Ryanair accused of failing to communicate with passengers during volcano crisis

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been accused of failing to offer “basic and essential communications” to its customers during the recent volcanic disruptions to their flights across Europe.

The Times are quoting Chris Bryant, the Europe minister, as saying that while most airlines were ‘exemplary’ throughout the crisis, Ryanair had failed to reassure and inform distressed passengers. “Many people feel badly letdown by Ryanair for failing to let them know whether they are getting on a flight or not.”

Ryanair were yesterday forced to reverse their decision to refuse any compensation to stranded passengers and have quite frankly been found out as a disgusting, horrid little excuse for an airline.

Michael O’Leary has been whingeing non stop about the EU regulations that have over-powered his desire to rip everyone off.

Read the small print Mick. The T’s and C’s are there for all to see!