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Ryanair passengers paying surcharge not to be blown out of sky by RAF fighter jets

Passengers on Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are apparently paying a £10 surcharge in order to avoid being blown out of the sky by RAF fighter jets, according to a report by The Daily Mash today.

The hilarious article states that “RAF fighter jets are being scrambled on a regular basis as part of a Ryanair scheme to make passengers pay a £10 surcharge not to be killed.”

They quote a “passenger”, Bill McKay, who took a Ryanair flight from Stansted to an airport about 200 miles from Rome, and who said: “About 10 minutes after take off, the pilot and his crew appeared in the aisle wearing parachutes and told us that if we did not cough up ten quid each an RAF Typhoon jet would fire something called an AMRAAM missile at us.

“There was a burst of laughter, but then the atmosphere changed as you could see people thinking to themselves, ‘fuck me, this is Ryanair’.

“The pilot then told us to look out of the right hand side where we would see Flight Lieutenant Julian Cook from 3F Squadron at RAF Coningsby.

“Sure enough there he was, flying alongside. He waved at us very cheerfully and then dragged his finger across his throat. And then he waved again.”

Read this very funny story in full at The Daily Mash here:


Ryanair’s hypocrite O’Leary caught lying by a High Court Judge

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair's chief executive
Michael O

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, has today been branded as “pathetic” by a High Court Judge after being caught out lying in a letter to Ireland’s transport Minister.

This is the same O’Leary who insinuated that Easyjet’s Stelios Haji-Ioannou was a liar in an advert campaign that portrayed him as Pinocchio. Stelios will of course see O’Leary in court over that one!

Mr Justice Peter Kelly said Mr O’Leary was lucky not to be found in contempt of court for what he described as ‘a serious state of affairs’.

The judge made his comments in an interim ruling in an ongoing case by Ryanair against the Commission for Aviation Regulation over airport charges.

The judge said he became aware last Wednesday that a letter had been written by Mr O’Leary to Mr Dempsey which misquoted him as being critical of the Minister delay in establishing an appeal panel.

Mr Justice Kelly said he found it quite extraordinary that Mr O’Leary misrepresented him in a letter to a Minister while writing it with the benefit of a transcript of earlier proceedings.

He said Mr O’Leary’s attempt to justify this in the witness box was ‘pathetic’.

The judge said Mr O Leary had apologised fully in the witness box today and because of that he would not hold him in contempt.

He also said that Mr O Leary had agreed, only when prompted by the court, to write to the Minister clarifying the situation.

However Mr Justice Kelly said having seen the way in which Ryanair conducted its correspondence in this case, he would have to insist that they saw the letter before it was sent.

In the witness box today Michael O Leary apologised for the letter.

Speaking to reporters after the hearing, Mr O’Leary said he would take a lot more care to make sure the letters he drafts in the future to the Minister and the Commissioner for Aviation Regulation are ‘factually accurate in every respect’.

When asked if he was chastened by the experience, he said he always learns something when he visits the Four Courts, in terms of drafting his letters and the conduct of our legal action with the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

He said he would be drafting a letter to the Minister in the next hour, and ‘humility would be appropriate in this case, yes’.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-26

  • RT @DCAconsulting: #RyanAir only got me as passenger due 2 BA strike. A woman with 3 months old daughter was NOT checked in as priority. WTF #
  • RT @JenniJeremies: Chilling out in Stansted before boarding the ryanair bus. Hate ryanair. #
  • RT @inspectornorsk: Just booked Ryanair flight a truly unpleasant experience – its cheaper than BA but still feel like I’ve been mugged #
  • RT @AirObserver: lool! I get an email from Stephen McNamara, Head of Communications with Ryanair #

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  • RT @adiwick: @Photocritic I’ll fly EasyJet/Ryanair only if it’s an emergency: why pay to be abused by these money-grabbing a**ehats?! #
  • RT @AndrewParnell: Every ryanair email I receive Thunderbird marks as ‘possibly a scam’. I like Thunderbird. #
  • RT @PetraJohansson: @jennalee #ryanair always sucks! worst airline in the world! #
  • RT @BBCGlos: Colin the Tipster: Today is the Ryanair Chase < does that mean the race is actually run at Chepstow and we all get fleeced? #

61% of people polled don’t believe Ryanair’s story about the man who ate his scratchcard

61% of people questioned don’t believe that the angry scratchcard winner who apparently ate his ticket when flying with Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, actually exists.

Whether or not this person is real we couldn’t care less. What we think is interesting is just how many people effectively regard Ryanair as being dishonest.

Just 9% of those who voted said that they thought the passenger was real and we are 100% sure that those votes were from individuals not connected with Ryanair in any way.

The remaining 30% of people said that they thought this passenger could possibly be real, but they’d need some proper evidence to prove he existed in order for them to feel confident in the story. That’s a lot of people who are unsure whether or not to trust Ryanair.

So was this story just another Ryanair PR exercise? Possibly. Was it successful? Probably. Do we still hate them? Of course!


Ryanair jet’s broken tail flap prompts FAA ‘Airworthiness Directive’ affecting 600 aircraft

The FAA have ordered airlines to perform an emergency inspection of some 600 Boeing 737 airplanes after vibrations caused by a broken tail flap mechanism forced the diversion of a flight operated by Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline.

The Ryanair flight using a Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DYI and performing flight FR-5407 from Eindhoven to Madrid with 146 passengers, was climbing out of Eindhoven having reached FL240 just northeast of Brussels, when the crew reported technical problems.

The Ryanair flightcrew diverted from the intended route and made an uneventful landing.

The FAA then received a report from Boeing detailing the failure of the aft attach lugs on the left elevator tab control mechanism, which resulted in severe elevator vibration.

Sandy Angers, a Seattle-based spokeswoman for Boeing Co., said the company identified the problem after the Ryanair incident when a flight crew noticed “excessive” vibration and was forced to divert.

“There is a safety concern,” she said. “When we become aware of these types of issues, we respond quickly.”

Angers said the order effects about 600 “next-generation Boeing 737s, including the -600, -700, -800, and -900 series.

Subsequent investigation revealed extensive damage to the elevator tab control system. Severe vibration in this attach point is suspected of allowing rapid wear of the joint, and resulted in failure of the attach lugs.

This condition, if not corrected, could “result in a loss of aircraft control and structural integrity” and could thus cause a crash.

The FAA Airworthiness Directive can be read here:

A PDF copy of the FAA report can be found here:$FILE/2010-06-51_Emergency.pdf


Ryanair aircraft evacuated following bomb threat at Charleroi airport

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are reported to have evacuated an aircraft on Sunday following a threat to blow it up.

The bomb alert at Charleroi airport south of Brussels turned out to be a false alarm after the plane was evacuated and searched, aviation officials said.

Aviation authority BSCA officials said a search of the plane and passengers found nothing and the plane then took off on its flight to Fez, Morocco.

The Belgian news agency cited airport security officials as saying the alert was received at 8am (0700 GMT), prompting the plane to be evacuated.

A search of the plane and passengers was carried out and completed shortly after 10am.


Ryanair sued by Air France-KLM over ‘illegal subsidies’ worth over 600 million euros

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are set to be on the receiving end of a complaint made by Air France to the European Commission for receiving hundreds of millions of euros in illegal subsidies according to an article published in the French newspaper Le Figaro.

According to Air France, Ryanair received 660 million euros in 2008 in the form of reduced landing fees and airport taxes.

“This is in direct violation of European rules,” said Air France-KLM, which added: “In practice Ryanair is flying with the money of European taxpayers.”

Air-France KLM said it had filed a lawsuit with the European Commission in November, arguing that Ryanair would have lost €829 million last year without the aid.

The row comes with the European Commission already investigating claims that Ryanair received illegal state aid in connection with the use of seven airports in Europe.


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