Ryanair accused of abandoning passengers on wrong island after flight diverted

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been accused of abandoning passengers after one of their aircraft was diverted due to bad weather yesterday.

According to the Daily Mail, passengers were en-route to Lanzarote but ended up landing in Fuerteventura.

After being let off the plane, passengers are said to have been left to make their own arrangements to get to the correct destination.

One family were left £400 out of pocket after forking out for overnight hotel accommodation and a 30 minute ferry crossing to Lanzarote the next day.

Kay Wright, 40, was with her sons Jack, six, George, five, three-year-old daughter Kacey and stepdaughter Tabatha, 23.

She claimed they were “given no further help from Ryanair” and was “forced to ring partner Tony Wainwright at home in Bournemouth, Dorset, to help her reach their destination”.

Tony said: “I got a phone call at about 6pm to say they had landed but were on the wrong island.

“After disembarking they had gone into the terminal but there were no Ryanair representatives to tell them what to do next.

“It was left to me and a very helpful Spanish lady to sort out a taxi, arrange alternative accommodation for the night and book ferry crossings to Lanzarote in the morning.

“I don’t blame Ryanair for the bad weather but to abandon a family, on the wrong island, is unforgivable.

“It has cost us another £400.

“I know Ryanair is a budget airline but surely they have some duty of care to their passengers”.


7 thoughts on “Ryanair accused of abandoning passengers on wrong island after flight diverted

  1. Just thought of a new money-making wheeze for Mike O’. Make the overhead lockers chargeable! Like those left luggage lockers at train stations only on RyanAir you don’t get your money back at the flights end, after all you’ve used the space to put something in and space isn’t free you know.

  2. i recently e.g. 15th feb took a flight to/from paris beauvais to take my partner on a romantic break before a very important police exam. On the return leg of the flight we checked in as usual, early and on time, on entry to the departure lounge the board says delayed due to fog. exceprt all the outher airlines (wizz air and air france planes were still leaving) ON TIME.

    2hours later the board says flight canceled litteraly 30mins afetr a flight had just taken off. when we went to the desk to see what was happening we were told that the earliest flight was saturday night 22.45 and that was the earliest they would give all 120passangers. bareing in mind this was wednesday that ment another 3 nights in beauvais. and so when we were told a hotel was being provided we thought it wasnt to bad although the saturday was no good for a friday afternoon deadline. when we got to the desk which was issueing hotel details there was outrage, RYANAIR were making the booking for you, BUT YOU STILL HAD TO PAY FOR THE HOTEL. i witnessed atleast 8 people and a 16year old girl with a sister of a minnor age break down because they had no money and so were forced to stay in the airport with only poket money utill there flight 3 days later.

    from my side i opted to take my flight refund of which i thought it would be £100 BUT the gave me the flight cost not includeing the baggage taxes or chrges so i was given 10 pounds. i then had to get on the courtesy bus to take me back into paris to try and find an alternative route home to scotland only to have a indgnant ryanair woman inform me that the bus is 14euros EACH because we have had a ticket refund we were no longer ryanair passangers so they MADE the equivilant of 18pounds from us. we then had to book flybe flights at a cost of £520 pounds to get us home the next day. MY advise is ground the ryanair fleet and condem them to the conciousless hell.

  3. Dear me! Ryanair did all they had to do and more, so quit moaning. Next time, fly strike-ridden, unpunctual, luggage-losing, dirty-tricks, near bankrupt BA and do us all a favour.

  4. I absolutly HATE RyanAir. Unfortunantly we had to use them to get from Brussels Belgium to Dublin Ireland. As you mentioned their Customer Service is a joke. Heaven forbid if your luggage weighs an extra pound over the limit. They actually made me take out a couple pairs of pants because i was a pound over the weight limit and I had to carry them on the plane. LOL Not only do you pay OUT of the pocket for Taxes and fees and luggage but they have NO customer service and if anyone has EVER gone out on time for their scheduled flight please email me. LOL Heaven forbid you show up a few minutes late BUT it’s ok for them to leave an hour later then scheduled with perfect weather. LOL

  5. Mr. Marchant must be working for Ryanair. If he is just a passenger, the day will surely come when ryanair will nail him good and proper. Ryanair did what it always does in this kind of situation; tell its passengers to Foxtrot Oscar. Ryanair once again showed us what phantastic customer service it has. When I read Mr. Steeles post, it appears that Ryanair stole mony from him by refunding just the ticket price of 10 pounds an pocketing the baggage taxes and charges worth 90 pounds, which in my book is theft and robbery. ThiefAir is one of the nicknames this airline deserves. Or maybe, DirtytricksAir, Mr. Marchant?

  6. We were flying to Faro, Portugal from London. The flight departed over an hour later that scheduled and 15 mins before landing the pilot announced we were actually landing in Malaga, Spain for the reasons he did not know. He said: ‘We won’t be able to land in Faro tonight, we do not know why,’ adding that coaches have been arranged for us outside the terminal. The weather was perfect, over 30 degrees, so the diversion wasn’t due to the weather, but clearly was due to the fact that we were so late departing through Ryanair’s fault and the airline chose not to pay penalties at Faro, or simply it was too late in the night to land at Faro airport. There were no coaches whatsoever outside, no Ryanair reps and no help from anyone. So, we were dropped off in a different country with no means of getting to our destination, and no alternative arrangement. Finally, one of the passengers from the plane found the coaches upstairs (who would have thought?). Coaches had no sign on them to say where they were going, the drivers didn’t speak any English, there was no one from Ryanair to help us. After about an hour and a half we departed to what was hopefully going to be Faro. Who knows how many people from the plane were left behind. This coach journey was 7 hours hours, there was no airconditioning on the coach, no water or drinks were offered to us. About 6.5 hours later we arrived in Faro. It was a hell of a journey on an uncomfortable coach with a rigid seat. A day of holiday was wasted, so was the hotel bill for the first day of the holiday. I’d booked a 2.5 hour flight not 4 hours on the plane followed by 7 hours by coach arriving to the destination in the morning instead of the evening the previous day. Ryanair need to be shut down, this is such a disgrace. Can’t believe they can do this to people and get away. I flew with them once before, they were 2 hours late then. Will never use them again.

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