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Ryanair profits down 78%

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, has just announced it’s latest results that show profits down 78%.

The figures show that the struggling airline has made a net profit in this year of just €105m, compared to €481m last year.

The blame has to lie firmly at the feet of Mr O’Leary who, having completely messed up the hedging of fuel prices for the year, has cost the airline a whopping 59% increase in fuel charges to €1.57m.

That’s 45% of their total costs!!!

Ryanair made a net loss after tax of €169m when a write-down of its investment in Aer Lingus is included in its full-year results to March 2009.

The budget carrier has written down €247m on the value of its 29% stake in Aer Lingus.

Keep a look out for crafty accounting and PR wizardry from the folks at Ryanair in an effort to cover this one up over the coming days!


Ryanair passengers rescued by Air South West

Air Southwest is reminding passengers left high and dry by Ryanair’s scrapped Newquay to Stansted service from the end of this month that it flies up to six times a day to London.

Air Southwest flies up to twice daily from Newquay to London City Airport in the heart of the capital and offers four flights a day, seven days a week, from Newquay to Gatwick.

Peter Davies, managing director of Air Southwest, said: ” There will be a lot of Newquay passengers left high and dry by the withdrawal of the Ryanair flights and we want them to know that Air Southwest is here for them, year-round, with fares starting from just £29 with no hidden extras.

“In the heart of the capital, and just a few miles from the M11 corridor, with swift access to north London and Essex, London City Airport is a superb choice for all those passengers who can no longer fly to Stansted.  Once they’ve sampled the Air Southwest experience, we’re confident they’ll never look back.”

Air Southwest is the biggest operator out of Newquay with more year-round flights to more destinations than any other airline.

Ryanair is the world’s most hated airline with just 25% on-time flights according to our recent research.


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Ryanair has highest charges for in-flight food and drink

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, charges more for in-flight food and drink than any of the other principal British or Irish airlines, according to new research.

A survey by Nowfly, an online travel comparison website, shows that the Irish no-frills airline charges more than its rivals in every category apart from spirits – which it does not offer on board its flights. It charges 35 per cent more for tea and coffee, 50 per cent more for a small bottle of wine and up to 30 per cent more for sandwiches than its rivals, including easyJet, Flybe, Monarch and Bmi

According to the American research group IdeaWorks, Ryanair took almost £550 million in ancillary revenue last year – this includes spending on in-flight food, baggage charges and check-in fees, and the commission it receives from hotel bookings, car rental and insurance.

It’s income from these will rise from next month, when it plans to increase its baggage fee by 50 per cent.


Ryanair now attain just 25% on time arrivals

Last week we took a random look at the arrivals board at Stansted and were amazed to see that Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, were attaining only 38% on time arrivals.

Naturally, we thought we would revisit this and see if that was just a bad day or whether perhaps Ryanair are making a habit out of being late.

Today, using the same scientific methodology of screen grabbing the flights showing on the board and highlighting the late ones, we can reveal that Ryanair have gotten EVEN WORSE!

That’s right folks, of the 8 Ryanair flights showing on the arrivals board, 6 of them are late landing or expected late, a staggering on time arrival rate of just 25%!

See you next week for another test!


Ryanair fined for misleading customers

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, have today been fined  10 million forints ($54,000) by Hungary’s competition authority GVH for misleading customers about ticket prices.

GVH said that Ryanair failed to properly inform customers that there may be additional charges on top of the basic airfare, such as taxes, airport fees, service charges or baggage handling fees.

“Failing to reveal to consumers that they will have to pay additional charges on top of the advertised price in order to travel, constitutes misleading customers, according to the GVH,” it said in a statement.


Ryanair attain just 38% on time flights

Today we thought, out of curiosity, that we would look at BAA’s online arrivals board and see just how true Ryanair’s claims over punctuality are.

The first set of flights available to the user contained 8 Ryanair arrivals. Of these, 5 were late. That’s 62%! Or more importantly, Ryanair have on-time arrival punctuality of just 38%.

This was of course a completely random test with the data supplied by what was on the screen at the time we looked (about 1pm on Thursday 10th September).

So the world’s most hated airline are also pretty much the latest too. Today at Stansted at least.

We’ll run this random test on a regular basis. So do keep checking back for more or sign up to our twitter feed @ihateryanair.


Ryanair increases bag fees by 50%

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, is to increase the fees it charges to check in bags and sporting equipment from 1 October by a staggering 50%!

The airline is to increase the fee for checking in a bag to £15 from £10 now if booked in advance online and to £30 from £20 now if you pay at the airport.

At the same time, the fee for sports equipment will rise by £10 to £40 if booked on the internet and £50 if paid at the airport. The additional charges will make Ryanair less attractive for skiers and snowboarders, who often travel with a suitcase, boot bag and skis or a board.

I Hate Ryanair spokesman Dave Smith said: “Ryanair will no doubt claim that these fees are avoidable by all passengers who choose to travel with carry on luggage only, but around 30% of passengers do take checked-in baggage and will be stung by yet another rip-off charge.”