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Many people have been badly treated by Ryanair and shafted for hidden fees etc. We have too. This is why we decided to set up this website as means of expressing our general disgust. Everything you read can be counted as our opinion only and of course the opinions of the people that visit this website.

You can find us at 123 High Street, London, E1 7YG, or email at [email protected]


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    1. Today I experienced the worst customer service from any company (and as I live in Portugalthat takes some beating!). Guess what – the company concerned was Ryanair

      The facts of the matter are as follows:

      • I had purchased a flight home from Bristol to Faro for 5 April
      • I had to change my flight (ie buy a new one) on the night of 3 April after being informed my best friend had died that afternoon with the funral on the 5th
      • I checked in on line as is required.
      • I could not print out the boarding pass as I was in a holiday cottage without a printer
      • I arrived at the airport early to print out the boarding pass, but this cannot be done within four hours of travel (I think I know the reason why now)
      • I presented the boarding pass for the 5th that I had, explained the situation to the check in staff, who in the circumstances waived the £60 fee for the boarding pass to be printed
      • I was then paged and forced to pay the £60 fee at the boarding gate when it was too latefor me to pursue any other options
      • I spoke with the very helpful Servisair Duty Officer who said she would be happy to waive Servisair’s fee to Ryanair in this instance if Ryanair agreed
      • Ryanair management representative would not agree and the fee stood

      I asked to speak with the Ryanair representative but they didn’t even have the courtesy to come to meet me, the customer.

      I also appreciate that the terms and conditions clearly state that a boarding pass must be printed. However in the circumstances this matter should have been handled in a manner that was fair, sensitive and with courtesy. Servisair managed to achieve these basic tenets of customer service. Ryanair not, despite the fact that the flight was effectively paid for twice, and I was initially provided the boarding card without payment and then made to pay at the gate at a time too late to have choice with other options.

      What a company … I have sent in a complaint via their website (restricted to four lines of text which just shows how much they care about getting real feedback)

  1. Oh I didn’t see that! Well the same bitterwallet.com blog are running the “Ryanair plane stuck at Prestwick” story today (6th August), complete with video. Enjoy!

  2. I can’t seem to find any information online, but perhaps you have some idea – what exactly are the ‘children’s charities’ that proceeds (and what percentage?) from ryanair’s scratch cards go to? Just finished a round trip on ryanair and the constant hawking of merchandise seems to have reached its height. We were implored by, I think, the captain, to ‘open your hearts and open your wallets’, was really distasteful..

  3. We returned from Treviso by Ryanair on Tuesday, and the whole experience of check-in and queuing was degrading. There were far too few staff to deal with the number of passengers. We will never travel by Ryanair again if we can possibly help it. It was all far too stressful.

  4. What a load of shit this website is.

    We have just flown to Tenerife with Ryanair with no problems at all.

    The only people i heard moan, where the ones who do not read the rules.

    One chap moaning about his 15kg baggage limit, i asked if he had read the rules…no he replied!!!

    If you read the rules, ir does everything it says on the tin.

    I bet you don’t print this on your site

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comments and well done for being successful in travelling with Ryanair without being caught out by one of their many rules. You must be pretty pleased with yourself? Could you provide us with a step by step walk through of your experience for us to write a story? Do you have any photos?

      If you read our comments throughout this website you will see that we already agree with what you state regarding rules. If you read all the small print and abide 100% with every single rule, take out a Ryanair Pre-Paid Mastercard, don’t check in a bag (or a violin for that matter), follow all their procedures to the letter, you will usually be OK and get a cheap flight that arrives generally on time at an airport that is sometimes less than 100km from where you want to get to.

      The problem is that the rules and policies are not as clear as they could be and for many people who are travelling with Ryanair for the first time, they can easily be missed or misunderstood and result in a hefty fee/fine. Everything Ryanair do is non-standard, so it’s very easy to get caught out by baggage limits etc.

      We are looking into coming up with a set of annual awards to praise amazing people like you. The ‘look at me aren’t I clever’ brigade who love to pontificate about how they followed the instructions and got what it says on the tin whilst sneering at the unfortunate many who are being ripped off by this crap hole of an airline.

      You are welcome to your opinion Paul, but as far as we are concerned, we couldn’t give a toss.


  5. Tell me this…..if you go to the supermatket checkout with say 50 items, they are charged as one transaction, so why if you book a return fare with Ryanair, do you get two credit card charges of £5, one per flight even though the payment process is a single transaction, robbery!!!!

  6. –Andy Adcock – simple Andy – because it’s Ryanair. I’ve written on many blogs about Ryanair and their cc charges. I operate an Internet site with card payments. It costs me, as small merchant, 1.75% for credit cards and 50pence flat rate per transaction for debit cards – per transaction not item. For Ryanair to charge £5 per leg is, as you say, just plain robbery.

  7. SLEAZYJET are just as bad as Ryanair!!!
    We had a terrible experience with them this summer and their cackhanded attempts, and outright lies, to avoid paying compensation threw out the window any semblance of credibility remaining for that airline.
    We need a IHATEEASYJET website and blog to bring to light all of SleazyJet’s scams. anyone got the IT know how to set it up?

  8. Well done for sticking it up those b***ards! Had far too many unpleasant and stressful journeys to mention. First kid is on the way so determined not to use them again!

  9. Ha ha, how funny… Ryanair has done itself a disservice by taking you to court – now thousands more people are going to find out about your brilliant and funny website :-)

    i think Ryanair are totally $hit.

    We booked a flight in May, bound for Corsica.
    We boarded the flight and sat on it for two hours (with three kids) before they told us they were going to cancel it.
    They blamed it on French Air Traffic Control strikes, but people objected to the fact that they cancelled it when they could still have run it and got us there, it seemed to be cancelled more because it suited them – or else their staff would have been stranded on Corsica once it landed, clocking up costs. So sod the passengers they thought, this isn’t going to be convenient for us.
    They then proceeded to handle the aftermath with total incompetence.
    With no explanations, hundreds of people queued up for what could have been hours, thinking maybe they were going to be put on another flight.
    In fact all they did was offer a flight seven days later and if you didn’t want to take that, a crappy little piece of photocopied paper telling us you could write away for a refund. They made hundreds of people queue up to tell them that.
    Total incompetence.
    Surely a short speech outlining this unsatisfactory offer would have been more efficient and saved weary passengers the hell of queuing in a sweaty hall for hours.
    In the end the only way not to miss out on our holiday and pre-paid villa meant we were forced to fly from Paris the next day. This meant driving from London to Paris where we left the car for the week, clocking up hefty parking charges – plus the cost and time of getting the car back from Paris when we got home from what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday.
    Would other companies have cancelled that flight? I am damn sure they wouldn’t and know that Air France flights were still running.
    Cheap flights yeah – but value for money – NO.

  10. I really do have some potentially devasting info …I have already written to you…..if the airport really wasn’t closed…and the staff there said it was open…ryanair have committed a very serious criminal offence…

  11. Ryanair scam UK nationals by their premium rate telephone numbers to keep customers holding for, perhaps, hours at profit making rates.

    On Ryanair’s website are ‘regular’ telephone number(s) in Republic of Ireland, supposedly, for Irish nationals although all calls go thru to the same call centre.

    Via predial numbers as detailed on such sites as http://www.telestunt.co.uk one can telephone Ryanair from UK, on the Irish Republic number(s), for circa 0.5p per minute rather than their UK rip-off telephone number(s).

  12. Regarding the Fez – Paris flight, and the mutiny of the passangers, Ryanair broke its own rules, which read:

    If, for reasons outside our control, we are unable to land at the airfield at your destination and are diverted so as to land at another airfield then the carriage by air shall, unless the aircraft continues to the original destination, be deemed to be completed when the aircraft arrives at that other airfield. We shall, however, arrange or designate alternative transportation, whether by our own services or by other means of transportation specified by us to carry you to the original destination as set out in your Ticket without additional cost.”


  13. Surely those of you who are complaining must have your wires crossed, for this is what Ryanair have to say on their website……..

    “Ryanair is the World’s favourite airline…..”

  14. I am one of the many snow-chaos affected travellers during this week. I’ve been trying to fly out of Dublin twice, and twice, my flight (with Ryanair) was cancelled.

    I understand that flights need to be cancelled if it is not safe. But Ryanair is a pain in the ass for making people wait for hours and hours without giving any updates/info until the very last minute, they tell everyone to leave to airport coz no flights’ gonna happen.

    I don’t know if you’ve read this already, but I thought it was pretty shameful that Dublin Airport Authorities made this public announcement which “subtly” states the selfishness of Ryanair and how they don’t give a crap about anything but their profit, not even safety.


    Latest News
    Weather Disruption At Dublin Airport

    December 23 2010

    Weather Disruption at Dublin Airport

    Safety is Dublin Airport’s key priority at all times and we only ever suspend operations for safety reasons.

    As soon as our regular safety checks deem it unsafe for an aircraft to land or to take off, we have to suspend flight operations. We then work to clear the snow and ice as quickly AS possible, but we only ever resume flight operations when it is safe to do so.

    We are acutely aware of passengers’ frustration, particularly at this time of year, but we have to put their safety and the safety of the crews who fly the aircraft, first at all times. Safety guidelines are constant, 365 days of the year.

    Our staff are currently working around the clock to ensure that as many people as possible can get home or away for Christmas. It would be preferable if Ryanair focussed all its energies in joining the other airlines and service providers at the airport, in helping us all meet this objective.

    Safety is the Dublin Airport Authority’s key priority and we would hope that it is Ryanair’s as well.

  15. Payment with creditcard. Be carefull when you pay with a creditcard from another country than the price stated by ordering. If you buy in Euro and your creditcard are danish Ryan will make a exchange to Danish Kroner and add on 6,5 % to the current exchange rate. If you take the Euro normally the Creditcardcompany charges you 1,5-2,5 % to the current exchangerate. You can change it back to Euro but it is not easy.

  16. The Daily Mail has published a report that may cost Ryan Air thousands. It appears that EU legislation requires companies who trade online to enable customers to make contact with them by email. Of course, Ryan Air have never considered actually helping passengers when they can charge £1 per minute on the rip-off premium phone line.

  17. Flight FR9342 Seville-Pisa
    date: 16th june 2011
    After 2 hours delay on the hot ramp with closed doors and no air conditioning an italian passenger grabs the emergency handle and opens a hatch. Passengers get freedom through the emergency slide.
    Flight attendants didn’t even think about giving water to their ‘customers’.
    Check more here
    http://tinyurl.com/d8tdjvn (in italian)
    or somewhere else.
    Keep up the good work

  18. Fantastic site!

    Just booked klm instead of ryan even if they were 200 eur cheaper. We should print stickers with ihateryanair and put them all over airports and ryanair aircraft.

    Keep up the good work and i hope ryan will go bust sooner than later.


  19. My daughter purchased a flight through Ryanair. She was charged twice on her debit card. When she contacted Ryanair, they told her that only one charge would post. 3 days later, both charges posted. They took and additional 3 days to refund her money and then didn’t refund the full amount. When she called back about not getting the full refund, she was told that the bank would have to fax documentation to Ryanair proving the amount charged and the amount refunded to verify the difference. Our bank does not fax merchants so we’re just out the difference. This is ridiculous because Ryanair has records of how much was charged and how much refunded without the bank verifying. She should never have been charged for the second ticket to begin with!

  20. The £60 boarding pass rip off. Had to go back early for funeral (therefore original flight not going to be used and available for Ryanair to resell), booked late at night from holiday cottage and couldn’t print out. Tried at airport to do (three hours in advance) minimum time four hours. Checkin guy was fab – he allowed me to not pay for boarding pass in circumstances. Was paged/chased round airport by Servisair people on behalf of Ryanair (Servisair people really professional) to rectify check in guy’s ‘customer service failure’. Servisair agreed to waive their part of the fee given my circumstances if Ryanair would (something to do with accounting). Ryanair wouldn’t so was forced to pay at gate. Wanted to pay in euros as stated on website (grat exchange rate 1:1 as it clearly states either £60 or 60 euros) Complained and just received response – you can print out up to 40 minutes before dep time or pay in euros or sterling. Former totally incorrect and wasn’t allowed to payin euros so again incorrect. Just got hold of the Customer Services’ Director’s email so am passing to her now (wonder how she sleeps at night when you see all the negativity there is about ryanair). When Ryanair finally folds – as it will do as no business can continue long term with customer service levels as there are she’s going to find it pretty tough to get a job!)

  21. On Monday 4th April I was going to fly Charleroi-Barcelona, with my children aged 2 and 5, at 19:55. Many flights from Charleroi were being cancelled, the reason given was the French air traffic controllers strike. After a long wait, at 23:55, our flight was cancelled too, due to the strike they said. We were told we could go on the website and request a refund or use the money to buy another flight (but that probably there were no seats available until Friday or Saturday). So once I got home and put the children in bed (2 am) I went online and verified that the Ryanair flights to BCN and neighbouring cities were full until Friday, I decided to book a one-way flight for Wednesday 4th with Brussels Airlines. In the meantime, my flight FR6352 was not included inthe long list of flights cancelled due to the strike on the Ryanair website, so I was not able to apply for a refund.
    On 4th April, I receive an email from Ryanair with a letter to be used with my travel insurance (assuming I had one) saying that my flight departed with 16 hours delay.
    So, did my flight really depart the following day? How was I supposed to know? We were sent home and told to find another flight!
    And is Ryanair really not liable for any of this, just because there was a strike?
    I know that some passengers did change their flights for Saturday, and were not charged anything, so I should then be entitled to a refund, shouldn’t I?
    Maybe this is not the right place for questions, and it is just meant to vent one’s anger …. But if anybody can give ideas, please do.

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