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Watch with fun the number of passengers at Xerez airport being told they need pay excess baggage. Repacking our bags to bring down the charges. You will not humiliate me in front of my daughter again for 3Kg.

If I ever have to fly with you again I will make sure we have exactly our poxy 15Kg per suitcase but I’ll also make sure I take 10Kg of cabin luggage per person even if we have to use sandbags.

Cheap fares, not at all if you want to travel with suitcases and child because you have to pay for the suitcase plus any excess on the suitcase of 15Kg. I’ve compared travelling with 2 suitcases and 20Kg in each with Monarch and Easyjet on comparable routes and Ryan(stick em up and hand over your money)air is not cheaper.

We stopped using Ryanair for five years because of bad behaviour on the Stansted to Dublin route. Fly Easyjet to Belfast and drive to Dublin, its cheaper and quicker.

Our two recent trips to Xerez have meant we have stopped using them again.

The rant could go on and on but the new planes are well… tasteless. I had to put on my sunglasses and in-ear mp3 to ry and avoid the inflight advertising. My 5 year old daughter has better taste in colours.

We really hate Ryanair (really).


7 thoughts on “luggage allowance

  1. Yup the same ‘individual bag allowance’ trick happened to us recently. We questioned in what way it made sense NOT to charge for two separate bags of 15kg but to charge for one of under 30kg when that would surely mean less work for them…unless of course it is a way to scam money?? Also asked if we got extra allowance for being lighter passengers than your average but she didn’t seem impressed..

  2. Same thing happened to me, I had to pay €150 at the airport as my bag was over the 15kg and the stupid check in assistant didnt give any chance to take out some luggage and put into my hand luggage, utter disgrace! it ruined the entire journey.

  3. Im glad web like this was created. Was hoping to create one myself.
    There is 3 of us travelling to Poland. We paid for 6 luggages and then we found out that combined weight per passenger for a checked in luggage is 15kg (+10kg of hand lugage)! Whats the point to pay for up to 3 suitcases if you can only check in 15kg but you can buy up to 3 suitcases? You can easly fit 15kg in to one!! What a rip off. Ryanair hopes not many people read terms of travel! Well, I will start reading from now, just waisted £60!

  4. F**K Ryanair.. they are a complete ripoff. They are NOT cheap once you’ve paid all the extra charges and once you’ve paid to get to their airoprts, usually in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, the staff treat you like dirt, the planes are FILTHY with chocolate, chewing gum and other crap all over the seats. It’s a depressing way to travel… I’d much rather pay extra and fly with another company. After being told to “throw my guitar in the garbage” or miss my flight, I’ll never fly with Ryanair again. I hope they go bust very soon. I don’t hate them, I despise them! Woohooooo :)

  5. Same experience as above, we thought like normal none robbing airlines we had a total allowance not individual bag allowance. Love the fact the Ryan Air think my daughter can drag her own bag around the airport with two weeks worth of clothes in. As a total allowance we were 7kg under wieght, total cost to us for being under weight, £150!!!!!!!!!!!!! Response from check in Nazi, “it’s not my problem”. Will never, ever, ever use Ryan Air again. Will pay any amount of money and drive to any airport in the UK to avoid these robbing tossers.

  6. why are Ryanairs cabin baggage, check holder frames, at the airport smaller than any other air line in the world another scan to get money

  7. SNEAKY! What they don’t tell you about their ‘Approved Cabin Bag’
    See below all of the features of the approved bag made by Samsonite! What’s missing!! THE WEIGHT OF THE BAG ITSELF!! I’ve tried looking on the website – not there. Only other option is to call Customer Services – Reservation Centre!! I have a question not a reservation!

    Ryanair maximum cabin bag size 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
    Ryanair maximum cabin bag weight 10 kilos (22 lbs)
    Case has a functional interior, with elasticated cross ribbons
    Locakable zip sliders
    Document/Passport pocket
    Padded top carry handle for extra comfort
    Luggage tag for personalization
    Made from 900 x 600 denier durable polyester

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