Ryanair beaten in race to become first airline to offer standing room only for passengers

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been beaten in the race to become the first airline to offer standing space on flights.

The news must come as a huge embarrassment to the crappy Irish carrier.

Tatarstan Airlines, a well known Russian airline, operated a flight from Antalya in Turkey to Ekaterinburg in Russia and carried 6 passengers who had standing room only.

The flight was initially declared overbooked but the airline decided this was a fantastic opportunity to get one over on the wankers at Lyingair.

142 passengers were given seats on the flight while 6 passengers have written themselves into history as being the people who have shattered the dreams of the Ryanair PR machine.

Dmitry Yebdyev commented “We hate Ryanair just as much as everyone else in the World and think this is a great way of saying ‘up yours’ to Mr O’Leary”.