BBC Panorama – a damp squib?

Morning everyone!

So who watched Panorama last night? Who felt it was fair? Who felt let down by the BBC? Who agrees that Mr O’Leary is a bit of an idiot, or do you think he is great leader and should be running the country?

We’d love your views on last nights show. Positive or negative. Send them in.


10 thoughts on “BBC Panorama – a damp squib?

  1. Where does it end with Ryanair? All the passengers sitting on the floor?

    Watched the panorama program, they don’t even provide water for the pilots, thank god i don’t have to use them.

  2. We Love ryan air, pilots complaining that Ryanair dont feed them was ridiculous, I dont know of many companies who do feed their staff, Im an NHS worker, i have to provide my own pack lunch…I also have to leave for work early -in my own time to get to my place of work….big deal….

    Ryan air is an insperation, its only ashame our country and local govn doesnt have the same ballsy, get a good deal, work ethics

    The BBC were shameful, no wonder our countries gone to the dogs when the Beeb are dissing value for money, productive, work ethics like that demonstrated by Ryan airs..
    Get a grip BBC, get a grip Gorden Brown….learn from a success story rather than whining like benefit scrounging Tubsters….

  3. WTF, they don’t provide water to the pilots? Given that the max flight time is in the order of 3 hours, how on earth can they survive? The pilots only have 45 minutes each day to plan their schedule – it takes less than 15. My experience of Ryanair is that they are like a colony of ants trying to get me to my destination on time. Because I travel so frequently I know that I have to pay £5 to pay with my credit card (I travel 12 times a year but I have never gotten round to getting a Visa Electron card which would obviate the need to pay the £5) and £5 for online check-in but they are still by far the cheapest when booked a week or more in advance. The last long haul I had with BA was 5 hours late because of engine problems on the ground in Cape Town. The last short haul with BA from Warsaw to London, I got a nice free meal but when I put my serviette in my empty cup and stacked my partner’s tray on mine, the steward gave out that he had to unsort it and said it in such a rude manner that my partner told him to F-off. The only thing that makes me feel bad with Ryanair is that their air crew are so badly treated in the sense that I understand they get paid little more than the min wage and they always look very busy – I feel like leaving a tip for them when I deplane.

  4. I have just seen the program and I am slightly dissapointed with the Paronama presenter/ interviewer Vivian White. When he meets O’Leary outside the hotel I was hoping for blood!!! for good and direct questions, for a line of attack, for killer arguments but I got nothing. In fact he let O’leary advertise Ryanair shares! (the unedited version is even worst)

    I think they should have concentrated even more on the fact that they make huge profits by misleading their customers, i.e. it’s only recently that they remind you to bring your online boarding pass as well as the reservation number and your travel documents. When they started this whole process their confirmation, emails started with the line “you will need this confirmation number and a valid accepted form of photo ID”, nothing about web check in, boarding passes and the like. Imagine how many people ended up paying a fortune for having to print it at the airport self service machines. I actually, asked one of their so called check in assistants how many people failed to bring their boarding passes and his answer was “a lot”.

    The program talks about Ryanair’s tough business demands to airports and suppliers; well, that’s fine with me. If you don’t like the offer you can refuse it like the guys from Airbus. I would love if they gave me one price for the flights right from the start so I could decide whether I will take it or not, and not keep adding £5 here, and £10 there. What’s the point of telling you we are charging you an extra £5 for web check-in if that’s a compulsory charge. Is it because they love how the total price for the tickets increases at every mouse click? they love to make us suffer?

  5. Ryanair, was my first bargain flight provider that I have used, Dublin Aug 09. I cannot see what the fuss is about. The flight was delayed, but that was caused by passengers. You don’t expect 1st class treatment when you get on a bus, and these cheap flights are their equal. I have no problems with the company, as usual its the passengers that cause problems, by being late, not bringing their passports and other documents needed. I missed the programme, but I can’t get onto the iplayer to see a replay.

  6. Ryanairs’ reaction to the program can be read under the button ‘News’ on their website, four items, 9, 11, 12, and 13 October.

  7. I have travelled with Ryan air a few times, and vow to never ever do this again. Failing to print my ticket at home meant I would have to pay a £20 fine per ticket, but since I only booked one week early I had to pay £40 per ticket… Not really sure how this is justified, expect pure extortion.
    After seeing the show it only confirmed how much I am disgusted in the way in which money is extracted from customers.
    @ Carmen, ethics that restrict people in jobs that are carrying the lives of hundreds of people in their hands to save pennies is utterly disgusting. I imagine you are allowed drink water in the NHS for free, thank god there isnt some one like that man running any country…….
    I hate ryan air more than any other transportation company in the history of the world

  8. Timbo: “they are still by far the cheapest when booked a week or more in advance”

    That’s just not true. I regularly travel on business (about 30 flights per year). Ryanair are rarely cheaper than Easyjet or the other low-cost airlines like Air Berlin. I would say that if you compare the total cost of flying with Ryanair then it is about 10-20% cheaper than a scheduled airline on average, but that doesn’t include the cost of taking a FULL suitcase, or the food you will need to eat at some point.

    The only times I have found Ryanair to be significantly cheaper is when they have just opened a new route. A lot of the other airlines like Iberai and Alitalia have caught on to Ryanair’s game and are now playing too – but they already have the planes and the infrastructure in place. I don’t think Ryainar can really compete with them without all the little fiddles.

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