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Ryanair in world cup rip-off

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, were accused last night of shamelessly ripping off football fans by hiking their fares to Paris for the Republic of Ireland’s World Cup play-off against France next month by more than 1,000pc.

As the mad scramble for flights and match tickets got under way yesterday, flight fares soared by the hour as fans hit the Ryanair website.

A consumer watchdog accused the dirty carrier of adopting a policy of cashing in on destinations with a guaranteed demand while Fine Gael described the price hike as a “shameless rip-off”.

The party’s sports spokesman, John O’Mahony claimed fans would rightfully feel aggrieved by this “obvious and unjustifiable rip-off” and that prices were “off the wall”.

Within minutes of the away play-off venue in Paris on November 18 being announced, flights were hiked from €25 to €125, he said.

“Ryanair is charging €316 to fly out on either the 17th and 18th and fly back the day after the game,” he said.

“Ireland’s draw against France took place at 1pm yesterday. At 12.45pm, the cost of a 17 November flight to Paris on the Ryanair website was €24.99 before taxes and charges.

“At 1.15pm it became €124.99″ Mr O’Mahony added.

Consumers Association of Ireland spokesman Dermot Jewell said the surge in prices was yet another indication of the way consumers were being treated by Ryanair.

“Ryanair have a policy of watching where there will be a guaranteed demand and then increasing their prices,” he said.

“They are unapologetic about it. Whatever about supply and demand, once this happens any fairness in pricing policy goes out the window. It’s a case of – if you want to go you’ll pay dearly for it.”

Ryanair claimed it had “blocked off” all its flights to Paris at €150 one-way before the draw.

Filthy thieving bastards.


Ryanair – late, late, late!!!

Ryanair, the world’s worst airline have amazed us YET AGAIN with their shoddy on-time arrival. Just look at the image to see all Ryanair flights either having landed late or due to arrive late in red versus the Ryanair flights landed on time or due to land on time in green.

We just don’t understand how they get away with making such claims regarding punctuality. They simply cannot be true. A picture tells a thousand words…or uncovers a thousand lies in Ryanair’s case.