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Ryanair forced to pay €45,000 in compensation to ex-employee injured while at work

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been ordered to shell out €45,000 to an ex-employee who injured his back while he was manoeuvring aircraft stairs at Dublin Airport.

Mr Damien Warcaba (25), from Poland and a former baggage handler, took action against Ryanair following the accident in July, 2008. Ryanair have always denied the claims. Typical.

While he was moving the stairs, he felt something go in his back and was taken in an ambulance to Beaumont Hospital.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton, giving judgment, said that during training, Mr Warcaba was told at least two people had to effect the manoeuvre of aircraft stairs.

However, other staff members believed the reality on the ground was different.

Mr Justice Charleton said he was satisfied that nothing in the Ryanair rostering records indicated there was an abundance of or even sufficient workers to effect the task.

He would have years of discomfort, said the judge.

Just as we would recommend not flying with this shoddy airline, we would also recommend not working for them either.


Ryanair proven useless at concealing add-ons with the launch of their charity calendar

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are famed for their hidden extras that add plenty of fat to your total fare. However, we can reveal that the sneaky scam artists have been working hard at keeping the fat off when it comes to their 2012 Ryanair calendar.

That’s right, just as a Ryanair fare of £2.99 from somewhere in the middle of nowhere to another place somewhere in the middle of nowhere can often seem too good to be true, the same can be said of the pictures of their cabin crew on their calendar.

We asked a photographic expert to examine the pictures and tell us how many hidden extras photoshop had concealed.

What became clear very quickly was the level of skill used in manipulating the images. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is “expert” and 1 is “blind as a bat”, we’d score Ryanair’s efforts in the range of a vision impared chiroptera.

Did you know that bats represent about twenty percent of all classified mammal species worldwide, with about 1,240 bat species divided into two suborders: the less specialized and largely fruit-eating megachiroptera, or flying foxes, and the more highly specialized and echolocating microchiroptera? Interesting.

Back to business. Check out these two screen grabs to see what we mean…

See the full image and links to others here:

Great skills there O’Leary. Did you do these yourself? Come on, admit it.


Ryanair to pay airport staff for catching passengers with excess luggage

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are to pay airport staff a 50p “bonus” for every bag that they identify as being too large or over weight.

This new rip-off at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool means that handlers now have a financial reward for ruining your day.

For each bag identified as being too large, the staff member employed by handling firm Servisair will be given 50p. In order to ensure that all the handlers really really try hard to catch everyone out, the payment will only come into force if an employee reaches a target of 10 bags a week.

So, Servisair workers can earn an extra fiver every day, while offending passengers are scammed with a baggage fine of £40.

One Servisair puppet, who works at the airport, said: “They brought in this new rule a few weeks ago. We’re pleased to be honest. It means we can earn a few extra quid.

“If I now see a bag that could be on the borderline I say, let’s have a look if that’s too big for the overhead lockers.

“Whereas previously we might have let borderline baggage through, now we’ll be more stringent.”

Yet another method of extracting cash from you. Steer well clear of Ryanair and their cowboy tactics. Fly with a proper airline to a destination that is actually where you were hoping to arrive at.


Ryanair moaned about RAF planes sharing same airport during Libyan bombing campaign

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been moaning and whinging like pathetic little wimps because of “disruption” apparently caused by RAF warplanes using an Italian airport during the Libyan bombing campaign.

That’s right. Lyingair didn’t like the fact that our beloved RAF were getting in the way of their lower than budget services that share the same airport in Trapani.

Trapani? Where the fuck is Trapani?

In the middle of nowhere is where. But hey! What do you expect from the scumbags at Ryanair? “Just get the 2 hour coach ride to your destination from the airfield, what’s the problem?” said a source at Lyingair.

Ryanair’s complaint about the RAF was passed to Italy’s government in Rome, which asked the Ministry of Defence to move its aircraft to alternative Italian military bases.

The RAF were apparently just hours away from moving 100′s of personnel, equipment and aircraft that would have cost the British tax payer tens of thousands of pounds but were saved when the end of operations was announced.

What an absolute disgrace Ryanair are. O’Leary should be ashamed of himself.

Last year, we reported that Ryanair were in discussions with the Ministry of Defence to buy a number of retired Harrier Jump Jets in order to take advantage of their vertical take off and landing ability thus negating the need for expensive runways and airports.