Another Ryanair incident

A Boeing 737-800 operated by Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline,  performing flight FR-1182 from Shannon to London Gatwick was involved in an incident recently that resulted in a terrain warning being set off due to the aircraft being too low.

The flight, on the 7th February and with 131 people on board, was on a visual approach to Gatwick’s runway 08R when the aircraft descended below profile and received a terrain message. The crew corrected the profile and continued for a safe landing on runway 08R.

The NTSB reported that the crew noticed at the same time as the terrain message was issued, that the aircraft had descended too low and corrected their visual approach profile. The United Kingdom’s AAIB is investigating the occurrence, the NTSB have assigned an accredited representative as state of manufacture and design of the aircraft.


3 thoughts on “Another Ryanair incident

  1. Having managed to avoid Ryan air for years we have had to try(!) to fly with RA. I hadn’t realised how totally and utterly incompetent they are as a company. The latest near miss has been with their useless booking website which keeps you on hold for a mere 3 hours longer than the 45 second estimated delay in taking your cash, only to bomb out eventually, leaving us unaware whether we have booked anything at all. What a crap company to work for. Aren’t the Irish embarrassed by these muppets!?

  2. Hardly a major incident. Crew noticed the problem and corrected it.

    A totally over-hyped article, written by someone who probably does not have the faintest idea about the operation of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft at all.

    Get a grip.

    1. Dear Mr Future Pilot,

      Thank you ever so much for your comment on this article and of course for your subsequent abusive messages. We can only imagine that you are quite an impatient chap. Just the type of quality that airlines look for in “Future Pilots”.


      Having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked: “impatient with any restriction”.
      Intolerant of: “impatient of bureaucracy”.

      Did you actually read the article before posting your drivel? Or did you skim through and act without thought? Is this an indication of how you might treat pre-flight checks? Another fabulous quality Mr Future Pilot.

      Can you please enlighten us as to what you consider a minor versus a major “incident”? It’s just that we assumed an incident, as defined by ICAO Annex 13, was an occurrence, other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft which affects or could affect the safety of operation.

      We do not state anywhere that this was anything “major”. Can you read Mr Future Pilot?

      How on earth do you come to the conclusion that this article is over-hyped? If you look at the general tone of most of the articles posted here, we’d argue that this one is actually quite balanced, fair and reflective of what happened. There are no judgements made.

      We would like to make you aware that your other comments will not be published due to their offensive nature. However, for the benefit of our 38,000 unique visitors a week, here is a summary of your very pleasant accusations:

      • you dumb c*nt
      • You are a d*ck
      • get-to-f*ck-you-total-c*nt

      With language like that, I’m sure Ryanair would love to have you on board. After you have paid them for the type rating of course.

      Anyhow, we must dash. Thanks once again for your time spent commenting. Must be hard to drag yourself away from your studies at the University of Stirling.

      IHR Team

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