Ryanair charges for boarding passes ruled illegal by Spanish court

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been told by a Spanish court that their rip-off fees for failing to produce a printed off boarding pass are infact illegal.

The pathetic excuse for an airline charge a whopping £40 if you turn up for your flight having forgotten to print off a boarding pass but Judge Barbara Maria Cordoba Ardao, sitting at Commercial Court Number One in Barcelona, ruled that Ryanair was breaking international law by imposing the levy.

What a bunch of filthy thieving bastards!

She added that responsibility for printing the boarding pass had always rested with the airline.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said that the Spanish ruling would have to be upheld in the European courts before it could be enforced at British airports. Fingers crossed that this happens soon and that Ryanair are forced to drop this shady practice. Furthermore, Ryanair should then be forced to refund all the charges already made.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said “Over 99.9% of Ryanair’s passengers used our web check in facility last year”.

So that means that almost 750,000 passengers did not use it. This equates to over £29m in illegal fees. Pay up Ryanair!


11 thoughts on “Ryanair charges for boarding passes ruled illegal by Spanish court

  1. Even though I truly hate LyingAir, and would never use them, to be fair, they are not the only ones – most of the budget lines do it. Worse yet, I’ve just checked the booking that has been made for me on Jet2, where there is a £4.00 charge for checking-in online! Just to underline that, I’m being charged for printing my own boarding card!!

  2. So how do I get my €80 Euros back for me and my girlfriend after we printed the wrong part of their confirmation, instead of their “Boarding Pass”???????? We were flying within Spain.

  3. You guys obviously dont have any thing else to do, than talk shit about an airline..? Is this you job or just an very boring hobby..? Grow up! Its a low cost airline. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
    I fly with Ryanair and never had a problem. People that buy tickets is obviously so stupid that they dont read the terms. T E R M S !

    If you dont agree with the terms, you don buy the damn ticket and thats it!

    1. Dear Tina, shut the F….. Up !! People are simply mad at them because they rip us off. They charge you 40 pounds for a boarding pass, can yopu believe it? Nowadays Everybody wants to save the planet, right?? so why print a boarding pass? and what if you lose your boarding pass ? or if yoy have a problem with a printer or with your computer? They dont accept a boarding pass on your Mobile phone, can you believe it? And they are extremely arrogant , they make everything for yoy lose your flight, there is one single line for a thousand flights. they charge you $0 pounds for a luggage , but only 10 kg, can you believe it? 10 kg, you know what , if you re so happy with them , why are you visting the website called ” i hate ryan air”????????

  4. With regards RyanAir Charges for Boarding Passes, I had the same problem. The website did not allow me to print off return boarding passes and i got stung for 80 Euros they were very rude, the carry on baggage test frame was way to small and after watching BBC’s watchdog on this saying it’s illegal I don’t know how they have the gumption to continue this scam.

    Being a pilot myself I’m truly worried about this airline, although they have several new aircraft my return flight on a 737-800 nearly made me turn back, this aircraft was in very poor condition landing gear, Flaps/Ailerons were clogged with dirt, landing gear was and tyres were close to legal limits.

    I hate to say it but I think it’s only a matter of time before they have a major.

    With response to Tina’s inane comments, good luck if your going to carry on using this airline, as I said I’m a pilot and personally I don’t think there heading into warm waters but diverging towards disaster.

  5. catch your self on people! if you werent tight arses then you wouldnt be using the airline in the first place. you pay for what you get. If it is a flight for 10 quid then you get a flight for ten quid.


    1. Realist: What a silly name for someone who knows nothing about reality.

      They charge €10 just to process a credit card you plonker.

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