I really do hate Ryanair

I hate Ryanair. But still use them. Why? Well it’s pretty obvious, cheap flights. Is it really worth it though? I use the Stansted base as its close to where I live. I remember the days when Stansted was a pleasurable experience…low passenger numbers, spacious check in areas and departure lounges. Ryanair have changed this, the place is now a shit hole. BAA are partly to blame, I’ll get on to that later, but Ryanair have put them in a difficult situation, increasing the number of flights departing and arriving. The airport cant cope. When it takes longer to get through passport control than flying in from France, you know something is wrong.

So what have Ryanair done to deserve my time spent writing this drivel?

Let’s start with the fantastic “Priority boarding” scheme. What an amazing idea that was. So much so that most people on the flight now pay for this and are back in a long queue just like before, battling to get on the plane and grab a seat. What is it about the mad boarding rush? You’ll all get a seat! Anyway, I now travel with a small child in tow and had the pleasure of travelling from Stansted to Carcassonne a few weeks ago. When we got to the departure lounge we were told that because we had not paid the £5 per person priority boarding fee, we would have to wait, with small child, pushchair, numerous bags etc until everyone else had boarded. This is a fucking disgrace Mr O’Leary. I have since seen passengers in wheel chairs being made to wait just the same and then have to scrabble around for a seat with the rest of the passengers, who really dont care whether they push you out of the way. The cabin crew were useless and could not have cared less. What a bunch of tossers.

Sort it out you greedy scum. I hope we’ll soon see passengers moving back in large numbers to BA. I now consider them for every trip and will only use Ryanair as a last resort.