Ryanair charges explode over last 3 years

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, have recently been moaning at the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) – see earlier post: “Ryanair losing the plot again – about a 10 euro passenger tax levied on arriving passengers into Dublin.

Dublin Airport has the lowest passenger charge of any major airport in Europe and the recent fall in traffic is directly related to the global economic downturn.

It is astounding that Ryanair is complaining about facilities at Dublin Airport, given that over the past ten years Ryanair has opposed every single development aimed at improving the passenger experience at Dublin Airport.

Airport charges at Dublin Airport have seen some minor increases over the past three years after almost two decades during which charges fell significantly. During the same three-year period, according to recent independently verified figures, Ryanair’s own charges have exploded:

  • Ryanair’s baggage check-in charge has increased by 600% since 2006
  • The charge for using a credit card to book a Ryanair flight has increased by 285% since 2006
  • The cost of changing a Ryanair flight booking has increased by 66% since 2006
  • The cost of carrying sports equipment  on a Ryanair flight has increased by 97% since 2006

The air travel tax that was announced in the most recent Budget is a government tax aimed at generating revenue for the State and is in no way linked to passenger charges at Dublin Airport. DAA’s three Irish airports will not receive a single cent from the new tax and will continue to be funded from passenger charges, commercial income and borrowings.

Ryanair’s recent negative comments about DAA’s commercial income are also baffling, as Ryanair passengers – and the passengers of all other airlines – benefit directly from any commercial income earned at Dublin Airport in the form of subsidised passenger charges.

With regards to the reduction in operations from Dublin, Ryanair is taking a commercial decision aimed at maximising its own profits. As always, Ryanair seeks to blame someone else for its decision and, in the process, generate some free publicity. When economic conditions improve, Ryanair will be one of the first airlines to expand its routes and services out of Dublin.

In its own stock exchange statements, Ryanair proves conclusively that Dublin Airport is good for its business.  Dublin Airport accounted for five of Ryanair’s top ten routes, in its most recent financial year. Ryanair’s two most successful routes in its entire European network were Dublin-Stansted and Dublin-Gatwick.*

* Source Ryanair 20F (Annual Report) for the year ending 31 March 2008, filed with the US Securities and Commission (SEC)


9 thoughts on “Ryanair charges explode over last 3 years

  1. Never paid more than a fiver to fly Ryanair, never been late, never had bad service, never felt ripped off. If you don’t like Ryanair you’re the idiot that subsidises my flights. Thank you! (you dolt).

  2. Hello Mr Mancunian,

    We don’t doubt that you have found some £5 fares or that your flights arrived on time. Well done.

    Bad service? Well…perhaps you were asleep?

    Could you somehow explain how us idiots are subsidising your flights?


  3. Where did I say best service?

    The subsidising part is easy .. if you’re thick enough to pay with the wrong card (ie not an Electron) then you’re subsidising my flight. If you turn up with overweight baggage and have to pay the extra fee then you’re subsidising my flight. If you buy the overpriced food and drink onboard then you’re subsidising my flight.

    Every single one of the CHOICES above has been lovingly whined about on this blog and yet somehow it’s Ryanair’s fault that someone can’t pack a bag properly or hasn’t the common sense to bring along a sandwich and a bag of crisps.

    Ryanair are hardly a good airline but they are incredibly cheap if you know how to play their game. If you won’t or can’t do that then it’s your problem not theirs and having an online group hug for your self-inflicted victimhood is hardly going to help now is it?

  4. Mr Mancunian,

    Try reading a reply before posting one yourself. We were suggesting that it is very unlikely you have not experienced bad service, not that you were claiming Ryanair has the best.

    Why do you think it is ok to come on here and start being abusive? Do you work for Ryanair?

    As for whether having this little group hug of a website is being helpful or not, well our guess, based on website traffic and the emails we receive is that it is very helpful and that we have saved 1000′s of people from being ripped off or even having to travel on Ryanair.

    Go back to your packet of crisps and electron card.


  5. “If you don’t like Ryanair you’re the idiot that subsidises my flights.”

    Well, Mancunian is right. Airports (so public money thru local autorities) give subsidies to Ryanair to fly to their airports. So that’s your money (mine too) that pays for other, like Mancunian, to travel with Ryanair.
    That explains why Ryanair ‘offers’ 1£ tickets, because they just need you to fly. The more they bring passengers to airports, the more they receive subsidies from them. It’s a question of quotas. If these quotas are not reached, they don’t get the public money from subsidies, and most of the time they leave the airport, saying there’s a problem with the airport (tax too high, or any other excuses like that…).


  6. Hi,
    I’ve just been charged £30 debit card handling fee when I booked my flights and was told that it is £5 each way per passenger (a £10 fee for my 4 year old daughters credit card handling fee!!). Although I’m sure he’s not dumb enough to have done this illegally how the hell can he get away with it? As usual you only notice this charge (if you are lucky) just before you confirm the flights; it’s another devious way of adding on charges. I wouldn’t mind paying the stated fee but it really makes me feel violently angry every time I come off this web site. Why the **** can’t they just state their charges openly with out opt outs charges and under hand methods?
    I hate Ryanair!!!!

  7. editor you are right in all you say.ryanair scam at every time,place or person.when i company scams staff,that tells you how bad they are.people will reply saying ,wow great airline got cheap flight,saved money…
    well these people are very selfish people and i am so glad i have principles and even if a flight was free,sorry oleary and bonderman, keep it
    one day you will both pay.. google ryanair recruitment scam all un-selfish people.
    my sister did this poem for me.

    Ryanair wings is achievement to be made a career
    Traveling the world seeing beauty it seems,
    To hear with ears it never seems
    A company like Ryanair scamming our children with which ever means.
    Investing in scamming is what you do mean.

    Cunning like a wolf ryan think we don’t know,shattering dreams,shattering lives is all that they know.
    Stealing at 35,000ft from our angels pockets,
    Scamming our children in lining your pockets.

    No guilt or remorse how do they all sleep,
    Bonderman and O’leary no crying in your sleep.
    Bonderman and O’leary you never had a heart,
    Tin man the same but never broke hearts.

    The cycle was broken from a fathers love,
    His daughter and angels will have his true love,
    To do what is right is the only way forward
    so ryan take note we are all going forward,
    Scamming our children from day to day, at 35,000ft they need not pay,
    Scamming scamming is not the right way so Bonderman and O’leary you must pay.

    how true…… keep the great work up ihateryanair and thank you
    john at ryanairdontcare

  8. I am in the process of trying to get money back from RightConAir for a flight that wasn’t taken. What made it worse was the person who didn’t fly was allocated luggage which they wouldn’t allow us to transfer to another person in the party and so we had to pay €20 to check-in a case! All this even though we knew weeks in advance that this member of our party would not be able to fly but they but so many obsticles in your way to stop you from getting a refund or changing the luggage allowance.

    If you charge customers VAT and don’t pass it on you get done for fraud – why can RightConAir get away with it? I can’t wait for the day when they are investigated by the OFT and would love to see O’Leary up on a charge of tax fraud!

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