Ryanair attempt to shut this website down fails

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have recently taken us to a Nominet domain name tribunal over the usage of the domain name for this website.

Unfortunately, Lyingair won the dispute on a small technicality concerning £322 generated through affiliate deals, but never fear, we have already moved the site to it’s new home on www.ihateryanair.org and will continue to provide you with all the latest on how this pathetic excuse for an airline will attempt to extract cash from you through sneaky hidden charges, fly you to places that are not where you actually want to go and leave you stranded when the cr*p hits the fan.

This is apparently worthy of the “top story” position on the Daily Mail website.  Oooh, how exciting. We’re off to spend the £322 on booze to celebrate!

We are yet to decide on whether or not to appeal the decision, it costs around £3000 to do so, which could be used instead to buy 16,000,000 Ryanair flights (not including booking fees, credit card fees, baggage fees, bus from the airport in the middle of nowhere etc).

If you think we should appeal against these bullies, let us know. Better still, donate £1 to help us pay for it!

Please update your bookmarks and if you have a website, link to us at our new home of www.ihateryanair.org

You can also follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ihateryanair

If you are on facebook, please like this page to help spread the word or see our BRAND NEW facebook page

If you have any comments, please leave them below or email us at [email protected]

More to follow, but in the meantime we’d love you to take part in our poll below…


24 thoughts on “Ryanair attempt to shut this website down fails

  1. Well done for getting this site up and running again. A victory for free speech, but generating affiliate revenue shouldn’t have got you slapped anyway – it’s not as if you’re making £millions!!

  2. £322 could have got you a Ryanair flight to a foggy boring town in the back of beyond in Ireland without underwear or means of having a shave, having feasted on a delicious on-board cup a soup.

  3. Suggested your Facebook link to 40 people. You should let people leave comments there. With such publicity, you’ll get more.
    You should find way to make money officially here.

    Good luck!

  4. they’ve cancelled the Brussels – prestwick line from 30th October. Their site never mentions this and you can only find out by trying to book. Quick enough to mention new routes though.

  5. Frankly,I’m amazed that O’Leary and his cronies even care what anyone thinks about him and his shite airline. Given that he learnt his customer relations skills from his unfortunate parents running a rip off coconut stall in a travelling circus of thieves, and takes pleasure from having dissatisfied customers, surely the vitriolic hatred that he and his loser employees have created among their customers, is something he is proud of. Trurth is I dont think he gives a damn what his mum thinks of him, whether she is alive or dead, and indeed his parents should be held accountable for the monster they created, probably in some ramshackle caravan. I hope he dies in one, in the same way the bastard was conceived in one.

  6. I have never flown on Ryanair, and will never do so. The mean-spirited, bombastic, opinionated aggressive sod who so-say ‘runs’ the show has now provided you with about 322 poundsworth of free publicity. But, when including fees for using the bog and actually sitting down it’s probably worth about 22,347,221.65. Good on you mate. But watch out when you walk the dog at night. You might encounter a vengeance-bent leprechaun.

  7. I hate ryanair so much, why do u spend so much time writing about them?? I think u are sad anyway to be honest and you obviously have nothing better to be doing in your spare time…. i live at the other side of the world and no matter where you go people always have problems with budget airlines believe me!!!! but they dont go setting up hate websites… it must be personal with u!!!!!!!!

  8. Gaun yersel, get intae them.

    Ryanair, the only airline where free flights cost a fortune. Wonder how long it will be until they change you for breathing on their flights?

  9. i heard about this via yahoo, i had previously not known of it til the court case, the saying no publicity is bad publicity could not be truer.

    well done, Ryanair have got away with too much for too long.

  10. I heard about this website on the BBC Watchdog TV programme. Well done for registering a new domain name and getting the site back up so quickly. Keep up the good work.

  11. I can’t help thinking this site needs some balance. I used to use Ryanair every weekend for about a year. 90% of the time things went fine, I agree sometimes they were rude or things went wrong and in those moments I hated them too BUT they enabled me to see why foreign girlfriend every weekend. Of course the services and facilities are bad – you get what you pay for but Michael O’Leary has stripped away everything but the bare essentials in order to get the price as low as possible. They never promised you luxury or to be dropped off in the middle of the city. If you want smiling hostesses, food/wine and the use of decent airports then pay the extra and pick a national carrier.

    In the end the passenger numbers speak for themselves – there are a lots of people who hate Ryanair but there are many, many more who repeatedly choose to give up a few niceties in order to arrive at their destination a few quids up.

  12. Good work, Ryanair have really shot themselves in their own feet here. The press is going wild about this story. Even read about this in the financial times – It’s getting even more press coverage around the world than that drastic O’ Dreary guy. Good One.
    P.S. We hate “Rip Off Ryanair lines” here in Germany too.
    Keep up the good work !

  13. went to poland for a short trip and was asked to move from my window seat to make room for a musical instrument. i categorically refused…….deal with it.

  14. Questions!!!
    1) Is shitair the only airline to have a “hate” website?
    2) I booked a ticket to Stanstead from Gran Canaria which was costed in Euros……. after I had bought it with my sterling credit card I saw in the small that this shithouse company had FIXED the exchange rate!!!!! Are the public aware of this? Is it legal? Can you write to me with some answers please……..to be silly that asshole CEO could fix the exchange rate at say anything he wanted!!
    Thanks for your time in reading this ans keep the site going and do as much damage to O ‘ LIARY! as you can.

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