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Ryanair accused of providing ‘slave contracts’ for Norwegian cabin crew

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have featured heavily in the Norwegian press over the last few days regarding employee conditions that one anonymous cabin crew member refers to as “slave contracts”.

Moss-Avis, a Norwegian news website, spoke with the unnamed Ryanair employee this week about the issues that staff face. He said that if Ryanair found out who he was that he would be fired.

The problems he highlighted include low wages of about 1300 Euros per month. This is so low that the Norwegian immigration authorities did not believe it was possible for someone to live on such a meagre amount.

It has also been reported that cabin crew at Ryanair will be paid only for the hours they are in the air.  Any delay or cancellation results in no pay. And then, once you’re in the air, the pressure is reportedly very high for the crew to sell as much as they can with some staff on commissions.

Read the full story on Moss-Avis at:

We’ve provided a translated link too, for those that don’t speaky Norgy:

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Ryanair to scrap Boeings in return for auctioned off MOD fighter jets

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are rumored to be scrapping their fleet of Boeing 737-800s in return for a cut price deal on fighter jets being sold off as part of the government’s defence cuts.

The harrier jump jets, once converted for public use, will have a much smaller payload but can take-off vertically thus negating the need for traditional runways.

Ryanair would then be expected to make huge savings on traditional landing fees by ending all relationships with current airports and then simply land and take-off from small fields outside of town. Not that this would be much of a change from the current set-up mind you.

Ejector seat usage will of course incur a £5.00 charge plus credit card fees.

Plans are expected to become more detailed over the next few weeks but we have managed to get hold of an exclusive photo of a mock up of how the aircraft might look once in service.


Victory for Marseille as Ryanair make hasty retreat

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have thrown a childish hissy-fit and decided to close their Marseille base because of a threat of legal action over staff working practices.

The French government want Ryanair’s 200 locally based staff to pay income tax and social security in France as opposed to Ireland. Fair enough you’d have thought eh?

Not for Mr O’Dreary it would seem. In a statement he whinged that he was “disappointed at the the decision by the French authorities to initiate proceedings”.

This pathetic response comes as no surprise. Ryanair have a history of throwing toys from their pram, walking away from bases and routes when the terms do not suit them.

However, more recently we have seen that the exit of Lyingair has given proper airlines the opportunity to come and fill the smelly void, offering decent routes to airports near where you were hoping to go and decent customer service with it.

Au revoir Ryanair.


Ryanair poll results confirm airline are truly hated

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had their shocking lack of popularity confirmed as our poll results pass the 12,000 vote mark.

We all knew that Ryanair are loathed, but the scale of the hatred towards them is amazing. We have had our “Do you hate Ryanair as much as we do” poll running for just a couple of days and the results demonstrate that Ryanair’s strap line of “The World’s favourite airline” is a load of manure.

At this moment in time, 12,309 people have voted and over 10,000 of them have stated that they hate Ryanair just as much as us.

We have received hundreds of Ryanair passenger horror stories and will start publishing these very soon, keep them coming in by emailing [email protected]

We are also launching a fantastic picture competition. The theme is “Customer Service”, something that Ryanair know nothing about. More details to follow but in the meantime we suggest you get snapping so that you are in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize!


Ryanair attempt to shut this website down fails

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have recently taken us to a Nominet domain name tribunal over the usage of the domain name for this website.

Unfortunately, Lyingair won the dispute on a small technicality concerning £322 generated through affiliate deals, but never fear, we have already moved the site to it’s new home on and will continue to provide you with all the latest on how this pathetic excuse for an airline will attempt to extract cash from you through sneaky hidden charges, fly you to places that are not where you actually want to go and leave you stranded when the cr*p hits the fan.

This is apparently worthy of the “top story” position on the Daily Mail website.  Oooh, how exciting. We’re off to spend the £322 on booze to celebrate!

We are yet to decide on whether or not to appeal the decision, it costs around £3000 to do so, which could be used instead to buy 16,000,000 Ryanair flights (not including booking fees, credit card fees, baggage fees, bus from the airport in the middle of nowhere etc).

If you think we should appeal against these bullies, let us know. Better still, donate £1 to help us pay for it!

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Ryanair prove they are an ass-hole in one with new golf deal

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have formed a partnership with Golf Away International to offer “discounts” for golfers on green fees.

The airline yesterday launched ‘Ryanair Golf Direct’, which offers up to 50% off green fees at some top courses.

The deal initially covers 20 Spanish resorts, but will be extended to Portugal, the Canary Islands and the UK.

What golfers save in green fees will, however, be more than swallowed up by Ryanair’s sky high prices for checking in sports equipment such as golf clubs.

“This is just another bullsh*t scheme by these lying, money grabbing a-holes” said a disgruntled golfer named Pete.

We’ve also discovered that most top Spanish golf courses covered by this wonderful deal are very well located near major airports. Places that Ryanair don’t fly to.

So if you want to play at the lovely municipal pitch and putt in La Placa Della Middla Nowhere, which is in the middle of no-where but most likely flown to by Ryanair, then this deal is for you.


Ryanair beaten in race to become first airline to offer standing room only for passengers

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been beaten in the race to become the first airline to offer standing space on flights.

The news must come as a huge embarrassment to the crappy Irish carrier.

Tatarstan Airlines, a well known Russian airline, operated a flight from Antalya in Turkey to Ekaterinburg in Russia and carried 6 passengers who had standing room only.

The flight was initially declared overbooked but the airline decided this was a fantastic opportunity to get one over on the wankers at Lyingair.

142 passengers were given seats on the flight while 6 passengers have written themselves into history as being the people who have shattered the dreams of the Ryanair PR machine.

Dmitry Yebdyev commented “We hate Ryanair just as much as everyone else in the World and think this is a great way of saying ‘up yours’ to Mr O’Leary”.