Another Ryanair passenger review

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are renowned for being especially adept at ripping off their customers. This usually results in said customer boycotting the sad excuse of an airline the next time they travel.

We’ve been sent a link by a typically pissed off passenger to a review of her recent trip from Pisa to London with Ryanair. We think it sums up nicely the lengths that Ryanair will go to in order to extract as much cash from you as possible.

It’s a great read and we hope it helps demonstrate that flying with Ryanair is a false economy. What you think you are getting for £19 WILL actually cost you £100s more. Probably leaving you at an airport miles away from where you actually wanted to go to in the process.


6 thoughts on “Another Ryanair passenger review

  1. Thanks to this website I read the small print with a magnifying glass and can honestly say that our eastmidlands to valencia and back flights went without incident, I will say though that the staff at east midlands in checkin and at the gate had a certain auora of Gestapo about them i was convinced they were going to shout HALT! PAPERS! when we were going through security at the gate, my partner also needed a stamp on his boarding pass because he is Brazilian and when we asked a question we were rudely barked at and then tutted at to which I replied thank you for your rudeness with a smile, she barked something else but we didn’t even look at her we just walked off, when we got to the desk they were busy discussing how many people had been sacked that week so if they are stressed it’s quite clear as to why they would be, they seem to work in an enviroment of fear, it was obvious that they were looking at any opportunity that arose to clobber the passenger for money where they could, which means thay have taken their eye off the ball, because check-in should be all about passenger safety.

  2. On the way back the passenger bought 5 litres of water, that is equal to five kilograms. You can do that with all other airlines, but not with Ryanair!

  3. Pilote Bonk Ryanair hostess and miss landing.

    Dear friend. On a recent flight from Frankfurt to Fes (Morocco), the air hostess vanished for over 30 min in the cockpit, the pilot or co-pilot exited while she remained alone with one of the flying crew. She came back all dazed out. Pulling on her skirt and her faced all glowing after what i suppose must have been a good bonk. Now the pilot must have been a bit tipsy too because he missed his landing, – he announced strong wind – and had to land again. Everybody was terrified – he was such a lousy pilot – when we got out of the plane there was of course not one knot of wind!!!
    I hate the fuckers, they risk our lives

  4. This morning I joined the kew stretching to the exit door at stansted for one hour to be told that the flighty is now closed and if you would like to flight on this flight you have to leave the luggage at the airport :-) big green on he’s face, or rebook for the next flight in 2 days time, that will be 117 Pound sir.
    But sir i told the your Ryanair girl that my flight is living in one hour and if i stayed in this Queue I would miss it, she said she would advise the passengers when the right time come and disappeared, eerrrr for ever.
    No one is taking any responsibility, i presume it is all a big recharging game.

    Wen i called the supervisor Mr. Adam Emory, to report this, he advise me that i was being unreasonable and that if i did not stop complaning he would call the security to ban me from the airport, i said I am not moving, so he called the security. You have no way of wining with this airline, they have it all worked out, the security advise me to give up so I deed :-( (((

    Nice one Ryanair, you have won ones more. I rebooked the flight with Easyjet

  5. Hi I agree. I hate Ryan air. I have now changed to SAS I fly one time a month London – Norway and I have done that for years. But for christmas it was to expensive and I was not travelling alone so we had to take Ryan Air. First the new at Stansted you have to pay 1 pound for the plastic bag. They are free at Heathrow and you dont need it even there. You need three hours at Stansted to go through securety and when you have gone through you think the stress is over but no. The basterts are standing near the gates and want to wheight at messure you bag again. They made us pay 40 pounds for one more bag there when they got their 40 pounds they smiled and say have a nice day and christmas. I was saying angry that I am never flying Ryan air again. They where braging that every customer said they where the best air lind. So why this page ? Then when we at last come on board we where one of the last ones and there where no where to sitt. People had their bags on the sit next to them and said they had paied for two sits. and there where no space to poot my bag because the other passangers had put their igg coats upp there the stuertest did not want to help of corse. One of them came over and said that my bag where to havy but after taken out the laptopp it wheight 2 kg. but the stuaters had to take it down. Ryan air are bastereds the only thing that is good is that the prices for SAS is going down because of them.

  6. Just had Ryanair reschedule a flight from Manchester to Girona from the afternoon till the middle of the night. Not so good if your trying to bring a 2 year old and have arranged to meet my relatives for hire car sharing in Girona airport. Now had to book to Barcelona for decent flight times but have 100 mile trip through Barca in rush hour traffic. Anyone reading this please do not book ryanair, pay the extra money (not that cheap anyway) and have the comfort that you won’t have to reschedule all your plans. Utter scum!

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