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I work for Ryanair myself, as a cabin crew, and really can only apologize for what we’ve got to offer. People seem to forget that both crew and passengers should both stay on the same side and blame whoever is making great money out us, real idiots, that for one reason or the other, have to work or fly for this company. Ryanair sucks, no way how to deny it, but can we really start doing something about it? As for myself, having to daily deal with both very unhappy cabin/flight crew and angry passengers, I can only suggest that we cooperate and put Ryanair where they really deserve: in court! To those passengers who take it on crew i beg you some mercy because we are, at the end of the day, the ones that suffers the worse of treatments, the ones that literally starve in foreign countries and put into debt and live in constant fear of loosing our miserable job just because somebody is in a bad mood. For some, the solution is simple and immediate: leave Ryanair! Unfortunately, this is so well schemed out, that most of us end up owing more money to the company and to the bank that we have no other choice. What Ryanair do to hire crew is called fraud very well hidden in smart contracts and based on big lies. Most of us are trapped and desperately seeking help to get rid of this company. Normally, we are foreigners that got into debt, changed country and find ourselves in a dead end. To all the unhappy passengers, again, I apologize and ask for their help. I am currently seeking help in an European court and encourage others to do so. Sometime, this has to end because such a fraud cannot sustain a company on a long term. That’s Ryanair’s biggest stupidity.


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  1. Hi all, as a cabin crew member for Ryanair I would like to elaborate further on the previous messages posted on here by other crew. I have to say that I really do empathise with our passengers and can only aplogise for the terrible service offered by the airline. We as cabin crew see the distress and frustration that our passengers are placed under on a daily basis and are sadly all too often the ones who have to bear the brunt of these frustrations. Check in is a joke, the charges are scandalous, the food is abysmal, and the general attitude towards paying customers is or would be laughable (except I never see many passengers laughing)!! As was previously mentioned by another crew member on here we do understand why passengers become so angry after they are treated the way Ryanair treat them, but I would reinforce what the other people say and ask you to please understand that honestly the staff at Ryanair are treated equally awfully. We apply for our job and have to pay to travel to an interview in a foreign country (really if we had any sense we would know something was wrong there from the outset), however I digress, then we are promised at least 1300 euro pay per month. We have to pay 1800 euro just to recieve the training (yup, good old Ryanair won’t even fund your training for you), you are sent to a foreign country for 6 weeks training (oh did I mention you have to pay for your own accommodation during these 6 weeks). After this you are based anywhere in the world with the exception of the three places you are asked to choose on your application. At this point you have generally borrowed approximately 3000 euros to sustain yourself during your training time so are flat broke and generally can’t afford to live anywhere except in total slums! You are charged a lovely monthly fee out of your salary to pay for your uniform (yep they won’t even fund that).Then when you start work you generally earn somewhere between 500 and 800 euro a month, you are employed by an agency and not directly by Ryanair which means if for any reason at all the company decide you are now surplus to requirements, it’s bye bye and you don’t have a leg to stand on. Most of your working days are spent on 10 hour standbys, which means you have to be ready to be in work within 1 hour if called, so you can’t go anywhere or do anything (did I mention you don’t get paid for standby days). Also while employed as agency staff you are expected to work approximately 10 hour days, with turnarounds etc, but we are generally only paid for about 5 or 6 hours work as we are only paid while we are in the air. This means if we are delayed for 8 hours, that’s 8 hours work and no wages. We are promised contracts if we are good boys and girls, but these only ever seem to materialise for those crew members who don’t object to kissing supervisors arses for 12 months (reliable crew just get used and abused). We have 20 days holiday a year, bank holidays are excluded from this we work all of those for no extra pay and our holidays all have to be pre-booked between April and July or they are simply randomly allocated to you by rostering!
    So to sum it all up we really are aware of exactly what sort of a joke airline Ryanair operate, we have first hand experience of the money grabbing attitude, and basically they airline doesn’t discriminate between passengers or staff, if your a person then they will take you for every penny!! All I can sya is that we are on your side and if we don’t always seem the happiest or friendliest cabin crew you’ve ever met maybe I can have helped you to understand why! I hope that if any of you have the fortune (ha ha I jest) to fly with Ryanair again you may empathise with us and not treat us as the enemy, it would make a very very bad job a whole lot better if passengers could see that we really do get where you are coming from, we sadly experience the ethics and morality of Ryanair day in day out!!!
    As for me, I think I’m off to the Emirates recruitment website, it’s about time I got a job with a real airline I think :-)

  2. Having just returned from a week in Girona I have experienced the all too familiar crookery of Mr O’Leary and his bandits coupled with delays. Over £200 in baggage charges – of course he will tell you that the policies are very clear but they are not. You, O’Leary are a crook. And we will never fly with Ryanair again as the BA flight to Barcelona proper is actually cheaper once you take out the extra charges.

    I am horrifed by what I read about the conditions that the staff seem to have to work under, no doubt O’Leary knows exactly what he can get away with without actually breaking a law. He may say that these are unsubstanitated allegations but I doubt it very much given the way he appears to treat his customers.

    I have no problem with spending money for a service and airflight IS expensive. But any interaction with these muppets feels like you have been fleeced by the lowest of loan sharks.

    You O’Leary are a crook simple as that.

  3. Spend my life having to travel with Ryanair which I HATE. They are such a rip off. About to travel and avoid the bag fiasco by taking on 5 cabin bags. However, since reading their last sizing, they seem to have got smaller and we have stuck to their original sizing. Are we likely to have the usual Ryanair aggression etc and be made to put them in the hold? Anyone know?!!

  4. I’ve used ryanair three times this year. And each time the experience has just got worse and worse.

    The stress begins the second you try to use the online booking system. The flight that was advertised for 1 pence then works out nearer £100 by the time everything’s been added. Go through to the process to pay and Ryan Air automatically add all the extras possible, ensuring you have to go through and uncheck them.

    Upon arrival at ANY Ryan air checkin (O’Leary obviously prides himself on employing the most unfortunate looking staff and then trains them to be as rude as possible to allcomers) the stress level starts to go up.

    My last trip saw myself and my wife try to check in just one suitcase. Apparently, under new Ryanair regulations we have to have a suitcase each(!). So that will be an extra £10 then for absolutely nothing when one suitcase will suffice. Incidentally, if we had booked independently of each other there wouldn’t have been a problem. My wife could have checked in with one suitcase without being shouted at for being a complete imbecile intent on ripping of O’Leary’s baby. And I could have then just checked in with hand luggage.

    Once you’ve got through check in you then encounter the flight attendants who seem to delight in treating you as if you are complete scum because, let’s face it, if you could afford it you’d be on any other airline instead of using O’Leary’s second class bus service with wings.

    And then, having read O’Leary’s in-flight drivel about how wonderful his service is and learning how Ryanair has the best figures for NOT losing baggage (not surprising when most people take on hand luggage as to book in their suitcase costs more than the seat on the plane does) you’ve guessed it – Ryanair lose your baggage. Out of four return flights this year, they’ve managed to lose my baggage twice.

    And finally… having just tried to book my 15 year old daughter a flight to see a friend in Milan I learn from the website that 14-15 year olds have to contact the reservation centre to book a flight. At a cost of 10 pence a minute you are informed for almost two minutes that you really should be using the website to make a booking and not bothering Ryanair on the phone as they really don’t want to talk to mere members of the public – after all, we’re simply phoning them to waste their time. So far I’ve made four attempts to talk to someone. The first attempt resulted in me being cut off when I eventually got through to somebody mid conversation.

    The second time resulted in actually going all the way through the booking process (approximately 8 minutes) before being told that the system was down and they couldn’t take the reservation. Oh, and they couldn’t phone me back either (so much for wanting my business).

    The third attempt I was told that I had to contact another number which I carefully wrote down and double checked. Upon ringing it I discovered the number didn’t exist.

    My final attempt resulted in me discovering that I couldn’t book the flights anyway as the reservation had to be made within 14 days of the flight itself – something which didn’t happen on attempt number 2.

    I’ve had enough of the scumbags at Ryanair. I’ve had enough of their leprachaun of a smug chairman aggressively telling all and sundry that his company is giving the public what they want which I assume means bad service, overpriced crap for meals and coffee that is so hot it still hasn’t cooled down by the time you arrive (and the reason why it’s so hot is because if you could actually taste it you’d discover how bland it was and the last thing Ryanair want is for you to complain to one of their trolls about anything Ryanair are doing because then she would have to accuse you of air rage and get you thrown off the flight.

    O’Leary – you and your staff treat all of your customers with contempt and disdain and I personally hope your shitty little company goes bust as soon as possible.

    For all you potential Ryanair customers out there – don’t do it. Go anywhere else. Drive, go by boat, cycle, walk or even use British Airways even though it will cost you triple the Ryanair equivalent but at least they want your business and actually behave as if they care about you and yours.

  5. Our flight to Rome was cancelled as we stood at the departure gate. The reason, bad weather. Admittedly it was foggy but other planes were landing and taking off with no problems. We were escorted out of the departure lounge, through baggage reclaim and back to departures again where we had to book another flight.

    All other flights to Rome for the day were cancelled, so were given the option of flights to anywhere else in Italy. We chose Pescara which meant extra charges for hire cars and a 300 mile road trip when we landed.

    Door to door the journey took 17 hours, it would have been quicker to drive. With small very tired children and 2 pensioners this was the worst trip of my life. We vowed never to fly Ryan air again. That was 2 years ago and we’ve kept to our word.

  6. I hate the fucking cocksucking airline too. I traveled from Maastricht (the Netherlands) to Girona in June 2008 with my wife and our 3 young children. Things started off well with some sourfaced bitch telling us our luggage was overweight and we had to cough up 100+ euro’s. We assumed (wrongley) that as we had young children we would be one of the first ones on the plane. We were so wrong! Without a priority ticket (the fat bitch at the check in could of advised us to purchase one, that’s fucking customer service you bastads). We ended up getting on last on a full plane and couldn’t find seats near eachother. One of my children (son 5 years) has a disbility and I asked the steward is he could assist me in finding a place to us to sit together. The cunt told me to sit find seperate seats and sit down, when I exploded and called it a “fucking shame” he told to sit or I would not be on the plane. Bastard bastard bastard. I needed a beer to calm me down and ended up paying 7 euros for a warm Italian beer that tasted like catspiss and a bottle of water. I hate them, fucking nazis!!!!!!!!!

  7. I recently flew Ryanair from Stansted to Angoloume and back again – what a joke. Even from booking! I went with my partner who is in a wheelchair – so you have to ring the booking centre to book assistance. Ring the UK number at 10p a minute – 2 minutes before I actually get into a queue to speak to someone then it cuts off! Try again same problem. Eventually have to ring Ireland to sort it out (thank god I don’t pay for international calls)
    Got through to the most patronising woman at the end of the phone. I asked her to remimberse my partners check in fee (as per the website) she refused – so I complain and get some drivel about the T&C’s and one of us is checking in luggage still get the money back.
    Going out get to the gate huge queue, the plane is delayed and no information about it! Seriously why do people pay for priority boarding when that queue is nearly as long as the normal queue!

    Coming back was a joke, get to check in desk we’re 2kgs over the limit I argue its only a tiny amount to no avail I have to pay 30 Euro. I repack things into my hand luggage so I am now underweight – but hang on I’m still taking that weight onto the plane grr!!
    Waiting to board, there are to queues again by 2 doors, we wait b by the easiest door to get out of for my partner which is the priority boarding door. We ask someone at the airport if this is ok. Yes it is for my partner, but as I have not paid for priority boarding I have to go to the other door, she is quite insistant until I quote European law to her (shut her up!).
    I personally don’t have a problem with cabin staff (except they are often foreign), but brought 2 coffees and a bag of sweets at £7.50 I could buy 3 jars of coffee for that!
    Next time I go to France, I’m getting the train it costs just the same if not cheaper. Ryan air will no longer have money from me.

  8. I recently flew to/from Luton & Reus with Ryanair.

    The add ons do add up but you get what you pay for. If you only take habd luggage and do online check-in then you can get a bargain.

    If a fare is £30 then I don’t see how people can moan about paying an extra £16 to take a suitcase.

    The legroom was good, better than Thomsonfly, Monarch and easyJet – this might be because there is no seat pocket. I’m glad the seats don’t recline as all Ryanair flights are only shorthaul and I think it shows a great disrespect to the person behind you.

    The aircraft looked new, well maintained and was fairly clean.

    The crew were fantastic in both directions and we landed in Reus 5 minutes early, our return flight to Luton landed 25 minutes early.

    What I witnessed was a friendly, efficient airline which unfortuntely only has its reputation as nasty becuase of the man at the top.

    I also flew with them to Gerona in April for 2p return. I only took hand luggage, did online check-in and paid with Visa Electron and the price really was 2p, no catches.

    People want cheap fares but still expect the earth.

    I strolled along this site on google by mistake and had to post a compliment for Ryanair as people know the luggage allowances etc. before they go.

    I will continue to use Ryanair.

  9. I hate Ryanair with a passion. Like anyone else, I’d only use them if theres no choice whatsoever. QUESTION: why would anyone pay the extra £8 to get in the ‘priority queue’ just to GET ON the stupid plane. For the £8 Ryanair should also issue the paying muppets in the queue a T shirt each, saying ‘I’m a Ryanair Mug, done for another £8′. OK Ryanair – how about a priority treatment to GET OFF the plane at the end, and PRIORTIY to re-collect my bag. No, its priority to get on the stupid plane and then get the hell off at the end in a free-for-all-fight, and take your rubbish with you. And also … £24 for checking in ONE BAG. Thats a scandelous price. In what way is that a good deal? Then its HARD SELL on the plane. The voice tape of some smooth voiced bloke telling us we can buy a specially selected (pressumably specially selected to be as cheap as possible for Ryanair) red or white wine or perhaps a designer coffee … what. The Website is a pain in the arse, if you leave it a few minutes then come back and enter more details then press ENTER it times-out and you start again. If you make a mistake, there is no phone call to rectify, just a huge cost to change it online even if you try 2 mins after the error. The website is also designed to be easy to make mistakes, or accidently include insurance I don’t want. Its all very impersonal, very blatent, every sales trick in the book. If feel a bit sorry for the staff, I think a lot of people are rude to them because they hate Ryanair so much, so the staff have become stubborn and equally rude. With Ryanair the customer is not usually right – right? Hats off to Michael, he’s a canny slime ball business man and he’s made a fortune – but the company, the staff, the ethos is not in the slightest bit likeable. Service with a sneer.

  10. i used ryanair last year and got caught coming back with the laggage sting of being over by a couple of kilo’s even though it was the same contents as when i flew out. when i told the staff i was told there was something wrong with the scales that day so i paid the excess and vowed that i would’nt use them again.
    this year i booked a holiday for october and it was only when i agreed to the terms that i found the airline was ryanair and i would have to pay for luggage there and then or not at all so my holiday cost me another £90.00

  11. I hate Ryanair because on the way back from Portugal I left my confirmation in the suitcase. When I tried to check in, I was told that if I didn’t have the printout then they would charge 80 euros to “search their systems to check my ticket”. Even though the check in guy’s hand was on my name on the passenger lost in front of him. A name which matched my passport. 80 Euros to read a name from a list. Extortion! Stupid airline. Oh, and in the recent aircraft failure they had, the boss man says they followed procedure, and that cabin crew should ignore passengers and put their own masks on. Did that happen on the Qantas plane when their oxygen masks deployed? No, it didn’t, captured on video as proof. Stupid airline.

  12. Just back from Seville with my husband and baby son. We have 2 major issues with the airline now. Firstly, in relation to the baggage excess. We were apparently over 9kg on the way out and got charged 135euros then on the way back guess what, we weren’t over at all! Surprise surprise! I now have great advice for all those who are told they are in excess of their baggage allowance, ask to put it on another airlines scales or ask to step on it yourself knowing your own weight! In Seville the check in desk was free for a while beforehand and lots of passengers weighed it themselves to be sure not to be ripped off!
    Secondly, we had paid for Priority boarding but in Seville it is non existant. Before you go to the departure lounge you must queue at security to get your passports checked by the spanish police. However, when you get into the departure lounge, Ryanair staff don’t wait for people to gather inside and call priority boarding. Instead they let them board at that stage. So priority boarding is non existent. When I asked the staff why this was so they blamed the spanish police. But I believe if they know they can’t provide the service they shouldn’t charge at all. I will write to them about this but i know the response. So my response is simple, I won’t fly with them for hell or highwater again, even if they’re the only airline into a city I just won’t go. I just hope more people do the same, ‘vote with your feet’!!

  13. The most annoying inane jingle ever now greats us on Ryanair flights – an electronic version of ‘Chopsticks’. 5 minutes of this is a nightmare, yesterday it was 30minutes with endless ad repeats. How can we stop it? Top quality earplugs, Top volume Ipod or more likely we’ll drive 100km to another airport and airline, it’s that bad!! How to drive away your customers!!

  14. ryanair is indeed shitty…but have you checked theire costumer services…that fucking cunts treat us like we here beggers at theire dooe…mother fuckers…if i find out where they i kill one of them…today they made me sick for another year…i swear to god i kill one…just let me find out who they are…

  15. Every single one of you are hypocritical pigs, you don’t like the service pay a fortune, go with somene else and stop fucking whinging like a bunch of babies, and to insult the apperance you should be ashamed of yourself, you belong in a sty with the other pigs, since your too good take your nose out of the air and go with ba

  16. I work for Ryanair, and I know the company is not the best, but c’mon, if youy, passengers read the terms and conditions before you flight, you would not have so many troubles once in the airport,… As crew I have to pay as everyone else, but i dont pay extra luggage….how is that possible?? becouse i pack knowing that if its too much i’ll have to pay, and becouse i know it, if i take 20kg with me, then i cant complain!!! I read complaints about how unfair it is that i’m late for check in and that bitch didn’t let me go through,well, go earlier next time and no pprobs. how it is they charge 3 euros for a coffee, as you were early this time at the airport, you can have it there. The food is disgusting, get it in boots, then!! NOONE force you to buy on board, if you only take hand luggage you can flight to italy for 10 euros…and back!!! But the worst is that comment about the decompression Ryanair had in august, well, the drill for the cabin crew is very clear, grap the mask, sit down, strap in. As the first thing the flight deck is going to do is do an emergency descent so everyone can breathe. And by the way, the cabin crew already told you what to do, yes, at the beginning of the flight, on that safety demostration that you not only don’t want to listen to but the one you were laughing about!! just think that if the cabin crew don’t put their masks on, and there is an evacuation, who is going to save your live? as half of you don’t even know where to go!!!
    And if its so bad, really, don’t flight with ryanair anymore, never. the crew on board would appreciate if all of you, moaners, complainers too good for this airline never ever go onboard again. Have a lovely flight.

  17. I work for ryanair too. Totally agree with annon! Cant say no more: reed terms and conditions- its all there!
    Food on board- you dont have to buy it!

    Earnings in Ryanair: when I started I was earning 1000 pounds, quickly recieved RYR contract and it went up to 1600 pounds. Than changed the base to Spain and have double the money that tipical spanish have. ITS SUPER COOL!

    I dont understand many of the complains.
    On my flights very often meet people which were very happy with the flights: f.ex flying for the first time, or becouse they have airport close and dont have to drive to other airports etc…
    And remember: if pasangers are nice we are nice too! Flying with Ryanair can be a really nice experience! Attitude is the key…

    greetz to everyone, and just to change your mind- take a look in the internet for ryanair fansites- belive me there are plenty of those!

  18. Hi Everyone I would like to ask you a question about Loan from Bank of Ireland for Ryanair course. I was doing course and finished it.I have got my start date but they mess up my papers and references. I was based on Stansted and waiting for a job to work. I havn´t got a pass after 3 weeks waiting on it so I decide to resign and look for Other job because I was out of money totaly. Do you have any experience or advise what will be happend If I will not pay the load for the course.
    Could someone help or give some advise what to do.

    Please write to my email: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot.

  19. Hi there Mr Bossi,

    I would suggest that perhaps you were somewhat hasty in handing in your notice? Papers and references can take a while to sort out.

    If you do not pay back the loan, you’ll be chased for it. Once caught, you will be dressed up in a bright blue suit, strapped to a crew seat and forced to drink scalding coffee whilst humming Mr Superfly. I’d pay it back if I were you.


    The IHR team

  20. Ryanair needs a thorough, official investigation and that’s a fact.

    I do understand certain charges are avoidable and you *can* fly with just the price of the ticket and the taxes and fees, but this I find unethical:

    - The total price of the flight, inclusive of taxes and ‘optional’ fees, does NOT appear on the flight search results page, after the flight has been selected, which is in breach of British Office of Fair Trading regulations. Which means a flight of, say £9.99 is NEVER going to cost that.

    - Airport Check-In: £4 – what for?

    - Lost or misplaced confirmation number: £40 or more.

    - 1 Checked in Bag: £12 – this is just absolutely ridiculous.

    - You CANNOT check in online unless you have a European Union passport, hence you are FORCED to pay the £4 check-in charge. This is plain discrimination, not to mention illegal.

    Now — I do understand there will be people who travel with a small hand bag, are from the EU and have a printer at home, which means they will avoid all extra charges, but the way customers are treated and the extortionate prices Ryanair has, makes it unviable for the majority of people, not to mention families, to fly with them with the risk of losing a bag and never getting it back.

    Ryanair should be put out of business.

  21. Ryan air Bournemouth to Gerona return. Flight free but £12.00 in taxes. Pay by Electron Visa so no card charges. Took own sandwiches, sweets, biscuits and empty thermos flasks plus sachets of coffee, coffe-mate and sugar in hand luggage. Once through security cadge, ask for or even buy hot water for the flasks. Self, wife and kids all end up in separate areas so fairly quiet flight for wife and I, though pity the poor sods sat next to kids (ryan air policy not to allocate seats so not my fault). Had books, ipods or CD players for inflight entertainment. Weather hot so cheaper to buy a couple of T shirts, shampoo, etc, and bin them than pay luggage charges. Plan on doing the same next year. The idea is to play Ryan Air at their own game by thinking ahead. £48.00 for four flights to Spain. Can’t be bad.

  22. I agree with most of the above comments, so how can we research the legality of Ryanair policies? I’m willing to research, write letters, etc., but need a place/name/address to begin…THANKS!
    Also, yes I have smpathy for most of the ground and cabin crew, but it’s difficult when a few of them take their frustrations out on the customers, thus causing us even more stress. And the vicious cycle continues, with O’Leary at the helm, malevolently stirring the brew :( (

  23. For the cabin crew who have posted -not the weird ones, whichever planet they’re from- we do feel your pain, honestly. If I had been treated the way I was on my flight, from Glasgow to Girona, by the cabin staff of any other airline I’d have decked someone.

    We know it’s not your fault; we know that you’re treated worse than we are, BUT IT’S SO INFURIATING. Give us a wink so that we know you’re human and we’ll give you a smile and cut you some slack. Only you know the pain I experience because Ryanair is the only way I can get from Scotland (family) to Catalunya (work).

    You have a choice. Easyjet always seems like fun to me.

  24. !!!!!I LOVE RYANAIR!!!!!!

    Where else can you get flights for less than a bus ticket?
    Where else has a beautiful new aircraft fleet?


    !!!!!!!!!!IF RYANAIR ARE THAT BAD , DON’T TRAVEL WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  25. i also work for ryanair and i think that what some of the people have said on this are just ridiculous
    if u are going to moan the face off the cabin crew the moment that u get on the aircraft then u will definetely not be treated with the same amount of respect as the passengers who smile say hello and are NICE to you

    if u take cabin baggage then u dont have to pay excess charges. also if u are travelling alone dont pay for priority u will always get a seat anyway. use a visa electron card then u dont have credot card charges. check in online for your flight as well. it can cost next to nothing to get anywhere if u are clever about it

    I have in many situations moved people so that families are able to sit together as best as possible
    it is not the cabin crews fault that the airline doesnt allocate seats remember that please!!

    in regards to the jingles and announcements again it is not our choice to play these songs. if someone from head office was on out flight then we would get reprimanded by our base supervisors for not doing these things.

    and on a final note about the trolley services. If you dont want it dont buy it. again the crew dont make up the prices or choose the things we have onboard. if u think the coffee is weak then write to the company that makes the coffee and u think the stuff is overpriced then write to head office.

    i like my job and i like most of the passengers as long as they have the right attitued when getting onboard the aircraft. some people in life just like to complain and these are the people that seem to fly with ryanair vecause they dont want to fork out loads of money for a flight
    maybe they just want something to complain about who knows!!

  26. Ryanair is marginal cheaper than the rest, this is often the case at least.

    As a customer I only care about the final amount to be paid, I don’t care about how much is taxes, credit card fees, luggage fees etc. But at the end of the day (or purchase) Ryanair will have charged so many fees that the ticket price comes dangerously close to its competitors.

    Not to mention that Ryanair lands in airports far away from the destination resulting in further transport prices and time wasted.

  27. i wish a had looked for sites titled “ryanair sucks” or “ryanair are thieving bastards” before i booked my flights for a week at easter in granada and seville. i’m so pissed of with ryanair. they’ve just sent me an email informing me that my return flight will be changed (second time in a month) while i already have accommodation booked and paid for, and ther is no customer service department available at the weekends. not to mention the £1 per minute charges when you actually can call.
    it might be my last time with f**ing ryanair.

  28. Just having arrived back from another rip-off journey with Ryanair I must say I had to laugh and big, good fat belly laugh too as I now know it is only a matter of time before Michael O’Leary, the smart-arsed twat that he is, will get his comeuppance. It is clear that consumers will no longer put up with his blatant strategy of stealth charging. Soon the world’s crappest airline will go bust. Times are tough and we are sick to death of being treated as second-class citizens, it is time for consumers to be more discerning. The most ridiculous thing is that you can usually get flights with proper airlines that are cheaper than Ryanair but it seems it is taking a while for the penny to drop that the advertised fare is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cost particularly in view of the latest raft of charges that are now added – airport check-in (£9.50 pp), checked-in luggage (£19 per bag), debit card fee (£19) plus ‘taxes, fees and charges’ – whatever they are! So for return flights for two the fare component was £79.96 but the total cost was £246.24!!! If that is not a rip-off I don’t know what is. I have vowed NEVER TO FLY RYANAIR again! And the only way to ensure that Ryanair go down the tubes and fast is if we put our money where our mouths are and not use them. Flying Ryanair is total false economy. Beyond the outrageous raft of stealth charging there is also the fact that their airports are located in the back of beyond so there are extra transport costs to add to the mounting total as well.

    Across the board their staff are sullen and seemingly have no concept whatsover about what customer service is. Although I must say I am grateful to the member of staff who told me about this blog after I said that I was going to start up an I hate Ryanair site – he said, ‘too late, someone has already beat you to it.’

    The planes are dirty and they have the audacity to ask customers to ensure they don’t leave any rubbish lying around because of their tight turnaround times – tough! If the airline chooses to have such impractical timings why should we wear the brunt of it yet again. I always make a point of spreading around as much rubbish as possible! Then on yesterday’s flight after it took hours of queuing at the check-in desk and then at security (only one person manning the x-ray machine) once we were finally on board after queuing yet again to get on the bloody plane, the cabin crew were hurrying us to get settled threatening that if we weren’t quick about it that we would miss our slot – what!!!! Here’s a suggestion, employ more staff to process people onto the plane faster and then you wouldn’t have to put the onus on us after we had already endured three of the slowest moving queues in the history of man – check-in, security, boarding – and guess what, we’d all be on the plane a lot faster.

    You know what, I am just sick of talking about it… just get rid of them, they are just absolute crap with no respect whatsover for their paying customers. The solution is simple, take affirmative action: DON’T FLY RYANAIR!

  29. Oops forgot to say that on this trip (as above) I found out that if you are not an EU citizen that you can have your airport check-in fee reimbursed. Of course you have to pay for it first and then apply for reimbursement, just to make it that little more inconvenient for you in the hope that you won’t bother. Trust me I will go to whatever bother it takes to get money back from this mob of shysters.

  30. I have tons of negative experiences of Ryanair and have a very low opinion of them. They operate without integrity and try and make money by basically being sneaky with passengers. However, we can choose to avoid them if we wish, If we do not, they win and take out money. So instead of moaning about it, we should vote with our pockets and wallets.

    Also, please do not take it out on the crew. If the plane is delayed, they suffer as much as we do, if not more. They, and not O’Leary, have to take the passengers’ gripes.

  31. Manual of Passenger

    1) Queues at security and check-in are annoying. The best way how to deal with it is to be as rude as possible to anybody (make sure you don´t make a difference between airport staff, who´s responsible for the ques at security and airline staff, who has nothing to do with that. Be fair and give them all hell)
    2) NEVER EVER read “”Terms and Conditions”
    3) Check the weight of your lagguage before going to airport. If it´s overweight, just leave it and than jangle with check-in clerk. (The other people waiting in the queue will appreciate it.)
    4) Loose your confirmation number- it makes it even more effective
    5) In duty free zone buy stuff enough to fill at least 4 plastic bags (especially with glass bottles)
    6) Don´t bother yourself to get on time to the gate, wait for the last announcment and don´t forget to put on rightly aggrieved face, if dispatcher tells you ANYTHING
    7) If he says “good afternoon”, don´t answer
    8) Spend another 5 minutes by looking for your ID and ticket
    9) Hide your boarding pass to the pocket you´d never seek for it in while beeing asked for it by cabin crew while entering the aircraft
    10) If traveling with children, never buy priority boarding and demand three seats together, although you´re the last enetring fully booked flight
    11) ask cabin crew to a) seat you with your kids together b) carrying your hand lagguage. Do it both at the same time and NEVER say “pleas” nor “thank you”.
    12) If you incidentally got on board as one of first passengers, take a seat in the front of the cabin and block the aisle as long as possilble, especially if it´s raining outside and other passengers are waiting at the stairs of the aircraft.
    12) Don´t bother yourself with turning off your mobile phone. If seated at overwings, make a call to your wife while cabin crew´s breafing you for the case of emmergency. For better effect you can keep your jacket on your lap and refuse while asked to stow it to the overhead locker.
    13) During safety demo ignore the crew (read paper instead). If the crew touches your paper by mistake during demonstrating use of life jacket, wither her with the look
    14) Once the aircraft starts to taxi, get up and demand go to the toilet. If the crew don´t let you, tell her something rude, but not too much, otherwise you risk to be arrested after landing ain miss a loads of fun.
    15) Try it once again after take off, while the seatbelt sign still illuminates
    16) When the cabin crew´s distribuing magazines, pretend lack of interest. Wait 5 minutes, than press the callbell and ask for the magazine. Do the same with the menu card. (Or even beter: Ask for the menu card DURING the service)
    17) During the service shout at the cabin crew “hey, love, give me a can of beer!” The girl most probably came from the country where people say “pleas” and “thank you” and men still hold the door for ladies and she will be funnily confused. If she doesn´t understand to your accent, don´t forget to loudly coment her dissability (although she probably speaks three other languages and you only speak english)
    18) Buy just one drink (don´t forget to comment that shameful prize) and after CCs have finished the service, jsut keep pressing the callbell to get another drinks
    19) keep reminding to the cabin crew that everything went wrong that day (and yesterday, last week…) is completely THEIR fault and treat them like this as well
    20) During preparation for landing repeat you favourite joke with the tolilet. If they let you go, pee on the toilet seat and that pull out all the paper towels provided and drop them on the floor. Than complain to cabin crew how messy the toilet is.
    21) After landing unstrap your seatbelt and get up to grab your bag as fast as possible. No matter the aircraft is not on the stand yet and you can hardly jump out through armed doors with no stairs attached. Just go ahead until somebody outruns.
    22) It´s a great idea to ignore rubbish trolley and leave so many rubbish around as possible, just like Leanne mentioned above! Cabin crew has about 5 minutes to clean all that mass you made after you leave, so why make it easier for these bastards!
    23) Leaving the aircraft, never say “goodbye” to anybody.

    All these things and many many MANY more I´ve learned from our passengers. I hope you will follow it every time and it will help you to enjoy flihgts with Ryanair even more!:-))))

  32. I am a non-EU national living and working in the UK; my spouse, an Italian, lives in Berlin. I commute a lot and Ryanair alas is the only real option. Ryanair have taken to forcing EU-nationals to check in at the airport, thus incurring charges that EU-nationals can avoid by checking in online and printing out their boarding passes.

    It used to be the case that passengers were told, unofficially, to choose the online check-in option and then check in at the airport, where the charges were waived. Ryanair now–ever looking for a way to make another pound no matter how underhandedly—are now enforcing the charge for non-EU nationals. If you object, you are asked to write Ryanair for a refund. They no doubt assume correctly that most people will think that that is more trouble than it is worth. The charges are not large, but when one flies a lot, they add up.

    In short: it can never be as cheap for a non-EU national to fly Ryanair as for an EU-national. This is DISCRIMINATION, and is, I suspect, illegal under EU law. (Even granted that I can apply for a refund, and supposing that my time is worthless, the stamp still costs something!)
    But really it’s the ugly principle of the thing, not the money, that really makes me angry. In any situation in which I have a choice, I will avoid Ryanair. No matter how politely I have pointed out that this practice is unfair, Ryanair’s staff have simply been rude and hostile.

  33. Hi,

    I’ve been reading these blogs as i am too trying to resolve or at least gain some advice on a complaint with ryanair.
    Whilst i perhaps have not experienced some of the bad experiences that i am reading about, i would like some help (if anybody can) on how i or whom i can contact about items left on board a flight.
    I understand that i have been carless in leaving an item on board, but when trying to get through to ryan air to question why a member of crew or cleaners have not handed in my item, i get absolutely no-where. I have been told that if i need to make a complaint i need to write, and connot make any verbal contact.
    And whilst i do not want to make any sort of accusations, all i can assume is that someone has found my item and decided to keep it.
    I would like to make a complaint, but need a number or some advice, if atall possible.

  34. After reading these posts from the employees, I think I feel more sorry for them than I do for us unfortunate customers. Ryanair truly is a lousy company that has the most brazen attitude towards customers I have ever seen. But as an American, I can say with 100% confidence that an organization such as Ryanair could never exist in the States because Americans would simply never fly on this airline. So why aren’t Europeans doing the same? I understand that some routes simply aren’t serviced on other airlines, but can’t you get creative? When the cost of flying on BA or Lufthansa is more or less the same once you factor in all the “extras” (you know, like checking in or paying with a credit card or traveling to Luton… those types of crazy frivolities), why would anyone fly on this airline? And I thought Europeans were all into labor fairness and whatnot… how is an organization like Ryanair even legally allowed to exist with what they’re doing to employees? I only had one Ryanair experience, and it ended up costing me nearly twice of what it would have cost on BA. Not that BA is the holy grail of airlines, but I think I’ve had prostate exams that were pleasant than my flight from Gatwick to Dublin on Ryanair (nothing new that’s not already on the board… nasty staff, charges for oxygen to breathe, etc.). This is an airline that is strongly considering charging you to use the toilet. Yes, very classy.

  35. For me it is simple: I reject their petty and vicious rules and regulations, I do not want to go through their booby-trapped website to make a reservation, and because they do not only treat their passengers as trash, but also their workforce, I do not fly Ryanair. I live just 30 km from Weeze, at Nijmegen. For me it would be very convenient to fly from there to Dublin, however, it is Ryanair. I rather catch the train to Schiphol Amsterdam and fly the decent airline Aer Lingus to Dublin. And please, do not take frustrations about Ryanair out on Irish people in general with nasty comments. I have encountered nothing but kindess and hospitality in Ireland during my numerous stays. And that begins on the Aer Lingus plane at Amsterdam. Ryanair is the exception.

  36. Hi – my daughter has just been accepted by Ryanair to attend a training course based in Stansted. I have very mixed feelings after reading through the requirements of the course, as it seems to emphasise the money it will cost rather than her future prospects. As we live in the north of England she will have a costly commute and I presume she will have to pay for lodging. Has anyone else done this, and do you have any idea of the cost and where accommodation is likely to be? Whilst I realise it is an opportunity I wonder if she will end up paying out more that she may possibly earn and wonder also if it is just a money-spinning scheme?


  37. Hello

    Having read the comments here I do agree with some of the points made, and that yes, Ryanair can be unfair at times.

    I am crew too, and before I started fore Ryanair I did my best to read up on the company looking at sites such as this, so surely we all know what we are getting into.

    I have now worked for the company for 2 years, and can honestly say as long as you keep your head down get on with the job and are reliable crew Ryanair will happily progress you!

    Whilst Ryanair may not be the most amazing of companies to work for, some of us do thoroughly enjoy our jobs and working for them, and I just wanted to air that opinion on this wall.


  38. also i did used that company RianAir for transporting my parents i’ll never use it again. such a bad experience. Wont let bunch of idiots treat me as a sh… And also customers who agreed to be treatened like that very often are not the best people at all.

  39. My family will also never fly Ryanair again. In May we made the mistake of flying from Malaga to Birmingham on Ryainair. Their scales are deliberately rigged to overweigh items: FACT. This led to the inevitable transfer of pants, knickers etc into handluggage. Followed by the even more inevitable request to squish said hand luggage into a small metal box. Which almost took my fingernail off. The miserable check in bitch even smiled at that. Where the hell do they get these people from? The way back was just as bad – because we have a child with us, we were VERY conscious of the fact that they do not help you sit together (how ridiculous, see post above). So there I was, again jumping like Basil Fawlty on my bag to get it in the metal measurement thing at Birmingham.

    If I ever have to travel with them again (I would rather hitchhike), I will stick the check in girl head first in that measurement cage if she crosses me.

    Oddly enough I would say that generally the cabin crew are OK. Maybe that is because they know that there is little they can do to rip you off.

    I HATE this company. I also HATE that odious little turd O’Leary. What self respecting CEO talks about blow jobs in an interview? He is off his tiny little gnome like rocker. I was going to write to him about my injured finger (and show him a photo in the apprpriate pose, it was my middle finger after all), but then it occurred to me that he would just laugh, the wanker.

    Well done for setting up this website, had I any technical knowledge I would have done it myself. This company must go into liquidation. Sooner rather than later. We do not need competition like this, Mr O’Leary.

  40. this comment refers to the post by leela: Thats just encouraging to treat us crew like cr*p, we get enough of it already. Cn’t u see we just the victims aswell and i think pax should treat us how they expect to be treated. I know there’s some crew with bad attitudes, never smile,etc(cant blame them!) but we not all like that, and i know that me and many others do everything we can to make it a great flight, and we get nothing back in return still get abuse and filthy looks. At the end of the day if there was an emergency onboard, u pax wouldnt have a clue and you’d soon be looking to us to save u… when you’ve just treated us like filth. PLEASE have respect for crew

  41. I left a jacket with my wallet inside it on a ryanair flight today… i wonder how long it will take to get it back, if at all, and how much they are going to make me pay – God I wish I’d left it on any other airline…

  42. Hi, I know there’s many cynical comments about Ryanair on here, but I am Cabin Crew with Ryanair and i’d just like to state that all these baggage charges ect, arn’t our fault. It’s a job to us at the end of the day and when you have passengers giving you dirty looks and abuse, it’s not nice. We haven’t done anything wrong to anyone, we’re just simply trying to work so we can survive. I know it’s frustrating with all Ryanair’s fee’s and stuff, but the Cabin Crew such as myself are innocent, we don’t make these inconvienient prices up. I love my job and I try to assist anyone when onboard the aircraft when I can, Just see it from a crew’s perspective.

  43. Ryanair have just cancelled my girlfriend’s Xmas eve flight. She booked it a few weeks ago when she could have got it cheaper. Now she has no flight and is forced to pay much more than she would have done if she had gone with another airline when she booked the original flight.

    Can someone please tell me what kind of filth could cancel probably the most important flight of the year. It really is beyond belief and I really hope anyone who works for Ryanair can get themselves a job with another airline because if you stay much longer O’Leary will leave his stench over you as well.

  44. this was their email:

    Dear Customer
    > Ryanair regrets that following an operational review your flight/s detailed below will cease operation from the 02/12/09 – 27/03/10.
    > Please advise any other passengers who may be travelling in your party of the cancellation of this booking.
    > Any flights booked departing between the 02/12/09 – 27/03/10 have been cancelled and a refund will be automatically processed back to the original form of payment used to pay for the original booking. If one of the flights in this reservation is due to depart before the 02/12/09 and you do not wish to use the flight you can receive a refund by clicking on the link below and completing the form.

  45. Hi

    i am going to attend the trainning course in portugal…
    Can u tell me who pays for the accomodation while i am in the course?
    If i go to a base for example in the U:K who pays for the accomodation..?
    Do we pay for the flights?
    I am having a second guess if i will attend or not this course…

  46. hi
    me again..
    well i passed the interview…
    can u tell me what does the medical test requires…do they see our legs?
    because i have e problem with my legs…
    can u please answer me?

  47. Hi Flower,
    Well done on the interview pass. We have no information on medical requirements, you would be best advised to speak with Ryanair direct.

  48. Dear All,
    I am an ex member of ryanair cabin crew and these people have ruined my life totally.
    They just don’t care about peoples feelings its incredible a company like that survives in the uk in the 21st century. Its diabolical that it is not regulated by any authority. I was bullied and abused for three years by supervisors fellow crew and managers. Still i persevered as junior crew. I was promised to move up to supervisor. I passed the exams at 100 percent and when it came for my training onboard the aircraft no one would allow me practice tests in order to take the real tests on board.
    I was placed in debt and lost my house my car and family. Im just about keeping my head up now with a normal cleaning job. I was so desperate i asked for my job back. I didnt leave. I was off ill and i got dismissed.
    There are a small percentage of people who are genuine. Most are in the culture to take and take and abuse and dehumanise. Working there made me realise that it was the closest i came to being in a concentration camp.
    I survived three years of abuse mentally and verbally. i also had a few passengers hit me for simply telling them to put their seatbelts on. the list goes on and on. it ended to an extreme when i started suffering racist abuse. Most of the supervisors are total monsters. All of the ones at Liverpool airport are not human and wear make up so much they completley disguise their real extereriors and they are the ones who know nothing about the job as well.
    In essence dfo not fly with them or work for them. Iwish i could tell every potential person iwho wants to work there to decline any offer. i have succeedede twice now .

  49. Hi, I will start working for ryanair this 9 th of April, I am a bit scared of briefing questions, can somebody help me?? Are they difficult???what happens if we r unable to answer then, will we lose the job??and the money, we paid to work??Are N1, that powerful??? Why would they be happy to offload you???
    Thank you

  50. A person I know simply sits on the flight and picks the stitching out the seatbelt. Apparently the ringpull on coke cans is useful.
    The cost of replacing the belt is a small punishment for inflicting such misery on passengers. I for one do not fly Ryanscare, did it once in 2003, that was enough…

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