Ryanair attempt to shut this website down fails

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have recently taken us to a Nominet domain name tribunal over the usage of the domain name for this website.

Unfortunately, Lyingair won the dispute on a small technicality concerning £322 generated through affiliate deals, but never fear, we have already moved the site to it’s new home on www.ihateryanair.org and will continue to provide you with all the latest on how this pathetic excuse for an airline will attempt to extract cash from you through sneaky hidden charges, fly you to places that are not where you actually want to go and leave you stranded when the cr*p hits the fan.

This is apparently worthy of the “top story” position on the Daily Mail website.  Oooh, how exciting. We’re off to spend the £322 on booze to celebrate!

We are yet to decide on whether or not to appeal the decision, it costs around £3000 to do so, which could be used instead to buy 16,000,000 Ryanair flights (not including booking fees, credit card fees, baggage fees, bus from the airport in the middle of nowhere etc).

If you think we should appeal against these bullies, let us know. Better still, donate £1 to help us pay for it!

Please update your bookmarks and if you have a website, link to us at our new home of www.ihateryanair.org

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