Lying Ryanair caught out again by advertising watchdog

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, were yesterday ordered to remove adverts they had published because they were ‘misleading’.

Ryanair allegedly made false claims about cheap flights and produced false images. The advert featured a bikini-clad woman holding a cocktail in the sunshine which stated, ‘book to the sun now’, with flights from as little as £8. However the destinations included in this deal had maximum temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius.

Another Ryanair advertisement offered flights to Dublin for £27.99, although it was apparently impossible to book a flight for this price, due to an additional £6 online check-in fee.

This is not the first time that Ryanair have been caught out as lying bast*rds. And it won’t be the last.

Our tip? Stay well clear of this shambolic excuse of an airline and avoid being ripped off and flown to an airport no where near where you wanted to go in the process.


5 thoughts on “Lying Ryanair caught out again by advertising watchdog

  1. Just heard that a tribunal has ruled this site should be handed over to Ryanair.

    As we have Freedom of speach and the public has a right
    to inform others of the way Ryanair treats its passengers
    it should be allowed.

    If they do we would just open a new site.

  2. Ryanair sucks big time. Last year my wife flew from Bergamo to Eindhoven. First she had a rather unpleasant encounter with the lady at checkin about visa requirements -she does not need a visum. My wife told this woman to check with her superiors and the woman got corrected. Then my wife checked in her luggage but because of all the commotion she forgot to check if she got the receipt. On arrival at Eindhoven, the luggage never arrived. It was still in Bergamo. Ryanair refused to send the suitcase on a later flight. We called lost and found in Bergamo who said the suitcase had been found in the checkin lounge. They could not put us through to Ryanair. We had to send the suitcase via on-land courier to NL, which set us back €250.
    My idea is that the woman at the counter took the suitcase of the conveyer belt as to get even with my wife.

    This is not the first incident. Once I flew with theis lousy excuse for an airline from Girona to Eindhoven. I had packed my backpack, making sure it was 15 kg. On their scales the bag was 17 kg: I had to pay overcharge. I checked my backpack at the scales of other companies there and presto: 15kg. It was 5 AM and there was no cop in sight to complain with because tempering with scales is a crime.
    I will never, ever fly these bastards again and will advice everyone not to do so either.

  3. yeahhh, I found this page, after they changed my cheap flight to the middle of the night. I hope this company goes bankrupt and proper companies serve the routes.

    I wait for the day, they disappear and proper carriers offer proper service.

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