they know that almost 1/3 of passangers will not pass.

  5. Me and my wife flew from Italy to frankfurt germany on ryanair, when we came back to the airport. Ryan Air Personnel would not accept the ticket ( we printed off ) that we showed the air staff in italy, i had to pay additional 100 euro just for a 2 pieces of paper.
    That was the last time i flew with ryan air. Cheap or not, they always get full fare out of you, be it the luggagge fare or the the 1.25 kilo over weight luggage or the solicting all the way to your destination. FLY ANYTHING BUT RYAN AIR is my best advice.. you have a better time.. not stressing about how much you can carry with you etc.

  6. Patric, It is not objectionable that Ryanair checks luggage size, it is that they use a nonstandard small size, smaller then all other airlines. I am convinced that Ryanair does it in the first place to trap people. The wife of my brother was caught out when her trolley was ‘too big’ and she had to pay 35 euros. When I returned home last February from Ireland to Amsterdam, I tested the cabin luggage racks from Ryanair and Aer Lingus. My trolley fitted perfectly in the Aer Lingus rack, but got stuck in the Ryanair one. I flew Aer Lingus. One day Ryanair may start charging for cabin luggage in the overhead bins, this is an invention by the US airline Spirit.

  7. This happened to me this week flying out of Frankfurt with Ryanair. My luggage had 10.9 Kg . They tried unpolitely to extort 30 Euros from me for that. I took clothes out of my bag – had to dress 2 coats and 2 extra shirts. The lugagge then had less than 10 Kg and they say it was Ok.
    They are ridiculous !
    I still got aboard with the same total weight. What was the point?

    I think they are keen on humiliating people. I had to put part of my things on the dirty floor to unload the bag.
    The Ryanair employee was really an unfriendly woman….

  8. My daughter just got on a flight in Barcelona with the same bag with traveled with 3 days ago. This time they targeted her, made her empty everything (though it fit in their baggage thingy) then grabbed it from her and shoved it back in and said it DIDN’T fit because of the wheels and straps got caught. My daughter complained and the gate attendant threatened to take her flight away. Then they charged her 38e to check the bag. This is after other flights where they allowed her on with her hair products (regulation size) and on another fl ight they threw them all away, while laughing. She asked a gate attendant if there was a way to check flight status; they laughed. ITS AN AWFUL AIRLINE–WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO AVOID THEM! They make up rules as they go. You can justify rules, but how you enforce them is where RyanAir ruins it. Their employees are as to blame for this as is the airline itself.

  9. Everyone agrees that Ryanair can treat it’s customers appalingly. But why not be proactive. Get a luggage scale, get a travel bag that fits,then they can’t take any money off you. As for the soliciting aboard, get stuck in to your magazine and ignore them. It’s a short flight. I got caught once for luggage but it was my own fault for forgetting to pre check a bag. Never again. Since then I always pay only what I intended. That is the only way. NOT flying again is only to your own inconvenience. Their Bad manners is best served by not letting them put 1 over on you

  10. Guys – I hate to say this but even RyanAir have to draw the line somewhere on hand luggage. There’s only so much space in a locker.

    On a more general note, if you pay nothing for your tickets what do you expect? If you bought a can of beans from LIDL for 4p and then complained that they don’t taste very nice do you think they’d care ? No and quite right!

    Why on earth would anyone fly with this “airline” ? Doesn’t everyone know they’re ultra capitalists who really don’t give a damn about their customers. Why? Well guess what, piss one off and there’ll be 10 more ready to pay a few quid to take their place!

    Seriously, pay a bit more and travel with an airline whose margins aren’t so tight and so have just a bit more time for their customers. You really do get what you pay for and if you get crap service from LIDLAir then don’t complain!

    Have a pleasant flight!

  11. You silly little moderator! So closed minded you can’t even publish my ‘you get what you pay for’ reply from yesterday. Why don’t you stop your little rant and just use another airline?

  12. Getting back to the subject, these young women were indeed humiliated, twice over, by RyanAir and also the loud mouthed louts that were heckling them all through their attempts to ‘lighten the load’!
    Am I to assume that these guys, (a)Carry next to nothing, (b) Can afford to pay the exess? (C) Have no wives/daughters/mothers of their own, therefore no ability to show respect for women?

  13. This morning while boarding a Ryanair flight from Lanzarote the plane arrived at 10-45 so we had 15 minutes before taking off I wittnessed a man trying to put his handluggage into the metal frame,again the wheels on his bag would not fit, the Ryanair staff member [Spanish] said “it does not fit sir €35″ the man remonstrated and said he had no money and proceeded down the gangway towards the plane, Ryanair called security and had the passenger removed from the plane, she then told the passenger he could pay by credit card or else the plane would go without him! I was astonished! this was bullying and harrassment of the highest level to intimidate the passenger into paying this extortionate fee even though his bag weighed under the 10 kilo limit, ryanair should be ashamed, I will endevour never to fly with them again.

  14. I flew from Lanzarote last year. Flight was fully booked, so there was a lot of people standing in front of the gate. Small, young woman came to start boarding. She announced boarding of passangers with priority and asked them to make a que. Nobody moved. She asked again to make a que. Nobody moved. One passanger `without `priority started to argue with her and make fun of her. All others were laughing. Me as a flight attendant on this airlines felt so sory for her because I know how does it feel when passangers are rude to us. Yes, that`s right. Passangers are rude, too. So many times we hear on the plane passangers saying : `Oh, that`s so tipical for Ryanair`, when they are not happy with something. But I have to say: `So many of passangers flying with this company are `so tipical` – complaining about everything, while not complying with rules of airlines and at the end of the day still flying with this company!

  15. I was flying back today from Santiago to London. My bag (same as the one I flew in) weighted less than 10kg. I was asked to put it in the track and it went in. However, it was not loose enough according to these rats and I was asked to pay 35euros for fees. The two witches would not even look at me because they know it was ridiculus. However, at the door of the plane, I had to pay or I would not be allowed to board. I wish it turns up on them and they all go to bankrupt.

  16. I was threatened that I could not fly by Ryanair because I had taken my handbag along with my camera and laptop out of my cabin bag at security and having been hurried along didnt get to put them back into the cabinbag. I was challenged at the gate just as I was about to hand in my passport having queued for twenty minutes beforehand… I was told the gate was about to close , I attempted to replace the items but was unable to pack them properly the result of which is that I couldnt get the bag in the measuring rack where it got stuck . As an complained to the staff that it would have helped if they had mentioned this down the queue before the passport check in as they had been walking up and down the queue all the while to which I was rudely lectured to about overpacking. I then had to try to get my bag in order with the threat of the gate closing and the bag fitted fine. I had a strained back and when I asked for assistance in getting the bag out I was refused, I was feeling extremely stessed and angry and reitterated my complaint only to be talked down again, I couldnt get the bag out the staff just looked on as I struggled, i was so upset and starting to panic as the gate was closing, I finaly got the bag out and moved to wards the gang way I was called back because I had forgottten my duty free and in my hurry grabbed it and told the member of staff it was disgusting to be treated this way, she accused me of being rude and calling her disgusting and told me she was refusing my travel , I was finally let on as I am sure she realised how out of order she had been.

  17. No one likes Ryanair – but 70m passengers use them ‘cos they are cheap. I am not defending some of the guerilla tactics used by check-in and gate staff at airports, but none of them actually works for Ryanair; they are all very low-paid, 3rd party handling agent staff. So – here’s a thought; Are these staff on a % of the fee for some of the penalties that they impose? And if they are (which seems likely, otherwise they would be as ‘not-bothered’ about baggage size as they are about most other matters to do with checking in the flight !!) i have witnessed some of the dreadful attitude and behaviours first hand – but the golden rule, as pointed out above by many – is obey their rules; get the right sized bag, with the right weight in it and the right bits of paper to check-in and fly-cheap; also, dont cause arguements, or try to say ‘Well it goes on easyJet or Thomson etc. without any arguement – their only answer to that is; so-what!! or remember you can pay more and travel with a real airline to a real airport – happy days !!!

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