Filthy Thieving Bastards

Ryanair cancels Italian flights due to coronavirus not wanting to fly with them

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, has said up to 25% of its short-haul flights across Europe to and from Italy are being cancelled for a three-week period “in response to the Covid-19 virus”.

We’re surprised that Covid-19 would consider boarding a Ryanair flight to start with given what filthy thieving bastards they are. Covid-19 would surely fly on a proper airline. You can follow Covid-19’s travel updates here!

In a statement this afternoon, Ryanair said it had notified passengers that it was reducing its short-haul flight program (mainly to and from Italy) by up to 25% from Tuesday 17 March to Wednesday 8 April.

The airline said that over the past week it “has seen a significant drop in bookings over that late March/early April period” as well as “a significant step up in passenger no-shows on flights, particularly from and within Italy.”

CEO Michael O’Leary said: “Our focus at this time is on minimising any risk to our people and our passengers.

“While we are heavily booked over the next two weeks, there has been a notable drop in forward bookings towards the end of March, into early April.

“It makes sense to selectively prune our schedule to and from those airports where travel has been most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.”