Poll – Does the “angry” Ryanair scratchcard winner actually exist?

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, last week reported that a passenger ate his €10,000 winning scratch card after he was told he could not claim the money immediately.

A few days later and this passenger has still not been identified. Neither have Ryanair actually named any of the charities that they say will benefit, preferring to list them on the Ryanair website simply as:

1.      An Anger Management Charity
2.      An Eating Disorder Charity
3.      A Gamblers Charity
4.      A Disruptive Children’s Charity
5.      A Mental Health Charity

We’d like to know your thoughts. Do you believe the story? Do you think this is just another clever Ryanair PR exercise (which has been quite successful judging by the amount of coverage the story has generated)?

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3 thoughts on “Poll – Does the “angry” Ryanair scratchcard winner actually exist?

  1. Given the likely effects that flying Ryanair would have on passengers, supporting “an anger management charity” and “a mental health charity” would seem entirely appropriate.

    This assumes, of course, that this whole thing isn’t the usual attempt to get free publicity with outrageous news stories, which is certainly what it sounds like to me!

  2. Had the same though when I read it in the paper a while ago and glad you agree. Dont care for Ryan air but have to go to Bologna so have no budget choice but to fly with them I dobt belive this story. Do they have to give out the £10,000 the prize ? Do any of the tickets win ? Just a theory ? I dont know how these scratch cards work or who regulates them. Why would you buy if you dont even know that !

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