Ryanair charged by French prosecutors for illegal working practices

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been charged by French prosecutors with illegal working practices after the Irish budget airline declared 120 employees in France as working in Ireland, a justice source said on Tuesday.

The charges, brought on Monday, relate to several labour laws including those banning concealed employment, preventing workplace councils from operating and preventing access to unions, the source said.

Employees living in France should be declared in France, say the unions who lodged the legal complaint. Ryanair has its French hub in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, with four aircraft.

Ryanair was not immediately available to comment on the court case, although the airline’s boss Michael O’Leary threatened in May to pull out of Marseille if his company was brought before French courts.

He said at the time that Ryanair’s 120 employees in Marseille pay their taxes, social security and pension payments in Ireland “in conformity with European law.”

A French court in 2007 dismissed a complaint by Ryanair against a law saying that employees of foreign airlines living in France have to come under French social security and tax law.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair charged by French prosecutors for illegal working practices

  1. my wife and i recently flew to spain via ryanair from bournemouth. initially, we had hoped to fly from southampton via flybe, but the time we went that was impossible. the flight was almost 2 hours late leaving and once we had battled our way to our seats we were then bombarded almost non-stop by virtually unintelligble english (spanish cabin crew) cajoling us into buying lottery tickets etc etc. the cabin crew were so absolutely charmless, they would probably be turned down for employment in KFC etc etc. that was the first and hopefully last time i ever see ryanair again.

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