Ryanair cause uproar by refusing to pay compensation to those stranded by volcano

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are refusing to pay compensation to passengers left stranded by the volcano and only paying back the cost of the ticket, according to Breaking News Global.

They report that there is “fury” amongst passengers and state that:

“compensation claims continued to fall on deaf ears as the company remained steadfast in its approach to refuse help to those stranded by the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Those seeking Ryanair refunds for cancelled flights will get the price of the ticket and nothing more, something that contravenes EU regulations.”

Bully boss Michael O’Leary has been quoted as saying:

“we’re definitely calling for a suspension of these ludicrous passenger compensation rules, which entitle passengers, even those paying 20 or 30 euro airfares, to seek reimbursement.”

EU guidelines state that accommodation, meals, drinks and alternate travel routes should be offered to passengers under these circumstances.

Ryanair are going against what EVERY OTHER AIRLINE is doing in withholding this assistance.

Ryanair’s continued poor treatment of passengers is likely to further damage an already tarnished reputation. The carrier were recently voted the “Least Favourite Airline” in a TripAdvisor poll of European airline passengers.


14 thoughts on “Ryanair cause uproar by refusing to pay compensation to those stranded by volcano

  1. My wife is stranded in Alicanti since 15th April, due to the volcano. Required to rebook 20th April 2010, flight to East Midlane airport. On the 20th, yesterday, had to rebook again for the 27th April. Today, flights resumed. One would expect that the stranded would be accomodated more or less in order of those who have been waited longest. But, its the 27th or nothing. She will have lost two weeks work, effecively two weeks holiday allowence plus the cost of supporting herself for two weeks. In other words from Ryanair’s view that undesessary extra week is no concer of theirs. If she likes they would refund half her ticket and she can find her own way home. No, they would not even do that, she rebooked yesterday, so ‘tough’ No refunds.

    Ryan Air does not care that

  2. I have a suggestion to make. Whilst the airlines collate all the information they can about the effect of volcanic ash on modern aircraft engines, someone should be collating information on how carriers, holiday companies, hotels and the like, treated stranded passengers. Such information will be invaluable for anyone contemplating a flight or holiday in the future, and who wants to know whom he or she should deal with to stand the best chance of a decent trip and not being abandoned.
    It should be a ten point scale starting with Zero for the cowboys who shut up shop, said “stuff you” and left their customers to get on with it themselves. Ten points would be awarded to those businesses who showed that slogans about caring were more than just slogans, that they really did everything in their power to help.
    I thought of calling it the Eyjafjallajokull scale but that’s a bit much. I think calling it the O’Leary scale of service and satisfaction would be much more appropriate. What do you think guys and gals, I know you take an interest in this sort of thing. In time it could come to be a genereal scale of service and satisfaction, so much more informative than sat the five star system.

  3. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  4. are we going to get compensation???i have been waiting for a week in Frankfurt.
    then they don’t help.
    i have a plane for saturday and i wanted to reebok it for thursday and they are charging me…
    help plis

  5. How much tax did the government take on your flight ? What service did they provide after the government cancelled the flights.

    The people who cancelled the flights should be responsible. Acts of God for business was always outside the frame. Try claiming for flooding a second time around or storm damage on your house.

    War breaks out – try telling the insurance company or the government about your hard luck story.

  6. I don’t understand why people are expecting the airlines to pay compensation… it is a bit of a disaster but not their fault…. sorry to hear of people’s bad situations… surely travel insurance should cover it (and if that doesn’t then why should the airline)… do tell me:))

  7. I can’t believe that its taken a Volcano disaster to make people see what a bad deal they get with ryanair. Alternative airlines usually work out cheaper once you take into account the scams and extras and even if you do pay a bit more, one slight hic-up and Mick will let you down. Do NOT use ryanair, Simple.

  8. So now O’Leary is saying he isn’t going to comply with the rules on compensation. How often, when a Ryanair customer complained about hidden charges, did O’Leary say that nothing was hidden, it was all there to be found in the terms and conditions which you the passenger agreed to.
    Well so are the rules on compensation O’Leary. You , the company, signed up to them when you got your licences to fly people.
    This isn’t sour grapes on my part – I sussed Ryanair for what it is years ago and would never fly with them.

  9. According to European Commission Vice President Siim Kallas responsible for Transport ( see http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/kallas/headlines/news/2010/04/20100416_volcanic_ash_cloud_en.htm) “In an exceptional circumstance such as this, passengers are not however entitled to additional financial compensation that would be the case where delays or cancellations are the fault of the airline.”

    Please explain why I, who can’t afford to take a holiday overseas, should pay through taxes or increased future fares, for those of you who can, but have been unfortunately caught. You should have taken out proper travel insurance. What do you mean , your travel insurance doesn’t cover it? That is hardy Ryanairs fault, is it. I look forward to a whingers site ” Ihatetravelinsurance.com”

    If you airline snobs don’t like the way Ryanair runs it business, then don’t fly with them. At least they’ll still be in business in a few years, unlike PanAm, Laker, etc etc and soon, BA.

  10. We had our flight on Wednesday cancelled. Ryanair agreed to let us rebook. That’s great, I thought. Perhaps Ryanair isn’t as awful as I always thought they were. The earliest we were able to rebook our seats on the Ryanair website is for Monday. Oh, well, I thought, all the other flights before that must be full. Fair enough. BUT NO! I went on the Ryanair website yesterday, and there are seats available for every day including today (Thursday), but I have to pay £100 each for one of those! I am livid. We should have been given priority to get home as soon as there were seats available, but obviously O’Leary thinks he can get a few hundred quid, so he will. Disgusting – he should be ashamed of himself.

  11. I agree with Kea. I won’t fly Ryanair, but I see OLeary’s point of view here. Its unfair to expect it to pick up the tab for people’s lack of full insurance. However, trying to charge change fees and premium prices is outrageous.

    But I also agree with Georgina. Anyone foolish enough to fly with Ryanair deserves every mistreatment they get. By supporting it, they make it harder for decent airlines to stay in business which makes travel harder for the rest of us.

  12. If Ryanair clearly stated in black and white “we fly you from A to B and and we really don’t care about you at all” they would make themselves a favour. That way passengers can make their informed decisions, pay little (or a lot for extras!) and live with it . Personally I have never flown with Ryanair and never will as a matter of principle. A documentary on C4 was enough to put me off for ever as on this youtube video


    minute 27:10 sitting on people’s vomit (literally!) ? no thanks!

  13. I got stranded by Ryan air, whilst I do not blame them for what happened,I do criticise them for :
    giving false telephone numbers- which doubled my monthly phone bill over 3 days
    having no representative at the airport
    not upholding the law.

    Has anyone received compensation from Ryan air or had their accomodation refunded?

    Ryan don’t c-air!

  14. Don’t blame Ryanair, they are simply a business and businesses are there to make money. MOL has just taken the Chinese way of doing business, offer a cheap price and …nothing else. Money talks.

    The major problem here is how they are ALLOWED to constantly break EU legislation and get away with it. So if you have to blame anyone, blame the EU, they waste millions of our euros/pounds drawing up silly rules & regs and then don’t even bother to force them.

    Look around every airport, there are notices everywhere telling you your rights, but what’s the point?!!!!

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