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Ryanair stewardess falls from aircraft

A stewardess from Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, was injured on Tuesday after falling from the rear door of the aircraft onto the floor some 3 meters below.

It is yet unknown whether she fell accidently, jumped or was pushed by a disgrunted passenger.

Apparently, the Ryanair aircraft was running late and the flight was supposed to have left at 10.15am. But when passengers were finally allowed to start boarding the plane around 11am, the atmosphere was one of stress and staff was rushing around, according to passengers.

“It was very confusing and unprofessional. It was almost like a state of panic when everything had to be done really quickly,” one passenger told daily Expressen.

Surely just a description of a normal flight on Ryanair?

The vehicle which carried the stairs by which the passengers access the plane had backed away and seconds later the hostess had tumbled out the door.

The woman sustained injuries to her head and was bleeding when the ambulance came to pick her up, according to the passenger. According to Nyberg, she was able to answer questions asked by the medical staff but had no further information about her status.

IHR wish the poor girl a speedy recovery.