Nasty Ryanair leave passengers stranded again

Forty-two Ryanair passengers were left stranded after an airport “mix-up” over their departure gate made them miss their flight from Liverpool to Belfast.

The passengers claimed they arrived at the airport in good time on Sunday and were told to go to gate 30. They said the gate was changed at short notice.

They rushed to the new gate, but the pilot refused to let them on board.

A spokesman for Liverpool Airport said there had been a “breakdown of communications”. We suspect this is another shining example of Ryanair customer service and their blatant attempts to screw people over thus extracting further cash.

The passengers said they had missed the flight through no fault of their own, but they were then told they would have to pay to take another flight home.

The next available Ryanair flight did not depart until the following day so many of the irate passengers took the ferry home instead rather than risk being shafted by the scumbags any further.


The group explained that when they arrived at the gate they were originally directed to a representative of the handling agent which operates for Ryanair.

They said that after a while this Servisair employee disappeared and they thought she was going to come back to bring them on board.

But by the time they realised she was not coming back, the departure gate number had changed.

Liverpool is a “silent airport” – flight information appears on screens but is not called over a public address system.

The passengers argued that the change of gate was done at short notice and no-one came to inform them.

The company told them they could not do anything about it and that they would have to board another flight at their own cost.

The head of public relations at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Robin Tudor, said the incident was under internal investigation.

“We often will put out a tannoy as and when there are passengers delayed or missing from a flight, but that communication wasn’t passed to us by Ryanair.”

“The airline and the handling agent between them had the responsibility to get those passengers on to the right flight and clearly that’s a question for the two parties as to where they go from here,” he said.

We say a full refund is due. Likely? Never.


4 thoughts on “Nasty Ryanair leave passengers stranded again

  1. Hi,

    We were part of this debacle at JLA and would just like to say how disgusted we are at how Ryanair treated everyone.

    One Ryanair representative “dealing” with us told me he could not care less and that at the end of the day problems like this were good for business. He added that if we didn’t like the idea of paying again we should fly with another airline and shut-up.

    We took the ferry and found it very relaxing and easy.

    Ryanair are a disgrace. They bring shame on Ireland. O’Leary is a crook and should be banged up for crimes against humanity.

    I hope they go bust.


  2. Rixi, you are absolutely right. Ryanair treated you in a disgusting way. They bring shame on a wonderful country that I have been visiting for years. In 2002 I flew once on Ryanair to Dublin from Charleroi and back, and I have to admit, it was a good flight. Of course, I noticed that buying stuff on the plane was very expensive. Then they even tolerated my error in using my name Han on the booking form while my passport name was Johannes. Today that error would cost me dearly. In the years after I read more and more dreadful stories about Ryanair on the Internet, so I concluded that they were becoming much, much worse. Because of this sharp deterioration, I do not fly Ryanair anymore, it is too tricky. I fly Aer Lingus now.

  3. They’re likely to go bust now. I foresee lots of lawsuits because of them ignoring European law regarding the first ash cloud, and whilst there may be only 2 comments on here, people generally vote with their feet, not their typing hands.

  4. I vote with my typing hands AND with my feet. Next month I will fly from Amsterdam to Dublin on Aer Lingus.

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