Ryanair closing Manchester routes

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, is to switch or close nine of the 10 routes it currently operates from Manchester Airport, blaming the airport’s refusal to lower its charges.

The firm said most affected flights would be switched to East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, and Liverpool airports.

Ryanair said the change would result in the loss of up to 600 local jobs, a claim disputed by the airport.

The airport said job losses would be limited, but added that the budget airline’s decision was “regrettable”.

“We also have all but one service that Ryanair offers, served by other airlines that operate at Manchester,” said chief executive of Manchester Airport Group, Geoff Muirhead.

“So the damage will be limited.”

Ryanair’s announcement comes a month after it said it would cut flights from London Stansted by 30% over the winter period, also as a result of a dispute over airport charges.

The nine routes from Manchester that will close are those to Barcelona (Girona), Bremen, Brussels (Charleroi), Cagliari, Dusseldorf (Weeze), Frankfurt (Hahn), Marseille, Milan (Bergamo) and Shannon.

The changes, affecting 44 flights a week, will take effect from 1 October.

The airline said passengers affected by the changes would be e-mailed and, “provided with a full refund, or the alternative of flying to some destinations” from East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool.

Ryanair said it had offered Manchester an additional 28 weekly flights if the airport agreed to reduce its charges, but that it had rejected the offer.

However, a spokesman for Manchester Airport said it did not “believe that charges as low as £3 per passenger are unreasonable”.

“We’ve consistently cut our charges for the last 15 years even when faced with increased costs such as security,” he added.


9 thoughts on “Ryanair closing Manchester routes

  1. Thank god for that. At least now manchester airport will return to being less stressful with less crying children, less angry adults, calm and polite check in staff, no more bodies sleeping on the floor, smaller queues and just a more friendly place to be…. Go on scumair get out of all our lives!!

  2. Sorry to leave this comment here. It is not related to this but I was so disgusted that I have to tell this to somebody…! I took the Bristol to Rimini flight last Friday and it was half empty. So the passenger were allowed to sit only on rows from 8 to 29. One of the latest to board was a family, mum and dad with three little children…I guess the oldest was 10 at the most. They couldn’t find 5 seats close to each other, so they kindly asked a cabin crew member to sit on row 30 so they would have traveled all together, and this stupid said that was not possible because AGAINST the law…!!!!!!!!!!! That was ridiculous…! And the worse was yet to come…when the dad asked so how could they do with three little boys, this idiot said that he should have done the PRIORITY BOARDING…unbelievable… I cannot believe what a bunch of assholes they are…Honestly i’d rather pay more but be treated as a man. Ryanair sucks!!!!

  3. What makes this ‘airline’ think that it is entitled to pay lower charges on airports than other airlines? What they do is blackmail. It is good that Manchester does not give in to them. Anyway, it will be good for Aer Lingus.

  4. I like the fact that Oleary considers the Airport charges “unreasonable”!

    Presumably he considers the check-in fee, priority boarding fee, luggage fee, credit card fee and all the other fees “reasonable”?

    Does he not see the irony?

    Would it be too much to hope that Stansted will put its fees up so he leaves there as well?

  5. It seems that I overlooked something. Ryanair will keep one route from Manchester; I suppose that is is the route to Dublin. Too bad for Aer Lingus. Don’t just look for the (misleading) cheap fare but also for real customer service and respect. Fly Aer Lingus between Manchester and Dublin. Aer Lingus is only marginally dearer and you even may hit a flight between those two cities that costs as much or is even cheaper than Ryanairs.

  6. O’Leary just wanted to get free airport taxes! And Manchester airport did the right thing. Now, Jet2 will open routes instead of Ryanair, it means that it’s possible to be profitable from Manchester.
    You should read an interesting article about that from the Irish time today

    “Remarkably, the one route that is being preserved at Manchester by Ryanair is the service to Dublin, which has been running since May 1994. It seems the low-cost airline has no problem continuing to operate directly between these two “high-cost airports”. Might it have anything to do with the fact that Dublin-Manchester was Ryanair’s fourth-busiest route in its last financial year?”

  7. All,

    FR556 Dublin to Manchester 2035 departure 18th June 2010. Diverted due to Manchester sir traffic control. So far, no complaints. Apart from the flight was late to depart and no notification was given to say why or that it was. But this is nothing. We arrive in Liverpool. We are told that we are waiting for Manchester Aiport to decide what will now happen. Its 2200 at night. People have phoned their family, loved ones or collegues and these are heading for Liverpool. Then we get stopped from getting off the aircraft. For two (2) hours. Water is handed out to those that come to the front of the aircraft and this is from the wash basin – I advise people that it is probably not drinking water. And the police are called to deal with the upset passengers. And there are two cockpit anouncements. Both state that no body knows anything. Eventually, a man walks from the back of the plane. A passenger. He walks off the plane. Then people follow him. We are free. An ambulance is needed for an older lady who was sat near the back. Liiverpool airport (John Lennon) put 2 busses out, but I check with ground staff and the intention is to clear the tarmac until a decision is made. More customer input…..and the duty manager clicks what is happening…Ryanair don’t want to pay for the coaches and handling fee in the airport. We get shipped to the terminal. Its 1am. I recall seeing a business man removing his shirt in the seats in front during the enforced imprisonment.

    Overall, John Lennon did good. Note that the cabin staff diod not walk the rows, reassuring anyone. No fresh water was given.

    I am open to discussion on this. Is anyone else reading this a victim of Ryanair “guatanamo bay” policy on disembarking a 40 deg C aircraft?

    All in,

  8. Do people on these cancelled routes have any compensation options beyond what Ryanair decides to give them if rebooking now costs more?

    Our booked flights on one of these routes for December 2010 has been canceled and now require additional train travel to get to another airport serving our destination OR we face lost fees for missing the event we are scheduled to attend. (Wondering why they can pull this plug and then dictate the compensation.)

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