Ryanair delay causes hospitalisation of children due to dehydration

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are being blamed for the hospitalisation of a nine month old baby and it’s three year old sibling earlier this week after they, along with the other passengers, were forced to endure a five hour delay on a plane stuck on the ground.

The children ended up being rushed to Temple Street Children’s Hospital suffering from dehydration after they were finally allowed to leave the aircraft.

Their ordeal began after a Christmas flight from Dublin to Eindhoven in Holland was cancelled because of heavy snow, but passengers were kept waiting onboard. After three hours their father asked if he could buy a sandwich for his three-year-old, who was “shaking from hunger”. However, he was informed it is “not company policy to sell food while the plan was grounded”.

The children were so tired, hungry and dehydrated following the mammoth delay that they had to be taken by ambulance from Dublin Airport.

Their father, who does not want to be identified, said blizzards hit the airport as the plane was due to take off on the afternoon of December 23. The disgruntled passenger insisted “people were treated less than human beings” during their lengthy ordeal.

All they had to eat during the five-hour delay was a doughnut given to them by another passenger who dug it out of their luggage. A young woman who was also on the plane collapsed and had to be taken off the jet, according to the man from Palmerstown in Dublin.

When the family and the other passengers were eventually allowed to disembark at about 8.30pm, most of them had to stay at the airport as there was no transport. The family was still in the departure lounge at 2am when the man’s children began running temperatures. An ambulance was called and the whole family was taken to Temple Street where the children were treated.

“They (the paramedics) were brilliant. They got us into the ambulance, brought us to hospital and stayed with us. They said it was their 40th call to Dublin Airport,” the man said. He and his partner finally made it home with their children at about 4.30am.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair delay causes hospitalisation of children due to dehydration

  1. As a former flight attendant for a US carrier, I find the behaviour of this crew abhorrent. On many occasions we have been grounded for weather reasons, with a full aircraft. After a reasonable time (and the Captain’s permission) of about 20-30 minutes we have gone through the cabin offering water or other soft drinks. If a passenger had a child who was hungry, and if something was available, we would never refuse to give them something, Company Policy be damned. The longest delay that I can recall was an hour without returning to the gate, even under the worst conditions. I can only assume Ryan Air is too cheap to have a gate to return to, which would explain why they stayed on the tarmac. Ryan Air should be sued by the passengers whose children became ill.

  2. As a flight attendant working for this company, I agree, it is terrible to keep passangers, especially those with kids, on the plane without food and water when there is a delay. But people should be ready for such a situations, one never know, what can happen and have at least bottle of water with them. And believe me, those crew members sometime get a really big shout from passangers even if it is not them who came with such a policy.

  3. I’d never board a plane witout at least two bottles of water.
    One in my bag and one in my hand.
    Regardless of which airline I fly with.

    I can’t understand why Ryanair don’t stock bottles of water on their planes which they could sell at £1.75 a bottle when ground delays happen.

    Surprised they miss an opportunity to make a £.

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