Ryanair cry rape

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, yesterday accused the company that runs Stansted airport of being “a bunch of overcharging rapists”.

The boss of Europe’s largest rip-off flight operator added that BAA, which also runs Heathrow and Gatwick airports, was “scamming” the airlines using Stansted by overcharging them on fuel costs.

“Scamming”? Come on Mick, you are having a laugh right? Are you seriously having a whinge about being scammed?  Ryanair are the world leaders in unfairly extracting cash from customers. So shut it.

Meanwhile, BAA is taking Ryanair to court for £1m in fees it says they have refused to pay for its 12.5 million passengers who use the Irish operator to fly to and from Stansted each year.

Lets hope Ryanair get raped for the full whack plus costs.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair cry rape

  1. I guess it boils down to who needs who the most. Good luck BAA, screw those crooks for everything they’ve got and please dont agree to an ‘out of court settlement’. Scum air are beneath contempt and do not deserve any leniancy at all. Mick…Its your ‘customers’ who have ben ‘raped’ for years by your underhand tactics and crooked misleading business practices.

  2. I HATE RYANAIR. Before i was flying with British Airline and i loved it untill Ryanair started this crap. British stopt and i had no choice. Charges went right up. Just hope they will go broke if wont change plains and service!!!!!

  3. Ryanair are scumbags!!!! Just went on their website and found that it costs £30.00 to use a debit card (not credit card) to pay for your flights! This is for “admin fees”. I hope Ryanair go under pretty soon.

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