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Ryanair incidents so far this year

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have not had a great start to the year when it comes to incidents, as reported by AV Herald.

January 8th 2012
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-ENI performing flight FR-9128 from Liverpool,EN (UK) to Oslo Rygge (Norway), was enroute at FL390 over the North Sea about 160nm northeast of Newcastle,EN (UK) when the captain became ill and was unable to continue duties. The first officer declared emergency and diverted to Newcastle descending the aircraft normally.

January 19th 2012
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DAK performing flight FR-258 from London Stansted,EN (UK) to Malmo (Sweden), was on approach to Malmo when the aircraft received a lightning strike. The crew continued for a safe landing on Malmo’s runway 17. The return flight FR-259 needed to be postponed, the airline reported a technical fault. A passenger reported the aircraft received a lightning strike on approach to Malmo causing visible slight damage to the radome and a wing.

January 29th 2012
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DHZ performing flight FR-6773 from Nantes to Marseille (France), was on approach to Marseille when the crew levelled off at 4000 feet reporting flaps problems and entered a holding to work the relevant checklists. The aircraft subsequently landed safely on runway 31R at a higher than normal speed about 35 minutes after aborting the first approach. Marseille Airport reported the aircraft suffered problems with the extension of the flaps.

February 6th 2012
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DCK performing flight FR-4523 from Milan Bergamo (Italy) to Brussels Charleroi (Belgium), was climbing through FL360 out of Bergamo about 40nm southeast of Zurich (Switzerland) when the crew donned their oxygen masks and initiated an emergency descent to FL100 (average sinkrate about 4300 feet/min) reporting a rapid decompression of their aircraft. The aircraft continued on FL100, later FL080 to destination for a safe landing on Charleroi’s runway 25 about one hour after initiating the emergency descent.

February 6th 2012
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DHB performing flight FR-1228 from Tenerife Sur Reine Sofia,CI (Spain) to Billund (Denmark) with 138 passengers, was climbing through FL340 out of Tenerife about 110nm north of Sur Reina Sofia Airport when the crew reported the smell of smoke in the cabin and decided to return to Tenerife’s southern airport. The aircraft landed safely at Sur Reina Sofia Airport about 22 minutes later. Responding emergency services found no trace of fire, heat or smoke.

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We’re back and we still hate Ryanair

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had a nice little breather from us publishing all the horrible truths about them over the last few weeks.

But, unfortunately for them, we’re back from our holiday around the world and chomping at the bit to get back in the groove!

So what have we missed?

Ryanair being taken to court over unpaid ash cloud compensation

It seems that a test case involving Ryanair has been heard in a European court, the outcome of which could change the rules regarding compensation when an airline cancels a flight.

A passenger made a compensation claim against Ryanair in the wake of the volcanic ash cloud disruption, when her flight from Faro, Portugal was cancelled and she became stranded for nine days.

According to the Irish Examiner, the airline refused to pay the €1,129 (£945) claim for expenses incurred and Denise McDonagh was forced to go to the county court.

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Families flying with ­Ryanair this summer will face soaring luggage charges

A family of four each with average size suitcases will have to pay £320 just to put them in the hold as the ­airline cashes in on peak season with a hike of up to 33 per cent on its baggage tariff.

Ryanair’s charge of £80 for a 20kg case is more than double summer holiday ­increases brought in by other budget carriers. spokesman Bob Atkinson said: “Ryanair clearly hopes to profit from summer holidaymakers while leaving low season prices as they are.

“This will affect families in particular. And woe betide if you forget to book that bag in online.

“It’ll cost you £100.” Families of four travelling on Flybe, easyJet, BMI, ­Thomson, Jet2 and Monarch will face luggage charges from £103 to £151.

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